Janelidze Hospital, St. Petersburg: address, branches, feedback, how to get there?

The Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg) is one of the leading scientific, medical and educational institutions in Russia. Every year, more than 60,000 patients receive medical care.

A brief history of

In 1919 the Central Hospital was founded, its purpose was to provide first aid to the population. In 1932, the Institute of Emergency Relief was established at the hospital, I. I. Dzhanelidze was appointed permanent scientific supervisor. In the institute there were three departments of first aid - social pathology, surgery for 175 beds, therapy for 25 places. During the war, a burn department was added.

In 1945, the medical institution received a new status and became known as the Leningrad Research Institute of First Aid. In the year of the death of the scientific director of the Institute( 1950), the organizations were named Janelidze, noting his enormous contribution to the science and development of the institute. In the following years, the institution was constantly developing, new branches were opened, the problems to be solved became more complicated.

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In the new location of

In 1986, the Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg) moved to a new building, where it is still located. A large-scale reorganization took place in the Research Institute in 1998, which made it possible to create new divisions, laboratories, to restore scientific and methodological work and obtain the right to conduct educational activities.

Today, the Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg) in Budapest is a versatile medical and scientific institution where patients are provided with a variety of assistance.

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The Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg) is one of the top ten clinics in the country. Every year more than 60,000 patients receive treatment and services within the NII.The structure of the institution includes 25 scientific and practical units, several specialized urban centers. The team of doctors consists of 2 thousand specialists, among them - academicians, professors, honored doctors of the Russian Federation, candidates of sciences. Many highly qualified doctors are known far beyond Russia, they have high achievements in science and corresponding titles.

The Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg) provides patients with services in almost all areas of modern medicine, covering all the profiles and diseases. Here you can get psychological, therapeutic, surgical, oncological, neurosurgical and other types of help. The clinic is provided with a full range of medical services under the policies of CHI, VHI and on a commercial basis.

Scientific research institutes are equipped with the best modern equipment, innovative methods are used in the treatment, including high-tech medical care. The scientific departments of the hospital are developing new technologies in the field of arthroplasty, brain and heart surgery, and internal organ transplantation. The Dzhanelidze hospital is one of the few facilities where cellular methods of therapy for extensive burn injuries of the skin are used and much more.

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The clinic provides round-the-clock reception of patients by emergency care. All units are participants in the scientific process and practical assistance to patients. Twenty clinical units form the backbone of medical activities carried out by the Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg).

Offices and Departments:

  • The organization of emergency medical care( methodical department, expert department of the organization of first aid, emergency department and short-stay department).
  • Anesthesiology and resuscitation( blood transfusion, blood gravity surgery, dialysis, hyperbaric oxygenation, efferent therapy, laboratory of clinical nutrition).
  • Emergency psychiatry, narcology and psycho-rehabilitation( somatopsychiatry).
  • Clinical toxicology( resuscitation, two acute poisoning units, laboratory).
  • Combined trauma( anti-shock surgery, separation of trauma).
  • The unit of thermal damage( anesthesiology, resuscitation and intensive care, two burn units, aesthetic and plastic surgery).
  • Traumatology, orthopedics and vertebrology( Department of Traumatology).
  • Emergency surgery( 5 departments of specialized surgery, endoscopy, urology).
  • Neurosurgery( two compartments).
  • Gynecology( 2 departments).
  • The Department of Urgent Neurology and Cerebrovascular Pathology( Neuroreanimation, Rehabilitation, Anesthesiology and Intensive Care, two neurological units for patients with acute circulatory disorders of the brain).
  • Emergency cardiovascular surgery( cardiosurgical resuscitation and surgery, vascular surgery).
  • Endovascular surgery( anesthesiology and resuscitation, X-ray surgical methods of therapy and diagnostics).
  • Emergency cardiology and resuscitation( two departments of emergency cardiology and a department of general cardiology).
  • Radiation diagnosis( MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, radioisotope studies).
  • Functional diagnostics( ECG).
  • Laboratory complex( research - bacteriological, clinical diagnostic, immunological, etc.).
  • Transplantology, organ donation.
  • Clinical Neurophysiology.

