Is it possible to drink beer when taking antibiotics: compatibility and consequences

For sure, every fan of the foamy drink at least once asked about whether it is possible to drink beer when taking antibiotics. Of course, logically one can guess that such a combination is unacceptable. But, despite this, most people still consume alcoholic drinks along with medicines. About what leads to such irresponsible behavior, we will tell in the presented article. Can I drink beer when taking antibiotics?

Basic information

Beer is a favorite drink of many people living in different countries of the world. However, few people realize that over time this product can cause significant harm to the body, especially those people who often get sick and take antibiotic drugs.

Can I drink beer when taking antibiotics? Of course not. The fact is that such drugs affect not only the human body, but certain substances that contribute to the oppression of infections. It is for this purpose that the concentration of antibiotics in the blood should be constant and stable. Based on these factors, and calculated the intake of certain medications.

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By the way, as soon as the concentration of antibiotic drugs in the human body falls, it is immediately restored by taking a new dose of medication. This is done in order to prevent the infection from spreading, and the patient's recovery has come as soon as possible.

Can I drink beer after taking antibiotics?

Alcohol and medications compatible or not?

Can I drink beer while taking antibiotics? Unfortunately, most people do not even ask themselves this question. They believe that skipping a glass or two with a foamy drink after taking the pills is not at all scary. However, doctors categorically disagree with this opinion. They argue that even a few sips of beer after taking the medicine can cause the patient a rather unexpected reaction that will not just knock him out of the rut of everyday life, but also lead to hospitalization or even death.

Is beer alcohol?

Can I drink beer after taking antibiotics? Many patients mistakenly believe that the frothy drink is not alcoholic, and therefore it can be taken in any quantities with medicines. However, scientists have long proven that a small amount of alcohol is contained even in non-alcoholic beer. In a conventional drink, its concentration can reach 5% or more. And if you take into account the fact that many people drink beer with large glasses and in huge quantities, then the alcohol content in the human body is not so small as it seems at first glance.

Is it possible to drink beer while taking antibiotics?

Can I take antibiotics after drinking alcoholic beverages?

Surely many people have heard that antibiotics and beer are incompatible, however, like any other drinks that contain alcohol. How does this fact explain the specialists? The fact is that beer is able not only to block the action of certain medications( but also to make them absolutely useless, which is especially dangerous for serious diseases), but also to trigger certain chemical reactions in the body that negatively affect the patient's condition.

beer and antibiotics compatibility and effects

The reaction of the body to taking medicines and alcohol

Is it possible to drink beer when taking antibiotics? Experts prohibit the combination of such components, since the human response to such a combination may be unpredictable:

  • Foam drink can slow down the process of removing from the body of sick active substances of medicines. Thus, the patient will be subjected to severe intoxication.
  • Alcohol affects the functioning of enzymes responsible for the cleavage of the active substances of the antibiotic taken. As a result, drugs may not affect the patient in full force, which is extremely dangerous in the presence of serious pathologies.
  • The combination of a foamy drink and tablets often leads to headache, increased blood pressure and nausea, and sometimes even death. By the way, the above reactions can appear only ¼ hours after the reception of beer and last about two weeks.
  • When drinking alcoholic beverages during antibiotic treatment, the load on the liver and kidneys is significantly increased. As a result, the patient can expect quite unpleasant consequences.
  • Can I drink beer when taking antibiotics? Of course no. If you neglect the recommendations of a doctor, then this combination can depress the central nervous system. Also, the patient may experience drowsiness, depression and apathy.
  • Often when taking medicines and beer, people are disturbed by psychological processes, as well as the work of the circulatory system. In this case, a sharp increase in blood pressure can develop into a collapse, and as a result, acute cardiac insufficiency occurs.
  • If you drink antibiotics with beer every time, in the end the patient will be disturbed by the work of the digestive system, as well as nausea, stomach pain and vomiting. As a consequence, it can lead to internal bleeding and ulceration.

Another opinion

Can I take beer and antibiotics? The compatibility and consequences of such behavior have been discussed for decades. In this case, there are experts who believe that the reception of a foamy drink does not affect the distribution of antibiotic agents on the human body. To prove the opposite, some experts decided to conduct laboratory research. In the course of them it was proved that any beer contains ethanol, which quickly reacts with medicines, especially with antibiotics. As a result, a harmful substance appears in the resulting compound, which causes human poisoning. Thus, it has been proved that alcohol, including a frothy drink, interacts absolutely with all antibiotics.

antibiotics and beer why it is impossible to combine treatment with alcohol

What does poisoning depend on?

Now you know that it is forbidden to take both antibiotics and beer at the same time. Why can not you combine treatment with alcohol? The fact is that the consequences of such a combination can be completely different. Most often, the body's response depends on:

  • type of antibiotic;
  • percentage of alcohol and harmful components in the foam drink;
  • individual characteristics of the body;
  • the presence of various diseases;
  • power supply.

What other drugs should you not drink beer?

There are a lot of medications, mixing of which with alcohol is strictly forbidden, as it can cause poisoning of the body, as well as to whom and even death. Such medicines include the following: "Disulfiram", "Biseptol", "Metronidazole", "Ketoconazole", "Furazolidon", "Levomycetin", "Nizoral", "Trimoxazole", "Cephalosporins".

Can I take antibiotics after use?

When combined with beer, the patient may experience vomiting, chills, nausea, unclear thoughts, loss of consciousness, dizziness, tachycardia, low blood pressure, brain ischemia.

Consequences of

When and how much you can drink alcohol after antibiotics? Experts argue that drinking alcohol after antibiotic treatment is possible only after a lapse of one or two weeks. Otherwise, a frothy drink in combination with drugs can trigger the development of the following diseases:

  • stomach ulcers, tachycardia, internal bleeding;
  • asthenic syndrome, depression, liver damage;
  • allergic reactions, poisoning, tinnitus;
  • disorders in the work of the heart, nervous and circulatory systems.

when and how much you can drink alcohol after antibiotics

It should also be noted that both beer and antibiotics are toxic products. When ingested, they quite violate its normal operation. If you take these funds together, you can seriously damage yourself. Therefore, it is better to refrain from beer during antibiotic treatment.