Is it possible to live without a pancreas to a person: reviews

In the modern world, a man has to not just live, but survive. The reasons are poor ecology, synthesized medications and, sadly, food, which, in fact, is unsuitable for a living organism.

Is it possible to live without a pancreas to a person

First of all, the digestive organs begin to suffer: the stomach, gall bladder and liver, as well as the pancreas. Much to our regret, most often it is the most vulnerable organ which, in pathologies, practically does not respond to treatment, and if no measures are taken in time, a fatal outcome is possible. Therefore, doctors often in serious circumstances recommend surgery. But patients who hear such an offer begin to panic, asking the question: "Is it possible to live without a pancreas to a person?".Let's look at this topic and dispel all doubts.

Summary of the pancreas

The pancreas is located in the abdominal cavity below the stomach, above the intestine, in the center between the gallbladder and the spleen. It lies deep enough relative to the walls of the abdominal cavity. The organ is somewhat reminiscent of the shape of the disc, located across the trunk.

For some acute illnesses, the following symptoms occur:

  • Tinea pain under the stomach, on the sides and in the back at the gland level;
  • pain is strong and constant, not pulsating;
  • appears nausea.

But the exact cause of pain and nausea can only be determined by a gastroenterologist with the help of palpation, ultrasound diagnosis and analysis.

can I live without pancreas

The function of the pancreas is the release of enzymes for food processing and the production of insulin to lower blood sugar levels. Knowing this from the school anatomy, many people worry about what will happen if the organ is removed.

Is it possible to do without a pancreatic

So, is it possible to live without a pancreas to a person? The doctors answer is unequivocal: of course not. After all, if the body rises sugar levels, then inevitably death will occur. Without enzymes it is also impossible to do. The organism must assimilate all elements coming from food. But after all, some of our contemporaries live without this organ! How so it turns out? The fact is that the pharmaceutical companies managed to reproduce the hormone insulin by synthesizing. That is, they created an artificial analogue of what the pancreas reproduces. The same goes for enzymes. Despite the artificial origin, drugs help people live.

What causes removal of the body

Why do doctors offer surgery to patients and who is at risk? As a rule, those who suffer from pancreatitis, doctors prescribe enzymes to maintain a normal state, and also recommend a strict diet. But it also happens that the disease progresses, the pancreas begins to literally digest itself. As a result, irreversible necrosis( death) of the gland tissues occurs. Such a process can affect the functioning of neighboring organs and change the composition of blood for the worse. In order to avoid recurrence, the surgeon will offer to partially or completely remove the organ.

Is it possible to live without the pancreas and gallstones

The second cause is the stones in the ducts of the organ, and the third is the cancerous tumor. In these two cases, the operation is almost inevitable.

Is the pancreas completely or partially removed?

In many cases, the organ is partially left out. Most often, the head of the pancreas is removed. Is it possible to live a person without this organ or with the remainder after the operation? This question can be asked only by the doctor who has been watching the patient for a long time and knows his condition perfectly.

As a rule, the operation takes a very long time( within 4-5 hours), since the iron is located deep, it is difficult to work with it. The surgeon needs not only attentiveness, but also professionalism in this case. A medical error can lead to death. It takes a long time to recover from the intervention.

What do doctors recommend to patients without a gland?

After the pancreatectomy, the patient is prescribed special preparations to maintain the body, and then prescribe a strict diet.

Is it possible to live without pancreas and spleen

Answering the question whether it is possible to live without a pancreas, an experienced doctor will respond with recommendations that should be strictly followed:

  • to take enzymes;
  • to introduce insulin;
  • adhere to a strict diet;
  • move more;
  • drink clean water;
  • leave bad habits forever.

If you comply with all these rules, you can live a very long time.

Do patients survive?

Before the operation, the patients themselves and their relatives begin to worry. Is it possible to live without a pancreas to a person? But the question is not entirely correct, because it's not a question of whether there can be a patient without an organ, but what is the cause of the pathology. If it is only in stones and self-digestion, then man will survive. Everything will depend also on the state of other organs and systems.

Another thing is when there is an oncological disease with metastases in an anamnesis. If the oncologist does not offer the right and effective treatment with traditional or folk remedies, there is little chance of survival.

What quality of life and reviews

Reviews of the patients themselves and their relatives vary. Everything depends on the will of the person himself. If he managed to overcome his desires, he learned to follow the prescriptions of doctors and does not forget to take medicines in time, then his life practically does not differ from the life of a healthy person.

Is it possible to live without pancreas reviews

"Obedient" patients quickly recover and lead a normal life, they affirmatively answer the question: "Can I live without a pancreas?".Reviews sometimes happen and negative from those who are very tired of diets and endless medicines. Unfortunately, there are a lot of those who despaired, realizing that they will have to take enzymes all their lives and make injections with insulin, not including severe restrictions in food.

What is the role of the gallbladder?

Often problems with the pancreas arise due to malnutrition, and also due to serious malfunctions in the operation of the gallbladder. These two organs are interconnected by the fact that together they separate the necessary juices into the duodenum. Often, people with cholelithiasis have problems with the pancreas. In addition, many are resolved to remove the bladder in the hope that the pancreas will continue to work. In most cases, this is indeed the case. But the liver can not itself control the release of bile, so you have to fight with casts with the help of special medicines.

Is it possible to live without a pancreas and gallstones? Completely unlikely. If only all life to take the necessary drugs. Therefore, you need to take care of these two very important organs.

Without pancreas and spleen

The spleen and pancreas are located near, but not directly connected. Therefore, the problem in one of these organs does not worsen the condition of the other. The spleen's problems are not related to digestion, but to blood, lymph and immune system.

Is it possible to live without the pancreas and gallbladder

Can I live without the pancreas and the spleen at the same time? The answer to this question is uniquely difficult, since such cases are very rare. But with the special support of physicians you can live.

In conclusion, let's talk about how to protect yourself from pancreatic problems:

  • eat on time and in small portions;
  • Avoid harmful food and toxic substances;
  • more move and be out in the open air.

Remember that everything depends on us. How we treat our body, so it serves us. Often people do not take care of themselves, and later they ask if it is possible to live without pancreas and gall bladder, spleen? All these organs are very important and it is better to start prevention as soon as possible.