Carl zeiss, lenses: overview, description, species, manufacturer and reviews

Holding Company Carl Zeiss is an international company in the development of advanced technologies in the field of optics and industrial optoelectronics. The company is represented in more than 40 countries around the world. The introduction of innovations in the field of medical technology, spectacle and contact lenses made it the world leader in this field.

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In the production of its products, Zeiss uses the most advanced heavy-duty equipment and experience of renowned experts. Research, study and promotion of innovations attracts the best minds of the world ophthalmologists, who have proved themselves, gained authority and recognition. They are ready to analyze what the real users really need, what kind of goods they dream to purchase.

Carl Zeiss: glasses for glasses

One of the most popular products produced under the Zeiss brand are high-quality lenses for Carl Zeiss, SOLA and American Optical glasses. It is not only a good product of a well-known brand, but also an optimal balance of value, reliability. The spectacular Carl Zeiss lenses are characterized by an aspherical surface design. They are light, almost weightless. Carl Zeiss - lenses of expensive, exclusive class, meeting all high requirements.

Under the brand SOLA the product is presented in the middle price range with excellent optical characteristics. Under the American Optical brand, products are offered at affordable prices. In all products, the company takes into account the needs of users and their lifestyle as much as possible. The range is rich, it includes monofocal and multifocal lenses, a progressive product made of polymers and mineral glass.

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The authenticity of the lenses

The popularity of any product can very often have a negative, reverse side - the presence of a large number of fakes. Spectacles lenses Carl Zeiss are no exception, which is why customers have many questions regarding the guarantee of the authenticity of the purchased products. The company even decided to issue a detailed manual. Having studied it, consumers can determine the quality of the product.

First of all, all branded lenses must have a special laser tag. The letter Z engraved on them is a guarantee of quality. The laser letter does not violate the optical properties of the lens. Most often, the brand name, depending on the features of the frame of the glasses, is located in the upper( temporal) part near the arch or in the lower zone near the bridge of the nose.

Variety of

contact lenses carl zeiss contact day 1

The assortment of all Zeiss products is quite extensive and today includes all types of contact lenses. The goods of this well-known company fully meet the opinion developed by the world over the German quality and are manufactured under strict control at all stages of production. Carl Zeiss - lenses that fully cover and effectively solve all the variety of problems with vision. All product range is certified. Contact lenses are indispensable if there is no desire or opportunity to use glasses.

One-day contact lenses Zeiss

Contact lens parameters zeiss contact

These are unique products for daily use. The highest quality, naturalness, comfort and convenience - these characteristics stand out among other things of this range contact lenses Carl Zeiss Contact Day 1. Their use is simplified as much as possible. They do not require any care. All you need is to dress, remove and throw away the used pair of lenses in the evening. It is very convenient. Agree, often the cause of complications in carriers of contact lenses is the violation of care for products, exceeding the period of its use.

Carl Zeiss: one-month contact lenses

This is a kind of contact lenses intended for monthly use. Carl Zeiss Contact Day 30 is another unique German work for day use. Change the products every 30 days. Their silicone-hydrogel composition provides perfectly balanced characteristics of oxygen permeability, elastic modulus and friction. All this creates an excellent sense of comfort when using lenses throughout the day.

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Lens Specifications

Ultra-thin edges allow optimizing the tear fluid exchange necessary for the natural metabolism of the cornea, creating maximum comfort for the whole day. Contact lenses have excellent moisture content parameters( 69% for thirty-day lenses and 55% for one-day lenses, respectively).Material at its high stability is able to pass oxygen well. This minimizes the risk of drying out the eyes, helps maintain a low modulus of elasticity of the optical product.

Important parameters are Zeiss Contact contact lenses, such as the friction coefficient of the material and the state of elasticity. On the day about 11 thousand blinking movements are performed. High indicators of these characteristics can lead to damage to the surface of the cornea, conjunctivitis. With the ideal smoothness of Carl Zeiss lenses, friction is reduced to a minimum, preventing fatigue and possible disorders.

carl zeiss one-month contact lenses

Contact Day lenses well straighten spherical aberrations and protect the eyes from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation. Such protection is not superfluous and will be useful not only on vacation, on the beach under the scorching sun, but also in everyday life. Not everyone is fully aware of how subtle the visual acuity can be. Nevertheless, one of the main and insidious reasons for shifting the ability to see for the worse is the influence of ultraviolet( UV) radiation, under the influence of which cataracts can develop and damage to the retina occurs.


Brand lenses are very popular all over the world. Thanks to a wide range of industries in which the products of this brand are presented, always on hearing from customers the product of the company - contact lenses Carl Zeiss. Reviews indicate that the products are very popular. Even if a person has never used glasses or lenses, he may well be familiar with a variety of optics, produced by the trademark. Among its products are lenses for telescopes, microscopes and much more.

carl zeiss lenses

What does Carl Zeiss product deserve its popularity? First of all, these are several distinctive characteristics, which are most often noted by ordinary consumers. Carl Zeiss - lenses, which combine an impeccable quality and a democratic price. At manufacturing absolutely harmless and high-quality materials, corresponding to the highest standards are used. We are practicing an individual approach to the consumer with the possibility of manufacturing lenses with personal parameters. A high level of oxygen transmission makes them comfortable for the eyes. Contact lenses Carl Zeiss are suitable for permanent and temporary use with prolongation.