Wonderful seeds of flax. Useful properties and contraindications

flax seeds useful properties and contraindications

Since far, flax has been very valuable as a raw material for the fabrication of fabrics, but there are references to the fact that about 3000 thousand years BC.in Babylon it was used for food, and in Russia they made flour from these seeds, which was added to the usual flour. So what do the flax seeds contain? Useful properties and contraindications have been known to our ancestors from time immemorial, let us again read this interesting page from the encyclopedia of traditional medicine. These wonderful seeds contain coarse insoluble fibers, fiber, which cleanses the intestines. Wonderful flax seeds contain lignans, which protect the female body from the appearance of breast tumors during menopause, fight aging and maintain immunity.

Flax seeds. Useful properties and contraindications

Flaxseed oil contains vegetable fat, including various omega-fatty acids, which our body does not synthesize on its own. These substances lift the mood, prevent Alzheimer's disease, atherosclerosis, cope with joint pain and normalize cholesterol.

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  • With the regular addition of oil or seeds to the diet, you can get rid of bad cholesterol and thus improve the condition of the heart and blood vessels.
  • Diabetologists strongly recommend to use flaxseed daily( fiber and omega-3,6), and also to replace bread from wheat flour with linseed.
  • Heavily soluble fibers help to normalize the stool by absorbing water, thereby allowing food to pass easily through the digestive tract, which is undoubtedly necessary for a healthy life of the body.
  • With typical signs of menopause( irritability, lack of normal sleep, hormonal imbalance), flax seeds will help.

flax seeds properties

  • The properties of the oil of these seeds allow their use in the treatment of arrhythmia, as well as for the prevention of strokes;Oil is used to reduce the intensity of inflammatory processes in rheumatism and arthritis.
  • For burns, pimples, ulcers, as well as diseases of the genitourinary system, flax seed is used.

The use of flax seed oil is invaluable. The composition is very diverse and includes vitamins A, E, P, B, and seeds contain a considerable proportion of protein and macroelements necessary for our body: chromium, manganese, iodine, zinc, iron and magnesium. In folk medicine against parasites, general weakness, thrombosis, slagging and various diseases of the digestive tract( cholecystitis, gastritis, colitis), cough, pleurisy, pneumonia, flax seeds are used. Useful properties and contraindications in this product are a little bordering each other. So, fiber with insufficient intake of moisture can cause not cleansing of the intestines, but, conversely, constipation.

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Flax seeds in cooking

They can be soaked, eaten whole or eaten in a ground form. The oil can be filled with various fruit and vegetable salads, cereals, cold and hot dishes. The flax seeds are well combined with dairy products, and they also harmonize nicely with bakery products. I advise everyone to start quickly adding oil and flax seeds to food.

Useful properties and contraindications of these seeds are now well known to you and I am sure you will be able to take it into service for a long and healthy life!