From what "Pancreatin" helps? Learn from what tablets "Pancreatin"

Disturbance of the gastrointestinal tract due to insufficient secretion of enzymes is one of the most common problems that occurs in adults and children. To eliminate the unpleasant symptoms associated with this disease, many medications have been developed, the action of which is aimed at maintaining the pancreas. Among them, not the least is a drug called "Pancreatin".This is a good enough solution to solve problems associated with digestion and assimilation of food. From what "Pancreatin", how to apply it and what negative consequences can be caused by such therapy?
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Composition and effect of the preparation

This medication contains a pancreatic enzyme that breaks down food products. From what "Pancreatin", it is not difficult to guess by its name, however its action is directed not only to the development of the so-called pancreatic juice. The composition of this medication contains protease and lipase, which have an activity of not less than 8000 lipolytic Ph and stimulate the production of enzymes of the stomach, pancreas, liver and small intestine. As auxiliary components, the composition includes polyvinylpyrolidol, colicoate, macrogol, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, aerosil, microcrystalline cellulose, carmosine and sodium chloride.

What is the role of this drug and what does Pancreatin drink from? Typically, the drug is used to compensate for missing gastric juices, when eating too much fat and heavy to digest food. However, such problems can arise without special reasons from the diet, for example, during pregnancy and with a sedentary lifestyle.

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Form release

This medication is available in the form of tablets in an acid-resistant shell, which prevents the destruction of the medicinal enzymes en route to the destination. This allows the drug to reach the small intestine. Active components act locally, affect only the digestive process and do not have the ability to be absorbed into the blood.

What pills "Pancreatin 8000", most adults know. And given that this drug is sold without a prescription, it is very often drunk on its own. However, before taking it, you should consult a therapist who will evaluate the complete picture of your health and will be able to give useful recommendations regarding the dose, and if necessary, the replacement of this remedy.

This medicine is produced on blisters, each with 10 tablets. They are packed in cardboard boxes. The number of blisters in the box depends on the manufacturer.

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Indications for use

Among the indications for use in the instructions supplied by manufacturers, the following conditions are indicated:

  • diseases, which are accompanied by a digestive process disorder due to poor release of pancreatic enzymes caused by chronic pancreatitis and cystic fibrosis;
  • the state of a one-time resection of the stomach and small intestine, which is associated with the rapid passage of food through the small intestine, as well as intestinal disorders and the simultaneous use of heavy, fatty and unaccustomed food;
  • bloating of the intestines of various origin;
  • preparation for diagnostic tests of the gastrointestinal tract.

Routes of administration and recommended doses of

A single dose of this drug should be determined for each patient individually. Therefore, in order to start taking pills, it is not enough to know what "Pancreatin" is from. In most cases, special laboratory tests are needed that will show the level of enzymes produced in the duodenum.

However, if the doctor does not give special instructions, then you can drink the drug according to the manufacturer's recommended scheme:

  • when using unusual and indigestible food for adults, the dose should consist of 2-4 tablets;
  • adolescents aged 10-14 years are prescribed 2 tablets at a time when they eat;
  • for children 6-9 years of age, the recommended dose is 1-2 tablets;
  • at an earlier age the drug is replaced with a pediatric form with a similar composition.

As a rule, the duration of the course of treatment is selected individually and can last as several days or months, and for many years.

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Cautions and adverse effects of taking

Even if it is good to know what Pancreatin is taken from, you can not neglect proper safety measures when using this medication.

So, for example, the instructions to the drug indicated that very carefully should use the medicine for suspected intestinal obstruction.

A special line also indicates that chewing the tablets can lead to damage to the oral mucosa. Therefore, it should be swallowed whole, with enough water. Do not use hot drinks for this purpose.

Regarding the period of pregnancy and breastfeeding, it is said that this remedy should only be used as directed by a doctor who is entitled to measure the risk and benefit of such therapy.

Among the side effects of the drug manufacturers noted the following conditions:

  • immune system disorders, manifested by allergic reactions, such as skin rashes, itching, sneezing and tearing;
  • disorders from the digestive tract, namely constipation and nausea, and in cystic fibrosis and more complex consequences.

Based on these negative influences, it is necessary to consult with a specialist before using it, which will be able to explain what "Pancreatin" will help, and what in each individual case will do harm. While an independent reception can provoke more serious ailments. Analogues of the drug "Pancreatin"

Knowing what Pancreatin helps with, and what active components it contains, it can easily be replaced with another drug. Good analogs can be such drugs as Mezim, Pansinorm, Festal and Penzital. However, we should also take into account that the doctor's consultation is obligatory.