Gannushkina hospital: where is it? Reviews and photos

Hospital № 4 named. Gannushkina is a psychoneurological dispensary that accepts people with various problems, for example, senile dementia, schizophrenia, alcohol dependence, etc. This medical organization has its own website, which any person can go to and find out for himself something necessary. However, to better understand the information, this article was prepared. From it, the reader will be able to find out when the dispensary opened, how many branches there are, and what people think about the work of this institution.

A bit of history

Psychiatric Hospital No. 4 Gannushkina PB was named after an outstanding man - a psychiatrist, the author of the concept of small psychiatry. Initially, the site of this medical organization housed the factory Kotova( 1904).Subsequently, in 1910, Mashkov IP rebuilt the institution for a psychiatric hospital, which was called Preobrazhenskaya. And only in 1936 the psychoneurological dispensary( hereinafter referred to as the PND) was named in memory of Peter Borisovich Gannushkin, who wrote scientific works on psychotherapy and psychoanalysis, conducted various experiments with thinking and consciousness.

Today in the territory of this institution is the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, as well as the Federal Scientific Center for Suicidology. Hannushkina hospital


Psychiatric Hospital. Gannushkina is located next to the metro station "Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad".Address of this medical institution: Moscow, ul. Poteshnaya, 3.

In addition to expressway there are still ordinary trams under numbers 2, 7, 11, 46. To get to this organization, you need to get off at the stop of the Moscow City Court. hospital Hannushkina reviews


Gannushkina Hospital, whose branches are located in the capital, is a psychoneurological dispensary, in which psychiatric care is provided to patients. This institution has 4 branches located at such addresses:

- PND No. 3. Address: Moscow, ul. Tsiolkovsky, 5. Opening hours of the branch: weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00, on weekends from 9:00 to 16:00.

- PND № 4. Address: Moscow, ul. Smolnaya, 5. The operating time of this branch and the following is similar to the first.

- PND № 5. Address: Moscow, st. Kostyakov, 8, building.6.

- PND No. 17. Address: Moscow, ul. Freedom, 24, building.9.

How to get to a specialist?

Psychiatric Clinical Hospital 4 of them. Gannushkina accepts patients by appointment. To enroll in a psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist, you need to choose the appropriate option:

  1. Call the registrar by phone.
  2. Send a request on the official site.
  3. Sign up through a special kiosk - Infomat.
  4. Via the free mobile application EMIA on the phone. Hannushkina Psychiatric Hospital

Areas of work of specialists of the

clinic Psychiatric hospital 4 named after. P. B. Gannushkina accepts even seriously ill people, from the point of view of the psyche. After all, professionals working in this organization, try to help a person as quickly as possible and without negative consequences to get out of depressed and other conditions. The approach of doctors to patients is quite interesting: they view the patient as a "planet", the closest thing to which is the family. And it is she, according to doctors, and contributes to a speedy recovery. Also, specialists pay attention to the psycho-education of patients. Therefore, within the walls of this medical institution, such methods of working with patients are used:

- Group communication. Social workers, middle and junior staff, psychiatrists - they all help people understand the reasons for their well-being and quickly get out of such a difficult state.

- Conducting trainings in groups( up to 10 people) under the guidance of a psychotherapist and psychologist.

- Individual sessions with seriously ill patients with schizophrenia, depressive conditions, with HIV-infected people.

- Work on international psycho-education programs.

- Conducting lectures and seminars for patients who have schizophrenia, stress, affective disorders, dependence on smoking.

- Art therapy, skazkoterapiya, dramatherapy, film therapy. With the help of these approaches in the treatment of various psychoemotional disorders, patients better acquire information.

- Use of special brochures for clarity, manuals. The use of the Internet in resolving various neurological problems. psychiatric hospital 4 im p b gannushkina

Important Information

The Hannushkina Psychiatric Hospital conducts hospitalization of patients both in planned and emergency situations. In order for a person to be admitted to this medical institution, he must have:

- Passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation.

- Direction( tour) from a district or on-duty psychiatrist of HDPE.

- The MHI policy.

Structure of the PND

The departments in which the patients are treated relate to the buildings, there are four in the hospital:

- Case 3. Here is the 13th department.

- Enclosure 4. Here there are offices numbered 1 and 25.

- Enclosure 5. This includes the compartments under Nos. 5, 16, 19.

- Enclosure 7. There are offices 4, 6, 12, 17, 20 and 23.

- Building 8. Here are offices number 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 18 and 26.

Apparently, the psychiatric hospital. Gannushkina is an organization with a complex structure. And the person who first got into this institution, it's hard to find out where everything is. Psychiatric Clinical Hospital 4 im Hannushkina

Sexual assistance

The hospital named after Gannushkin works with patients in this direction. Sexual life within the walls of the dispensary, of course, is prohibited. But many patients, because of the lack of sexual relations, begin to go into depression, become embittered. That is, their condition can only worsen. To make it easier for patients, sexologists, psychologists conduct individual, family and group classes, on which they consider issues of an intimate nature. Thus, doctors contribute to a significant reduction in the risk of exacerbations, and also reduce family disharmony.

