"Revitaksa"( candles): instructions for use, reviews about the drug

Women due to the structure of their reproductive system often have to take various anti-inflammatory and restorative drugs. They are necessary in cases where the infection is attached. Get the disease can be with sexual contact, because of non-compliance with hygiene, as well as because of reduced immunity. This article will tell you about the drug "Revitaksa"( candles).Instructions for use, the price of the medication will be presented below. Also you will learn the different opinions of consumers about this medicine.

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Active ingredients

What information does the user provide first of all about the medicament "Revitax"( candles) instructions for use? The composition of the preparation is described at the very beginning of the annotation. The active ingredients of the medicament are: hyaluronic acid, calendula, tea tree oil, aloe. There are also additional components that make it possible to give the substance the appropriate form.

The cost of the drug depends largely on the place in which you will buy it. The medicine is very popular in Ukraine. Russian retail outlets offer consumers similar medicines. The average price of candles is at the level of 500 rubles. For this amount you will receive 10 suppositories.

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revitaksa candles instructions for use composition

What helps the medicine

About the preparation "Revitaksa"( candles), the instruction for use informs the following information. The drug has anti-inflammatory, regenerating, restoring, immunomodulating and antiseptic action. The drug effectively cures many female diseases of the genital area. Indications that are prescribed in the manual, we can name the following situations:

  • in inflammatory processes in the vagina( vaginosis, colpitis, thrush, and so on);
  • as a prevention after sauna, swimming pool, swimming in open water;
  • with prolonged inability to conduct hygienic procedures( for example, during trips or hikes);
  • cervical erosion and various damages to the vagina;
  • after surgical procedures( abortion, childbirth, treatment);
  • as a restorative after antibacterial therapy, laser irradiation, chemotherapy;
  • with a tendency to frequent inflammation due to decreased immunity.

As you can see, the medicine can be used for treatment and for prevention purposes. Often, the medication is combined with other medications.

Contraindications to the use of

About the preparation "Revitax"( candles) the instruction for use says that it is well tolerated by consumers. However, it is advisable to avoid the use of the drug in the event that you have an increased sensitivity to one of the components or an allergy to it.

During pregnancy, the medication can only be used as directed by a doctor. The doctor tentatively correlates all the risks and benefits for the mother and her child. In the presence of tumor processes in the body, women should always turn to the gynecologist before applying the formulation.

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"Revitaksa"( candles): instruction for use

Suppositories are introduced exclusively into the vagina. Before using the drug, you should thoroughly wash your hands with soap or put on sterile gloves. Candles are stored at a temperature of no more than 25 degrees. In such conditions the medication can become soft. It will be quite problematic to introduce it. Therefore, before use, mix the suppository in the refrigerator or under a stream of ice water for several minutes.

After using the drug, it is worth taking a horizontal position. It will be better if you are taking the medicine immediately before going to bed. The daily dose is 1 suppository. The duration of therapy is individual, but usually does not last less than five days.

Analogues of the preparation

If you have intolerance to one of the components, then it advises you to choose the replacement medication of "Revitax"( candles) instructions for use. Analogues of this tool have only relative. This means that the drugs will have a similar effect, but a different composition. Absolute substitutes with the same active components are not available today.

Analogues of the drug will be products with trade names: Ketodin, Femilex, Terzhinan, Laktozhinal, 2Mikolakt and others. Please note that it is only the specialist who can choose the substitute correctly and in accordance with your indications.

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Opinion about the suppositories

You already know what information contains about the preparation of "Revitax"( candles) instructions for use. The medicament is different. Most consumers are satisfied with this drug. However, there are representatives of the weaker sex who report discomfort and burning during treatment.

Doctors say that the composition of the drug is exceptionally natural. This allows you to safely apply the product during pregnancy and lactation. However, before starting therapy, you need to see a doctor and take the tests.

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What information is contained about the preparation "Revitax"( candles) instructions for use - described in the article. Despite the positive reviews and the safety of the medication, you should not use it without the appropriate recommendations. Even use for prevention should be agreed with a specialist. Health to you and good health!