Zaeda at the child in the corners of the mouth: the causes and treatment

Extremely unpleasant and annoying if there is a seizure in the child. This problem is often perceived by others as a result of non-compliance with hygiene. But it is not always the case. Seizures can signal an infection in the body or serious diseases. It's important to start by looking for the source of the problem. That's why you should see a doctor if there is a binge in the child. Causes and treatment can correctly identify only a specialist.

seizures of a child

Characteristics of the pathology of

What are the child's jaundices? These are small cracks appearing at the corners of the lips. Initially, redness occurs in this place. Then a small crack appears. If the pathology is not treated in a timely manner, the process can reach erosion.

Pathology causes severe discomfort in the baby, sometimes even pain. The child tries to open his mouth less, talk. Intolerable pain can trigger the use of salty, spicy or sour food.

In the neglected stage, crusts and bleeding ulcers often appear. Self-medication can lead to suppurative complications.

The main causes of

Seizures in the corners of the child's mouth are provoked by yeast-like Candida fungi or streptococci. However, the disease does not arise by itself. The appearance of the disease is dictated by the influence of unfavorable factors. Against their background, the child's seizures develop.

Reasons for the appearance of pathology:

  • decreased immunity;
  • deficiency of iron;
  • hypovitaminosis( especially lack of vitamin B2);
  • skin maceration caused by increased salivation;
  • allergic reactions;
  • insufficient oral hygiene;
  • gingivitis;
  • diabetes;
  • tooth decay;
  • skin injury near the lips;
  • inflammation of the tonsils;
  • intestinal dysbiosis or other abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.

reasons for seizure and treatment

Characteristic symptomatology of

At the initial stage of seizure, the child resembles small vesicles that appear in the corners of the mouth. They are quickly opened. Cracks are formed at the place of the burst bubbles. In the future they are covered with yellow crusts. The skin of the skin near the jaundice is red and swollen.

Depending on the nature of the pathology, the symptoms will differ:

  1. Streptococcal mating. To all the above-described signs of the disease, burning in the affected area and itching is added. Symptomatics intensifies during the intake of salty, spicy food. It hurts the child to open his mouth, he tries not to talk.
  2. Candidamicotic pathology. At this form of the disease, a crack is not formed on the crack. Defect is only visible when the mouth is open. Such attacks quickly acquire a chronic form. In this case, as soon as the immunity decreases or the body begins to lack vitamins, the ailment will immediately appear.

Some features related to the age of

In children, seizures often occur against a background of a fungal or microbial infection. In younger schoolchildren, as a rule, pathology provokes beriberi, caused by a wrong, unbalanced diet.

seizures in the corners of the mouth in children

In this case, the child has such symptoms:

  • skin peeling;
  • formation of crusts on the face( especially on the wings of the nose);
  • burning, redness of the tongue;
  • rapid fatigue;
  • poor appetite;
  • reduced operability.

Special attention should be paid to the frequent occurrence of seizures in a child. Such a patient should be examined in detail for serious pathologies. Start with the digestive tract. More often it is the pathologies of the digestive system that lead to the constant formation of seizures.

Diagnostic methods

Do not rush to treat the seizures yourself. Causes and treatment are closely related. Only by determining the true source of the problem, you can choose adequate therapy. Therefore, with such a pathology should always refer to a dermatologist.

A small patient will be assigned:

  1. Laboratory research. Soskob, taken from the affected area, will confirm( disprove) fungal nature.
  2. Blood test. It allows to determine inflammatory processes, anemia.
  3. Analysis for sugar.
  4. Diagnosis on the Wasserman reaction. This test allows you to identify streptococcal galloping.

reason for a child

In addition to a dermatologist, a child can be advised:

  • hematologist;
  • endocrinologist;
  • of the dentist.

Treatment of pathology

An integrated approach is required. This is the only way to cure sniffing at the corners of the mouth in children.

Treatment is based on activities:

  1. Dietary diversity. This will significantly strengthen the immune system. Special emphasis should be placed on food rich in vitamin B2.Such products are buckwheat groats, veal, dairy food, eggs, spinach, green peas. It is important to exclude food from the child's food that causes irritation of the mucous: marinades, pickles.
  2. Thorough hygiene. Be sure to keep the hands clean of the baby. Household items, toys must be ferryed.
  3. Medication therapy. Such treatment should be prescribed by a doctor.
  4. Use of folk remedies. It will be beneficial to lubricate the jam with aloe juice, sea buckthorn oil. You can use rosehip oil or tea tree. This procedure should be repeated 5-6 times a day. Excellent effect will provide lotions from the broth of the turn, chamomile, calendula.

sniffing at the corners of the child

Medication Therapy

Only after determining which pathogen the pathology is provoked, the doctor will prescribe medications. Above it was said that cracks near the mouth can be caused by streptococci or fungi.

To cure seizures in the corners of a child, such medicines can be used:

  1. Antifungal agents. The most effective are Fluconazole, Nystatin, Ketoconazole, Lamisil, Levorin, Nizoral. These drugs are for internal use. They are recommended if the fungal nature of the disease is identified.
  2. Antibiotics. These medications are effective if the disease is caused by streptococci. They are recommended to the child only in the event that a large area of ​​skin is affected. Select those antibiotics that are able to effectively fight the pathogen.
  3. Vitamins. It is important not to forget about the need to strengthen immunity. Children are recommended multivitamins, brewer's yeast( medical).To lubricate the affected area, prescribe an oil solution of vitamin A, E. But the last drugs can be used only at the stage of recovery. They are not recommended for use in acute period.
  4. Ointments. It is important to remember the need for treatment, not only from the inside, but also from the outside. With candida-catarrhal pathology, ointments are prescribed: Nystatin, Levorinovoy, Serno-salicylic, and Levorin. These preparations perfectly heal jaundices, eliminate pain. If the pathology is streptococcal, then recommend the drugs containing antibiotic: "Erythromycin Ointment", "Liniment of Synthomycin."
  5. Probiotics. Often the occurrence of seizures is dictated by the pathology of the small intestine. Therefore, in complex therapy for children often include drugs that normalize the functioning of the digestive tract: "Bifiform", "Lineks."

jam in the corners of the child

Remember, in order to protect the child from the formation of seizures, it is necessary to strengthen his immunity, to balance the nutrition. If necessary, in autumn and winter it is recommended to maintain the body with special vitamin complexes.