Plastic - what is it? What operations are called plastic surgery?

Almost everyone today knows, and sometimes does not hearsay, what plastic is. Many are dissatisfied with their appearance. Small flaws, which people around do not notice at all, become just an obsession.

Fashion dictates the standards of beauty. Every year they change. And in pursuit of an ideal appearance, people resort to the help of plastic surgeons. Everyone wants to look good and confident. Therefore, without fear, lie under the scalpel of the surgeon. But in fact, you can do without plastic. In any case, everyone decides for themselves whether they need it or not, and no one can give an unequivocally correct answer.

Plastic - what is it?

To understand whether you need to resort to this type of surgery, you need to understand all the pros and cons. What exactly is meant by this concept?

So, let's see what plastic is and what it is for.

facial plastic surgery

This concept has Greek roots."Plastic" means "received the form".Consequently, this branch of surgery is the creation or change of appearance.

To date, most people have a mixed attitude to plastic surgery. Someone thinks that this surgical intervention will save us from a lot of problems, while others do not believe that external changes will eliminate internal problems.

Types of plastic surgeries

The list of services offered by the clinics for the transformation of appearance is striking. Almost every part of the body can be modified at will.

Plastic operations are divided into two main types: reconstructive and aesthetic. The first are aimed at eliminating the consequences of injuries, deformities. Such plastic surgery is performed to recover from bodily injuries from accidents, birth defects and others. Qualitatively performed surgical intervention of this species radically changes a person's life. He has self-confidence, a desire to develop.

make plastic

Another type of plastic surgery is aesthetic. In this case, the main goal is to improve the appearance of the patient, depending on his desires. With the help of aesthetic plastic surgery a person can prolong youth, beauty, which will help to get rid of negative emotions and far-fetched flaws. Operations of this type also improve the lives of patients.

Aesthetic plastic surgery is classified according to the intervention zone. The most common operations:

  • on the body( mammoplasty, vaginoplasty, liposuction and others);
  • hair transplant;
  • plastic facial surgery( rhinoplasty, plastismoplasty and so on);
  • various suspenders;
  • combined.

For the plasticity of

Operations can save a person from complexes and practically give a new life. Getting acquainted with new people, a former patient of a plastic surgeon will feel confident.

For operations, there is no need for medical indications, only a person's desire is needed. No one has the right to prohibit changes in appearance through surgical intervention, as this is a strictly private matter for everyone.

The indisputable advantage is the opportunity to restore your former youth. And everyone knows how a person sees himself in the mirror, and feels internally. Young reflection will add strength and vitality to the body.

An essential advantage is the level of development of the current plastic surgery. Currently, various non-surgical changes in appearance are carried out. They are performed using a laser or ultrasound. The patient after non-surgical plasty does not have any wounds and punctures. Significantly faster is the rehabilitation period, there are no scars completely. Also, during the procedure, a person does not feel any discomfort.

Against plastic

Before lying down under the scalpel of a surgeon, it is necessary to conduct a complete examination of the body. It should appoint a doctor, if such a recommendation was not, then you need to think about the option of changing the specialist.

The main disadvantage of plastics is recovery. The reaction of the body is sometimes unpredictable. Be sure to ask the surgeon about the postoperative period before the operation. How it passes, whether the doctor will monitor this process and so on.

whether to do a plastic surgery

Dissatisfaction with the result - with this is facing half of the operated. Seeing themselves in a mirror with swollen, hematoma patients feel terrible. In due course they will pass. However, some people are too close to the heart to perceive the intermediate result, and their process of recovery after surgery is significantly delayed. It is not uncommon for a psychologist to help.

Most often the patient does not stop at one operation. Gradually it becomes a dependency. The person begins to remodel with the help of surgeons everything that in the least way does not suit. Bright examples of dependence on plastic operations are stars. So, Donatello Versace is always dissatisfied with the size of her lips, Jocelyn Wildshteyn in the eternal pursuit of youth.

We must not forget that everything has a price. That is why before making a final decision, it is worth going to a consultation with a surgeon. And best of all, if there are several of them - so you will have an opportunity to compare clinics and doctors.

"Before" and "after" plastic surgery

Not always beauty can be bought for money. Evidence of this is unsuccessful plastic surgery. Such sad results are most often due to the patient's excessive economy. Undoubtedly, everyone does not want to take undeservedly money from him. But this does not mean that you need to contact a doctor with insufficient qualifications. In inexpensive clinics often carelessly refer to hygiene, the technology used in operations is out of date, the doctor irresponsibly refers to consultations. Plus, sometimes there are unforeseen situations. And this may well happen in expensive clinics. Examples of unsuccessful operations are such stars as Sylvester Stallone and Mickey Rourke. No one is immune from an incorrect dose of anesthesia, an allergic reaction to a drug component or a banal medical error. The latter can be eliminated only by carrying out a new plastic surgery. Photos before and after can be seen below.

plastic surgery photo

Each surgical intervention is a risk, to which, it is worth noting, not everyone is able to go.

Do you need plastic surgery?

Without a doubt, the surgical intervention will change appearance, improve you, raise self-esteem, opening a new world for you.

plastic what is

And yet, to make plastic or not - it is a private matter for everyone. However, do not forget that the original state can not be restored. You will have to get used to a new one, regardless of whether you like the result or not. Also, all plastic surgery is not safe for health, especially those that use silicone. It is for these reasons that the decision must be considered several times.

Only by realizing what plastic is, what it is capable of, all possible results, you can make a decision.