"Azafen": instructions for use, form of release, testimony. The analogue of "Azafen"

Do you recently experience a decline in mood or total lack of it? Life has ceased to please with its colors, or rather, you do not notice them? Not interested in the result of their activities? Absolute lack of interest in creation? Beware, it can be depression!

Methods for dealing with depression

Depressive status today is not uncommon. It can manifest itself at a young age, so in a mature and elderly. Who is more susceptible to depression - men or women? The answer to this question is absolute equality. Each of us in life has many reasons for sadness and sadness, someone has these moments fleeting, and someone is too long.

azafen instructions reviews Not everyone can cope with the emotional outburst. Man, finding no way out of the situation, closes in himself, decomposing on a psychological level.

Depression is a disease, not a fleeting state. This ailment is attributed to mental disorders. If it is not treated, then you can face the most severe consequences, such as suicide, embitterment, manic obsession, detachment from the world.

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Treatment of depression directly depends on the use of antidepressants. Today in pharmacy domestic institutions can be found quite a wide range of these. Which of the drugs to choose? This should be decided not by the patient himself, but by the treating doctor.

Very many doctors prescribe the drug "Azafen".In this case, always recommend and similar medicines. Let's look at what the agent is, and also select the analogues of "Azafen".They can be useful in cases where the main drug is not suitable for undergoing therapy because of side effects or the presence of other diseases in the patient.

The medicine of domestic production "Azafen"

This is a Russian preparation( OOO "Makiz-Pharma", LLC "Hemofarm", Russia).Below we will consider the properties of the tool "Azafen".The form of the medicine is white tablets. One package contains 50 pills, the cost of it does not exceed two hundred rubles. The drug belongs to the class of tricyclic antidepressants.

azafen release form The drug is dispensed from pharmacies only according to the prescription of the treating doctor. By the way, analogues of "Azafen" are also not sold without a doctor's appointment. This is understandable, because antidepressants can be addictive, which leads to a strong dependence of the body on their intake. Even the easiest form of depression with frequent use of such medications can have the most unpredictable negative consequences.

Preparation "Azafen": instructions, reviews

Active active substance of the drug - pipofezin. Its action is directed to the treatment of various depression states: apathy, senile depression, reactive depression at a young age, anxiety syndrome, excessive arousal, hysteria on the background of mental disorders, no signs of deep spiritual trauma, prolonged alcoholism.

The duration of therapy depends on the severity of the course of the disease. One patient helps an antidepressant within a month, others need to take it for more than a year.

This remedy is not suitable for cores, diabetics, allergic people, suffering from renal and hepatic insufficiency. During treatment, you should not drink alcoholic beverages.

The drug is not devoid of shortcomings. It can cause such side effects as vomiting, headaches, recurrent nausea, drowsiness, swelling of parts of the body, allergic itching.

azafen analogues instruction manual The basic substance effectively acts on the stabilization of the central nervous system, because it directly affects the brain impulses responsible for the development of the depression state. In simple words - turns them off.

Taking a medicine, a person gets rid of psychological self-inhibition and returns to a full-fledged active life.

Reviews of people who managed to overcome depression with the help of this tool are positive. Many note not only its timoleptic, sedative effect on the body, but also the availability of the drug to every sick person at the expense of its low cost in comparison with similar foreign drugs.

Antidepressant "Azafen": synonyms and analogs

Almost any medical product can be replaced by another. If there is a need for this, the analogue of "Azafen" can be selected by the similarity of the effect on the patient's body and on the similarity of the composition( drugs-synonyms).Pay attention: it is not necessary to use synonyms and replace the substitutes in one row.

What are the analogues of the preparation "Azafen"?Instruction for the use of the substance under consideration does not indicate them. It is the doctor who is engaged in selecting these, which compares the composition of medicines, and takes into account all contraindications and does not forget to pay attention to the cost.

azafen synonyms and analogs

The drug "Pipofezin"

This analogue of "Azafen" is a drug-synonym. The active substance contained in the formulation is repeated in the name of the drug itself. Difference from the drug "Azafen" - a powder form of release. Excellent solubility in water.

Therapy may also be prolonged. He is prescribed with the same diagnoses as the antidepressant "Azafen".The drug "Pipofezin" effectively cures the symptoms of depression.

When it is taken, the same side effects are possible, as with the therapy with the drug "Azafen".

The price of this tool also does not exceed two hundred rubles.

Preparation "Dizafen"

This analogue of "Azafen" is also a cure-synonym. The form of release is powdery. This is, say, an improved form of the drug "Azafen", which causes fewer side effects after taking.

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Medication "Azaxazine"

This is another analogue of "Azafen", which is its synonym. It is no longer necessary to talk about its similarity.

So, if you find Azaxazin, Dizafen and Pipofezin medicines in the drugstore, you should know: these are antidepressants that stand in line with the drug "Azafen" in the presence of the active ingredient - pipofezin.


And here is the following list of drugs, similar to the antidepressant "Azafen" on the mechanism of action on the human body. It contains such drugs: "Tetrindol", "Deprim", "Bethol", "Normazidol", "Alventa", "Pyrazidol", "Negrustin", "Esprital", "Mirtalan".

azaphene analogues Azafen is not the only antidepressant that can be used to treat depressive conditions. As you can see, there is something to choose from, just do it together with the treating doctor.

Self-medication of depression often does not end with getting rid of it. Determine the degree of mental disorder can only a specialist who, based on the diagnosis, and appoints therapy by these or other drugs.

Be healthy and do not give depression no chance to swallow yourself, because life does not consist only of black bands.