Assistance to employees of

The dispensary administration takes care of the normal condition of not only patients but also employees. After all, doctors are also people, they see, evaluate, work with patients, and sometimes they need moral support. In connection with this, the hospital works with younger, medium-sized personnel, with doctors who provide assistance to patients and their relatives. After all, if there is no support, the staff of the dispensary can simply get the syndrome of emotional burnout. Regular seminars and trainings involving regular staff, as well as specialists from other organizations, help the workers of this medical institution always have a clear mind, be on a high professional level.

The new branch of the

clinic of Gannushkina hospital can boast of its medical rehabilitation service, which includes:

- Psychologists.

- Psychotherapists.

- Specialists in social work.

- Instructor for physical therapy.

- Nurses.

- Volunteers.

- People of creative professions.

- Activists of various public organizations.

- Scientific employees.

This association of employees was not accidental: the team of specialists maximally helps and supports patients and their relatives on the way to a speedy recovery.

The medical rehabilitation service works in the dispensary for 1 thousand beds, in the rooms of psychotherapeutic and socio-psychological care №№ 3, 4, 5, 17. hospital 4 im b b gannushkina

Principles of rehabilitation of the PND

Gannushkina hospital, or rather, its specialists, focus on patient educationand their support from relatives. There are important principles, observing which, a person can soon return to a full life:

- Early intervention. Psychologists of the HDPE argue that the sooner a person addresses his problem to them, the faster the rehabilitation process will take place, and the patient will be provided with quality care.

- Special surroundings. The specialists of the dispensary are sure that it is best to undergo treatment within the walls of their institution. After all, there is a calm atmosphere. Nobody will interfere with a person, he will be able to focus his attention on treatment.

- The involvement of the patient himself. If the person himself is interested in the ongoing classes, lectures, seminars, that is, he will become an active participant in the medical process, then soon he will be able to be cured faster than the rest.

- Focusing on employment. Psychologists of the HDPE note: if a person becomes constantly engaged in something, then his pathological symptoms will not be so pronounced. And soon they will disappear altogether.

- The emphasis is not on medicamental, but on social therapy. Hospital № 4 named. PB Gannushkina differs from other similar establishments in that here experts work more with patients. They try to treat patients not with medicines, but with words, with dialogues, with occupations, with various kinds of therapy.

Pricelist for paid services in

hospital Gannushkina hospital is an institution that receives insignificant financial assistance from the state. Therefore, the administration introduced paid services, but free ones were also saved. In order to be guided by the prices, the cost of 1 bed per day is given below for different degrees of the disease:

Medical and social status of the patient Cost per 1 day in hospital( rub.)
Light severity 600
Average severity 770
Severity 970

Normally, the term of treatment in the inpatient department is 2 months, that is 60 days. It turns out that if the relatives or the patient himself wants a separate ward, then on a paid basis you can get it. However, for 2 months he will have to pay from 36 to 59 thousand rubles, depending on the severity of the disease. When the normative period of stay in the dispensary ends, from 61 days the cost of treatment under such conditions is established with a coefficient of 1.5.

Payment for services is carried out only by bank transfer.

Positive estimation of people

Gannushkina Hospital reviews are different. Someone criticizes the staff of this dispensary, and someone brings them flowers as a token of respect and gratitude for a successfully cured relative. Some positive aspects of the work of this institution are seen by some:

- People who suffer from senile dementia are successfully cured, begin to recognize their loved ones again, enjoy life, self-service.

- Junior staff very friendly, patient. Nurses look after the sick, they are always groomed, fed, in a normal mood.

- The head of the dispensary is not only an excellent doctor, but also a kind, sympathetic person who is ready to understand the problem and advise the best ways to solve it.

- Conduct a comprehensive examination before admission to hospital. People who tried to commit suicide, lost memory, rampaging - they all go through a brain imaging and other studies to establish an accurate diagnosis and the appointment of a correct course of treatment.

- Relatives of patients report that the offices are always clean, comfortable. It is possible at any time to come and talk with the doctor, get a certificate of the patient's condition, as well as consult a specialist by phone. Hannushkina hospital

Negative assessments of people

Like all medical institutions, Gannushkina hospital also receives negative feedback from people. People are dissatisfied with these moments:

- Heavy, gloomy atmosphere. Relatives of patients write that as soon as you go to this institution, then immediately the mood drops, there is some kind of fear. They say that this hospital is more like a prison.

- The appearance is awesome. The hospital looks almost like in horror movies. But in China, as noted by informed people, psychoneurological dispensaries are built in such a way that they do not resemble a medical institution. And this makes it really easier for people.

- Relatives of many patients are indignant that their relatives are injected with sedatives. However, this is one of the conditions of therapy. After all, a doctor can not treat a person who does not restrain himself, is inadequate and aggressive. And only sedatives and sedatives help the doctor in this matter.


If you or your relative has various psycho-emotional problems, contact Gannushkina Hospital. Here they provide qualified help, conduct necessary examinations, if necessary, they are sent to hospital for treatment, use effective methods for prompt recovery of patients.