Ammonia alcohol from the fungus of nails: reviews. How to cure nail fungus with ammonia?

Onychomycosis, mycosis - infectious diseases affecting the nail plate, as well as the skin of the legs and hands. At the same time the nails become gray and begin to deform. Today a lot of various chemist's creams, ointments, sprays come into the fight against these ailments. But they are all expensive. There is a cheap and effective method of treating mycosis at home, and this is the use of ammonia( hydrogen nitrite, aqueous ammonium hydroxide solution).Today we learn what recipes are available with this substance for the treatment of fungus. And also find out whether the ammonium solution really helps people. ammonia from nail fungus

Symptoms of onychomycosis, mycosis of extremities

- Loss of shine of nails.

- Increase their fragility.

- Appearance of gray content from under the nail.

- Appearance of spots from white to gray-yellow color.

- Inflammation under the nail roller.

- Crumbling of the edges of the plate.

- Appearance of transverse and wavy bands at the base of the nail.

- Cracks between the fingers.

- Skin peeling.

- Itching, burning.

- Redness of the skin.

- The appearance of bubbles with a clear liquid. treatment of nail fungus with ammonia

Causes of fungal lesion of the extremities

- Weakened immunity.

- Diabetes mellitus.

- Traumas of feet.

- Unsuitable footwear( poor quality, tight, non-individual).

- Vascular diseases of the legs.

- Varicose veins.

- Prolonged use of antibiotics.

- Non-observance of hygiene rules( use of someone else's towels, shoes).

In what cases may hydrogen nitride be needed?

You can not only treat the nail fungus with ammonia, but also use this solution in such cases:

- In fainting. Getting into the person's airways, ammonia irritates the respiratory center in the brain, due to this the patient quickly comes to and starts breathing actively.

- Alcohol and chemical poisoning. In this case, ammonia is taken orally to induce vomiting reflex.

- With severe articular, headaches.

- As a facilitator for biting insects.

- When otitis. Nitrate is used as a warming compress.

- With joint pain.

- For the disinfection of hands, surgeons use it when performing operations.

How does the ammonia solution work in mycosis?

Treatment of nail fungus with ammonia is quite successful, and this therapy is based on an antiseptic effect. Fungi are sensitive to alkalis, and if they are affected, they will begin to break down, die. This is how ammonia in liquid ammonia eliminates mycosis. In addition, the ammonia solution softens the skin, promotes better and painless cutting of the affected nail. treat nail fungus with ammonia

Common prescription for the treatment of mycosis, onychomycosis

Ammonium nitrate from nail fungus has been successfully used by many people. Most often, patients make a medical solution. It will take:

- Water - 200 ml.

- Ammonium alcohol - 1 tbsp.l.

- A flap of natural fabric.

- Cotton socks.

- Cellophane bags.

1. Mix the alcohol with water.

2. Dampen the tissue in the resulting solution and wrap it with aching feet.

3. Top with cellophane bags, then socks.

4. Soak the impregnated tissue on your feet all night without taking off.

Recipe with glycerol

Some people do not always find it convenient to use ammonia from nail fungus according to the above recipe: sleep in bags, keep your feet closed. Therefore, patients began to use another method - this is rubbing the following mixture:

  1. Ammonia solution( ammonia) - 100 ml.
  2. Glycerin - 100 ml.

It is necessary to connect both components, and the resulting mixture wipe the problem areas: soles, heels, fingers. Do this in the morning and evening. how to cure nail fungus with ammonia

Trays with ammonium hydroxide solution

Ammonium nitrate from the nail fungus on the legs is also successfully used as a main additive to this prescription:

- Soda - 3 tbsp.l.

- Warm water( optimal temperature - 50 degrees) - 3 tbsp.l.

- Liquid soap - 30 ml.

- Ammonia alcohol - 3 tbsp.l.

All components are mixed in a small basin. Dip your legs there for 15 minutes. With the help of such a solution, the coarse skin on the feet will soften, the nails will be stripped off.

Bath for problem hands

Not always mycosis affects the lower limbs. There are situations when the hands are exposed to this disease. To get rid of mycosis on the upper limbs, too, the baths are made, for example:

- Hydrogen peroxide - 2 tbsp.l.

- Ammonia alcohol - 2 tbsp.l.

- Warm water - 0,5 l.

In this solution, lower hands for 15 minutes. After this procedure, the affected upper limbs should be washed with water. ammonia from nail fungus reviews

Where to buy? Price. Rules for storage

You can buy ammonia from nail fungus in any pharmacy. It is sold in jars, in vials, ampoules. On this depends and its price. The cost of 10 ml of solution varies within 15 r. This is a penny price in comparison with expensive preparations from a fungus.

It is stored under normal conditions. Shelf life - 2 years.

What do people think?

Ammonia alcohol from the nail fungus reviews patients gets positive. Although, honestly, the number of such responses on the Internet is small. People often use ammonium solution for other purposes: with fainting conditions, to eliminate domestic "living creature" - ants, spiders, cockroaches, for cleaning silver jewelry. But on the forums you can find discussions of women and men, in which they cover the topic of using ammonia in the treatment of mycosis.

People write that this is really an effective folk remedy. Firstly, it softens rough skin and nails on the limbs, and secondly, it quickly fights with the disease. Those patients who had fungal infection at the initial stage, quickly got rid of it in a few days. Patients who started the problem had to cope with it longer, but they did it too. Within a few weeks they got rid of mycosis. But people focus on the fact that it is not enough to take the fungus off its feet. He can quickly return if you do not follow the rules of hygiene: change socks, wash insoles, use individual towels, do not wear someone else's shoes. Also, people who successfully used ammonia from nail fungus are advised to prepare the abovementioned medicinal mixtures in the open air - on the balcony, in the courtyard of the house. After all, the solution of ammonium hydroxide strongly "invigorates", and indoors it will create an unpleasant smell.


Nutritional alcohol from nail fungus should be used very carefully so as not to harm your health. Use an aqueous solution of ammonium hydroxide only on intact skin. If the product has got into the eyes, they must be rinsed quickly with a large amount of water, and it should be done within 15 minutes.

Take into account

To avoid future mycosis, onychomycosis, you must adhere to such simple rules:

- Take vitamins and immunostimulants.

- Never wear other people's shoes. ammonia from nail fungus on legs

- Do not walk barefoot in public places: a sauna, a sauna, a swimming pool. Before visiting the beach or other place to put on the feet of special antifungal agents.

- Keep the feet and hands clean.

- Wear quality, natural shoes.

- If treatment at home does not work, you need to see a doctor. You can not start the problem.


Now you know how to cure nail fungus with ammonia, what are the recipes for this use. It should be remembered that it is necessary to prepare medicinal trays, lotions with ammonium solution carefully, because this is a dangerous substance that can not only benefit, but also harm the body. The opinions of people indicate that ammonia is successfully fighting fungal infections at any stage of it. A solution of ammonium is a cheap remedy to eliminate the fungus.