Ketonal plaster warming up: instructions for use, composition and reviews

Articular pain is an unpleasant, painful symptom. It often appears in older people, athletes and professional gymnasts. Most people are used to dealing with malaise with anesthetic pills. But, as is known, they negatively affect the work of the digestive sphere. Less dangerous are ointments and creams, but they are not convenient for everyone. Now it became possible to abandon the use of pills and external means. Cope with discomfort in the joints and muscles will help "Ketonal Thermo"( plaster).

ketone plaster

Description of

"Ketonal" is a plaster that contains the active substance ketoprofen. This component is included in the group of painkillers, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic agents. In the composition of the plaster is iron powder, salt, activated carbon and water. It has a size of 10 x 13 centimeters. In one box 10 patches, each in individual packaging.

Indications for use

Heating patch "Ketonal" is used for painful sensations in muscles and joints. The manufacturer promises an effective result after the first application procedure:

  • penetrates deeply into the muscle tissue, warms, providing an analgesic effect;
  • supplies heat that improves blood flow and helps to eliminate spasm;
  • the duration of the work is 12 hours;
  • the skin surface at the place of attachment of the patch is heated to 45 degrees.

Precautions and Contraindications

Do not use Ketonal( patch) instructions during night sleep, as a person may lose control of their sensations. It is unacceptable to paste the patch in places from which the patient can not remove it on their own in case of need. Do not attach the product to bleeding or open wounds, injection sites, or inflamed areas of soft tissues. It is forbidden to wet the plaster before application, and also take a shower with it.

Special care should be taken and consult with a doctor if the use of the patch is assumed when:

  • inflammatory processes in the joints;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • blood disorders or circulatory disorders;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • skin pathologies.

You should not apply a patch on your baby's skin unless other advice has been given by your doctor.

ketonal thermal patch

Ketonal Thermo patch: instruction

  1. Clean hands should be opened with a disposable package of plaster.
  2. Carefully remove the protective elements from the clean film.
  3. Attach to the desired area, smooth out any irregularities.

"Ketonal"( plaster) can be applied directly to the skin or cotton underwear. The latter option is preferable if, with unhindered application, the patient feels heat at the place of attachment of the drug. The time that the device can contact the human body is 10-12 hours. If necessary, you can remove it before.

Before using Ketonal( patch), the instructions for use should be carefully studied. The manufacturer does not recommend the following actions:

  • to apply the remedy to women during menstruation;
  • to heat it in a microwave oven;
  • impose one patch on the other( in order to enhance the effect);
  • use Ketonal again in less than 24 hours.

warming plaster ketonal

Production, storage and dispensing from pharmacies

Ketonal is a plaster that is manufactured in Switzerland by the medical pharmacological firm Sandoz. The manufacturer has long established itself on the positive side. Preparations produced by him, are intended to become inexpensive analogues of highly paid medicines. It is recommended to store the product in a place inaccessible to children. It is inadmissible to open the inner part of the plaster, since it contains iron powder. When it gets on the skin or accidentally ingested it is necessary to consult a doctor urgently. It is inadmissible to get direct sunlight on the external agent Ketonal.

The patch is dispensed from pharmacies without a prescription. Often, the consumer does not want to immediately buy packaging because of the high cost( about 900 rubles).In this situation, many pharmacy chains make concessions, offering to purchase "Ketonal" one by one. Since each patch has an individual package, this is perfectly acceptable.

ketonal plaster instruction

Nuisance associated with the use of

patch "Ketonal Thermo" - patch warming up. The first trouble that a consumer may face is a burn. Often this happens at night, as patients do not listen to the recommendations of the manufacturer, use an anesthetic during sleep. If after application on the skin a red edematous spot is found, then gently lubricate it with a regenerating baby cream.

The second thing that happens to users, according to their reviews, is an allergy. In some people there is an intolerance of the main component or secondary components. When an allergic reaction( itching, severe burning, swelling, urticaria), it is necessary to stop treatment and seek medical help.

Plaster - the patients tell - may not work at all. Indeed, such cases are known. The warming agent was applied to the skin according to the instructions, but had no effect. If the pain in the muscles and joints persists and after the manipulations performed - this is an occasion to consult a doctor.

plaster ketonal thermal instruction

Consumers recommend

About patch "Ketonal" reviews are mostly positive. Consumers say that the remedy helped them get rid of the debilitating painful pain in their muscles. It was enough to paste a band-aid and keep it all day. There is no longer any need to take pills that have a negative effect on the functioning of the liver and stomach."Ketonal" - an excellent tool in the fight against muscle pain.

Reviews report that the drug does not cause discomfort, does not give a burning sensation. This distinguishes it from many similar products, for example pepper plaster. The possibility of applying funds for cotton lingerie is another important plus. So you can adjust the power of the warming effect.

ketonal thermal patch

Summing up

Ketonal warming plaster is an effective tool that helps to cope with muscular pain. It is important to use it according to the instructions, strictly following the recommendations of the manufacturer. Do not listen to the advice of friends who can praise the product or talk about its inefficiency. If the pain in the joints and muscles accompanies you constantly and is not the result of stretching, overexertion or heavy training, it is recommended to complain to the doctor. Perhaps, in addition to the patch "Ketonal Thermo" you will be assigned additional medicines. Well-being!