"Primobolan": reviews, features, dosages and patterns of application

The drug Primobolan, which you can read about in this article, is considered an anabolic steroid for oral use, as well as an injection. In this article, you will become acquainted with the features of this medication, as well as the rules of its use and reviews.

This medication was developed for bodybuilders. It helps to achieve impressive results in the shortest possible time. In this case, the steroid has a very mild effect on the body.


"Primobolan", reviews of which are mostly positive, appeared on the market for quite some time, so this anabolic is time-tested. Many athletes have experienced its effect and are really satisfied with the results. The drug itself is available in two forms: in the form of tablets and injections for internal administration. However, according to medical studies, scientists have concluded that injections for the human body are more effective.

Primobolan reviews

If you are looking for a pure anabolic with a minimum content of androgenic components, then definitely try the drug Primobolan. The testimonials indicate that this drug promotes the rapid collection of muscle mass and has a minimum of side effects on the body.

What is the benefit of

According to consumers' reviews, most of all the drug "Primobolan" has a positive effect on the body, namely:

- It leads to elimination of excess fluid in the body, therefore, experts recommend using this product during body drying.

- The product promotes proper growth and formation of muscle tissue. This effect is achieved due to the anabolic origin of the drug. Also, do not exclude the zero level of fluid retention.

- Another very important property of this drug is its ability to retain nitrogen in the body. And this indicates that your muscles will remain in perfect condition even if there is insufficient intake of calories into the body.

Before taking the product, be sure to read the instructions for use. Reviews confirm that this supplement can be taken by both men and women. However, you must always take into account the dosage, because for the representatives of different sexes it will be different.

Most often, athletes acquire the drug "Primobolan" in the form of injections, as this allows active substances to enter the body more quickly, and most of them are digested. Many people are afraid of injecting, as they worry that it will be very dangerous for their liver. However, it is not. This drug has no effect on it.

The main features of the drug "Primobolan"

The patients' testimonies indicate that the remedy will be effective and will not cause harm to the body only if it is used correctly.

course primobolana reviews

The first thing to pay attention to is that the tool can be used to prepare for various competitions, since it does not allow athletes to accumulate water and fat deposits in the body.

With the correct use of anabolic, people taking it notice how their muscles become stiff enough and take on an ideal shape.


Anabolic "Primobolan Depot", whose reviews are mostly positive, is used by very many men, as they are confident in the good quality and safety of this drug. For an average athlete, a dosage of 100-150 mg per day will be sufficient. However, for many athletes, even such a dose is large. A positive effect can be achieved by taking a day and 50-75 mg of the substance. Although there are cases when athletes increased the dose and up to 800 mg per day. In any case, you need to do this very carefully and monitor your health indicators.

Primobolan depot reviews

Very often athletes take together drugs such as Primobolan and Oxandrolone( the course, reviews are information that every athlete who is monitoring his health should be familiar with).

Selection of dosage for women

It is also used by people of the weaker sex anabolic "Primobolan".Reviews of women confirm that even their muscles begin to grow actively and acquire beautiful outlines. However, it is very important to observe the correct dosages, otherwise you can cause significant harm to women's health.

The optimal dosage for individuals of the fair sex is about 25-50 mg per day. Virtually all women perceive an excellent amount of active substance. However, for the sake of personal safety, representatives of the weaker sex deliberately reduce the dosage. In this case, they combine this remedy with others, and then good results make themselves felt in a very short time.

What you need to know about the application scheme for

To get good results it is very important to choose the right course of Primobolan. Athletes' testimonies indicate that this is the basis for obtaining stunning results and safety for health.

Of course, the scheme of application in the first place will depend on the individual characteristics of the athlete, as well as on the level of his fitness. First of all, you need to pay attention to the duration of the course.


It should be six to eight weeks for men and four to six weeks for women. In this case, the dosage of the active substance should be from 350 to 400 mg per week. As a result of this application, an athlete can gain about four kilograms of muscle mass per month without harm to one's health. However, such results can be achieved only if daily add 45 mg Oxandrolone.

Such drugs as "Primobolan", "Oxandrolone"( you can read the application reviews at the end of the article), really contribute to a quick and safe collection of muscle mass. They are suitable for beginners in the sport.

primoxobolan oxandrolone reviews

And here for bodybuilders engaged in weightlifting is not the first year, another variation is perfect. The course of application should also be about six to eight weeks, and the dosage can be increased to 600 mg of substance per day. In addition, 40 mg of methandrostenolone should be added daily.

Are there any side effects of

? Primobolan?( Reviews, the price given in this article) is a relatively safe and healthy remedy. However, only if you have not exceeded the dosage.

If used incorrectly, the anabolic will lead to acne and acne on the body, as well as other androgenic effects, such as excessive hair growth throughout the body.

In some cases, excessively large dosages of Primobolan lead to the development of virilization in women. Representatives of the fair sex begin to notice how the amount of hair on their body increases, and they become more rigid, the voice becomes rough and increases in size of the clitoris.

The agent can also affect the cardiovascular system. Therefore, people suffering from heart disease, it is better not to use this drug at all.

Well, most importantly, the drug suppresses the natural production of testosterone, so before using it, think carefully about whether you need it.


The preparation Primobolan is very effective for muscle growth. Testimonials on the application indicate that the product is excellent at coping with its duties and, while observing the minimum dosages, does not cause significant harm to health. However, it must be taken very carefully, especially for women. And at the first signs of intolerance of this remedy its use must be urgently canceled.

примоболан отзывы цена

The steroid "Primobolan Solo", whose impressions are impressive, is very popular among the stronger sex. However, the price for such a product is very high. For one ampule containing 100 mg of active substance, you will have to pay about 500-600 rubles.

Before using anabolic drugs, think about it several times. This product is synthetic, therefore will bring little benefit to your health. Be healthy and take care of yourself.