How to treat bronchitis and how to recognize it among other respiratory diseases.

Bronchitis is a disease that is accompanied by swelling of the mucous membrane of the throat and bronchi. How to treat acute and chronic bronchitis?

The first signs of this disease and how to treat bronchitis:

- there is a dry cough( without sputum), but after a few days, mucus secretions of a yellowish or greenish color sometimes with bloody bands may appear on the throat;

- there may be an increase in body temperature to 38 degrees;
- a feeling of fatigue;

- appears dull pain in the chest, which can worsen with coughing or deep inspiration;

- difficulty breathing;

-hoarseness and wheezing sound when inhaling.

In order to choose the right medicines, it is necessary to examine all the respiratory organs and after that you will be prescribed suitable medications.

How to treat bronchitis so that this disease does not develop into a more serious form?

Acute bronchitis is treated symptomatically: inhalations are made( with eucalyptus or anise extracts) and antibiotics can be prescribed depending on the form of the disease( sputum impurities or blood in the sputum).But in most cases, bronchitis is caused by viruses, against which antibiotics are powerless.

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First of all, you need to ventilate and humidify the room, to include as much vitamin in the diet, you need a generous drink( milk with honey, tea with raspberries, drink broths of chamomile and sage).

And how to treat bronchitis with medicines?

First of all it is necessary to use expectorant medicines and antitussive drug, but it needs to be approached with caution, as improper selection of a medicine can lead to sputum stagnation. Paracetamol is prescribed for the removal of the inflammatory process.

But bronchitis can appear in a person, not only because of a cold or a viral respiratory disease. Bronchitis can be a consequence of prolonged smoking of a person, which leads to an inflammation of the respiratory tract. This diagnosis is put to people who for several years are coughing for 2-3 months a year. In this case, the irritant of the mucous membrane is tobacco smoke. With long-term smoking, the work of the bronchial cleansing apparatus is disrupted.

The first indicator of chronic bronchitis is a cough with a high sputum( greenish or yellowish color).The smoker continues coughing throughout the day, and in the morning he is especially strong and with a copious discharge.

If this disease is not treated, respiratory distress may develop and all of this can lead to more serious illnesses such as pneumonia or lung cancer.

How to treat a smoker's bronchitis?

First and foremost you need to give up smoking. From drugs, you need to take medications that help improve sputum evacuation( expectorants, drink herbal preparations and do inhalations), as well as massage and therapeutic gymnastics.

How to treat bronchitis in a child at home?

If your child is sick and you suspect that this is bronchitis, you should never take self-medication, you should see a doctor. It is necessary to take in the complex antibacterial and antitussive therapy, which the doctor will appoint you.

You, on your part, can help the child by doing chest massage, it helps to clear the bronchi from sputum. In the child's room, the air must be moist, ventilate the room. If the child has a wet cough, then warming compresses can be put. Let the child drink as much as possible, milk or tea with raspberries. But if the course of the disease is more severe and there is a high fever and a cough while it is dry( wheezing), then massage and compresses are contraindicated.