What good tobacco for a cigarette? Rating

Recently, people are increasingly disappointed in the cigarette industry. Not surprisingly, many smokers prefer an alternative method of smoking - a cigarette. This article presents an analysis of the types of tobacco and gives some recommendations on what type of tobacco is best for samokrutok.


what good tobacco for roll-up What is good tobacco for scooters and what are the guidelines for choosing? The assortment in shops often puts in a dead end not only the beginner samokrutchika, but also inveterate smokers.

Next we will talk about the types of tobacco for homemade cigarettes, their differences, the right choice, the use of pipe tobacco in cigarettes and much more.

Kinds and varieties of

what kind of tobacco is best for samokrutok Today, tobacco for roll-up, which we will consider in this article, is not a sign of a person's small income, but a departure from the unsightly systemic formula of "refined" cigarettes. Experienced lovers of high-grade smoking know the sense of good tobacco, and are unlikely to start smoking cigarettes from the shops again. The qualitative smoking opens a lot of variations and freedom of choice. Connoisseurs can choose a suitable paper for themselves, the right filter and, of course, delicious tobacco of high quality.

Unlike store cigarettes, good tobacco for a cigarette of any foreign origin is distinguished by a smaller cut and low humidity. Tobacco stores offer a rich assortment of products with both natural taste and a variety of flavors.

tobacco for samokrutok what better reviews 2016 The main advantage of homemade cigarettes is an inexpressible aroma, which is often not found in ordinary cigarette tobacco. Classification of tobacco species occurs mainly in the fortress and varieties: light, medium, strong. It is rather difficult to say exactly what kind of tobacco is good for a scooter, because the choice must be made in accordance with their individual taste preferences.

Main varieties of tobacco:

1. Burley - this variety grows in Ukraine, Mexico and the USA.This is the most common and popular variety on the planet. This tobacco has a rather mild but dense taste with nutty notes. After passing through such processes as drying and fermentation, it passes through the aromatization and is added to a variety of mixtures.

2. American Blend - you can say, derived from Burley, as the basis of this tobacco mixture was Burley, air-dried.

3. Kentucky - it is grown in the US, Indonesia and Africa. It has a very strong and dense taste.

4. Zwar - the key component of this tobacco - past fire drying Kentucky. It is well suited for mixing with other tobacco varieties.

5. Halfzwar - this mixture of half-dark Kentucky and half-light Virginia. It is considered one of the most popular species.

6. Virginia - tobacco of American origin, which, due to long exposure, acquires a rich taste and dark shade. Virginia light shade is a sweet soft tobacco with notes of fruit aroma.

7. Mild is a kind of mixture of Burley and Virginia. This is considered a very good combination, given the fact that Mild can safely smoke even in pure form. There is also a kind of Ultra Mild, which is recognized as the softest kind. Due to minor changes in the proportions, tobacco turns out to be tender and tasty.

8. Oriental - tobacco, which came from the countries of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. It is used as a base, as well as a condiment for the tobacco mixture. It has a sweetish taste and a small fortress.

9. Latakia - is another famous variety from Cyprus and Syria, has a characteristic aroma. It is noteworthy that the word "latakia" is rather applied to the process of making tobacco, and not directly to tobacco. This process involves drying the leaves in sunlight and smoking over smoldering logs.

tobacco for scooter reviews The choice of tobacco for roll-ups in online stores is quite large, so it is difficult to determine which tobacco is good for self-rolling. It is worth remembering that basically all varieties are mixtures of different varieties with interspersed with various flavors: coffee, vanilla, cherry and many others.

It is almost impossible to imagine the rating of tobacco for cigarettes, the best for someone may be the worst for another. Therefore, self-clippers themselves have to get to know different tastes and choose the most suitable tobacco products for themselves. That, in principle, is the key point - only so you can choose an individually suitable roll-up.

Which cigarette for cigarettes is better - reviews 2016

In 2016 one of the most popular tobaccos that topped the charts of the annual chart was recognized as pipe tobacco Peter Stokkebye Luxury Bull's Eye Flake. This exquisite tobacco flavor of the "Lux" class belongs to one of the versions of the famous "Escudo".The producer of this tobacco is Denmark. The main components of the cutting form are similar - a periw, a virginia and an eye from the cavendish of black. This tobacco blend of medium strength is the most popular of its manufacturer.

tobacco rating for roll-ups Of course, to the top of tobacco for self-rolling Dutch tobacco belongs. Not surprisingly, 50 percent of the Dutch population densely subsided into cigarettes. The best grade in the Netherlands is the Halfzware brand. It includes tobacco light Virginia and dark Kentucky, each of which is half the mixture. This high quality tobacco is distinguished by its fine cutting and absence of impurities.

Facts about the cigarette

Some smokers prefer pipe tobacco in their cigarettes. Of course, this can be done, but it is better to pour it before using on a napkin with a thin layer and allow a little to dry. They say that it is better to use pipe tobacco of large cutting.

How lovers of tobacco self-careers respond, the process of creating a roll-up is a separate kind of pleasure. Someone can say that this is a waste of time and energy. In contrast, there is the opinion of smokers that it is simply an incredible pleasure to create your own unique tobacco product.

tobacco for roll top It's one thing to buy qualitative leaving, but the correct composition of a composition requires the right approach and minimal knowledge and practice. You can, for example, use a specialized machine - it at times will speed up the process of creating a roll-out.

It is believed that a true fan of self-made cigarettes should know how to twist the paper without using a typewriter. Zalyhvatsky movement many craftsmen twist scooter with one hand. This skill is unlikely to be available to a novice in this matter. Here the machine will come to the rescue.

Typically, tobacco mixtures are sold in special packages. However, if you discover that the product is too dry, when opening, moisten with a few drops of water. Then, spread out your fingers and dry it a little.

Manufacturers and prices

What is the cost of self-rolled tobacco? Often it is sold in small packages weighing up to 40 g. The price of such a product can vary from 200 rubles to 700-800, which is already considered quite expensive tobacco for self-rolling. By the way, the density of stuffing affects the amount of tobacco in the package.

Buying tobacco weighing between 500 and 1000 g is not recommended for those who are not yet determined to the full with their taste preferences.

According to cigarette lovers, even the cheapest tobacco for cigarettes is much better in quality than that used in the preparation of cigarettes such advertised brands as "Parliament" or "Marlboro".


expensive tobacco for roll-up In order for tobacco to retain its taste characteristics, it is necessary to observe the rules for its storage. The most important thing is to prevent the withered tobacco, because this way it will give a sharp taste when used. It is recommended to store it in a native polyethylene bag or use a special pouch. Very useful in this case can be a humidor - a suitcase that maintains the necessary humidity for storage.

What should I do if the tobacco mixture is dried? Wetting Methods

1. Use a special humidifier.

2. Put in a pack of carrot or apple.

3. Pour the tobacco on a wooden board, spray the water from the atomizer, stretch it with your hands.

4. Hold it over the steam( coffee maker, kettle, iron).