Sexual stimulant poppers: reviews, application and effectiveness

Poppers is an effective stimulant, it relaxes the human body and brings new incredible sensations during sexual intercourse. It should be noted right away that this substance is not considered narcotic and its implementation is quite legitimate. Do you want to understand what poppers are? Customer feedback, as well as a detailed description will answer many questions.

poppers feedback

What is this

In many countries, especially among young people, poppers are in great demand. What it is? It is a liquid, it should be snorted during or before sexual intercourse. It can prolong orgasm and enhance sensation.

Although in some countries this substance is not being realized, in Russia it has not yet been included in the list of prohibited narcotic or psychotropic substances. In any case, the composition of this drug includes volatile nitrites, they must not be ingested, only inhaled, and they are not capable of harming health, although they have a number of contraindications.

Composition and action of

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The composition of the liquid includes nitrites in three different variations:

  • Isopropyl is an easy form of chemical compound, ideal for a beginner who wants to experience the effect of poppers for the first time.
  • Isobutyl nitrite - this is more suitable for already experienced users, in contrast to the previous version, this gives a brighter and longer lasting sensation, but has a side effect in the form of a headache.
  • Alminitrita is the most powerful substance, which is a slightly flammable liquid that is slightly soluble in water, you can only use this option with extreme caution.

In general, substances differ little in their actions from one another. Volatile nitrites relax muscles, lower blood pressure and increase heart rate. Due to this, sensitivity increases several times, therefore it is most reasonable to use poppers during sexual contact. Feedback from customers basically confirm this fact. Users note that there is really a relaxation and sensitivity, but for a short while: the agent lasts from a few seconds to 20 minutes.

poppers what is it

Application of

There is nothing complicated about using poppers. But nevertheless it is necessary to know several rules of application. First, poppers can only be inhaled, you can not drink. Secondly, do not do this too often, because contraindications have a place to be.

Before using poppers, it should be noted that from a single dispensed vial, if it is opened at room temperature, the active substance will completely evaporate. That's why it should be stored in a cool dark place, and heated before use at room temperature. But you can not use any heat sources to avoid an explosion.

how to use poppers

You can inhale the substance through your nose or mouth. To do this, bring the vial to the respiratory system and take a deep breath. You can open the bottle and leave it on the bedside table, the active substance will quickly spread around the room, which will not distract and do not waste time on "inhalation."To accelerate the process of evaporation, you can pour the liquid into a flat dish.

Side effects of

Despite the fact that poppers are not prohibited and are not considered toxic, in some cases it can be dangerous. The most innocuous consequence of use is a headache. When using this substance, the following symptoms can occur:

  • sharp drop in blood pressure, dizziness, increased heart rate;all this can cause myocardial infarction and the consequences can lead to death;
  • violation of erectile function, in connection with which to perform sexual intercourse is not possible;
  • attack of glaucoma;By the way, with such a disease it is strictly forbidden to use poppers, it can have quite serious consequences;
  • chemical burn of the respiratory tract;
  • dependency.

In addition, there are many other unpleasant consequences that this chemical can cause. For example, chronic bronchitis, a decrease in the body's resistance to various infections, anemia.

Who can use the poppers

Despite the list of contraindications and side effects, a stimulant such as poppers is in great demand. Reviews about it basically leave young people. Especially popular is the fluid in sexual partners. With her help you can achieve incredible, vivid sensations. Indeed, this is a way out, especially for couples who have a sex life for a long time and want to improve its quality.

reviews about poppers

The second category of consumers include lovers of night parties. In entertaining establishments it is allowed to inhale poppers. That it is not a drug is known to everyone, but it also raises the mood and evokes a sense of euphoria. Accordingly, this substance can be considered an excellent alternative to alcoholic and energy drinks. By the way, you can not use poppers with alcohol.


If in the 60s of last century poppers was used as an indispensable power engineer in discotheques and other entertaining activities, today it is more often used to improve the quality of sexual life. Currently, this substance is only gaining popularity in our country, modern youth refers to such substances is very skeptical. Nevertheless, reviews of poppers have already appeared on the web.

Poppers is a really powerful sexual stimulant. Most of its effectiveness is expressed by the beautiful half of humanity, and if you believe the reviews, then many of the effect of the application really shocked. Many noted hypersensitivity from tactile contact, rapid arousal and the onset of a powerful, bright and prolonged orgasm. Many also hold the view that, despite all the positive emotions, it is not necessary to abuse the chemical substance, in order to avoid trouble with your health.

poppers effect

To summarize, it can be said that many consumers shook this product in a good way, which already suggests the idea of ​​trying poppers. Feedback is the last argument in favor of buying this substance, and it's up to everyone to decide whether to do this or not.