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Consultative reception

The Janelidze Hospital( St. Petersburg) invites patients to visit the outpatient clinic. Diagnostic, treatment and counseling services are provided to the patient within the existing specialization of the research institute. Reception is by appointment.

To receive a referral for a planned hospitalization, the visitor should contact the outpatient department. For registration in the hospital a package of documents is required:

  • Direction from the attending physician.
  • Identity documents.
  • An extract from the medical history showing the diagnosis and the definition of the goal of hospitalization.
  • Information and results about previous diagnostic activities.
  • Data on previous hospitalizations.
  • Results of analyzes conducted no later than 5 days before the date of hospitalization.

The outpatient department provides assistance to visitors on CHI or VMI systems, on a paid basis. Over the course of the calendar year, more than 33,000 patients receive counseling and outpatient care.

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Specialized Centers

The Janelidze Hospital( SPb) is the basic training and practical institution for the following city centers:

  • Anesthesiology and resuscitation.
  • Organ and tissue donation.
  • Emergency psychiatry, toxicology, narcology.
  • Traumatology and Orthopedics.
  • Pancreatology Center.
  • Burn center. Baltic Center for Telemedicine,
  • .

Positive feedback

The Janelidze Hospital( SPb) reviewed the reviews with positive reviews for the high professionalism of doctors and the entire staff. Patients note that in almost all departments of the hospital, doctors and nurses work together, trying to alleviate the condition of the patient in all possible ways. Many of them came to the clinic by ambulance, and some of these patients were of advanced age, but this fact did not prevent doctors from doing the necessary operations or treatment free of charge. Children of this category of patients claim that they were calm for their elderly parents, seeing with their own eyes the kindness, care and qualification of all employees.

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Thanks are due to the surgical, gynecological, neurological and other departments where patients received prompt and effective care. It is noted that in most of the premises, cosmetic repairs have been done, the cleanliness in the wards and common areas is carefully maintained, bed linen regularly changes. Nutrition was provided to all patients, but most recognized it as too dietary. Hospital rules do not prohibit taking home food brought. In the offices there are rooms for eating, where microwave ovens and refrigerators are installed.

Negative feedback from

It is difficult to find a hospital, which would have left so many conflicting reviews. Enthusiastic reviews are replaced by sharply negative assessments. Many visitors said that they had encountered a negative in the waiting room, where they had to wait for a doctor or a nurse for a long time, sometimes more than 5 hours, which is not simply uncomfortable, but menacing, with a relaxed state, critical situation or pain syndrome.

Some patients described their stay in treatment as either useless, or as clearly injurious to health and aggravated deplorable condition. There are complaints about a frank demand for payment, which was voiced by doctors in some departments. There are also stories in which it is indicated that the hospital staff has been relieving patients of their discontent or bad mood. Particularly emotional responses are left to the psychiatric ward, where patients are placed alongside drug addicts, alcoholics and people with a damaged psyche for a three-day observation.

Patients who have left neutral reviews urge everyone to think about how many patients a day each doctor and nurse takes, and also about how many among the visitors are inadequate people who consider their knowledge deeper than that of hospital doctors.

A full review of the impressions left makes it possible to say that the qualifications of the doctors are high, they know their business well and many lives have been saved or put on their feet after severe injuries, burns, seizures and fractures.

janelidze hospital, St. Petersburg branch


Patients in need of hospital. Dzhanelidze in St. Petersburg. Its address is: Budapest street, building 3a.

Chambers are allowed on weekdays - from 16:00 to 18:00, on weekends - from 11:00 to 13:00 or from 16:00 to 18:00.

How can I get to the Janelidze( SPb) hospital in Budapest by public transport( stop "SRI ambulance")?

  • From Elektrosila metro station on trolleybus No. 36 or 39, by route taxi 59 or 135.
  • From metro station "Bucharest" by bus number 74 or 59, and by route taxi No. 136.
  • From the metro station "Ligovsky Prospekt"by bus number 74.
  • From the metro station "International" by bus No. 29, 95 or 12, by route taxi No. K215 or K12.