Colloid nodes of the thyroid gland: symptoms and treatment

Very often, with diseases of the thyroid gland, nodes are formed, which are a pathological part of this organ, which is noticeable both in ultrasound and in palpation. The most common are the colloidal formations, called so because they are filled with a colloid - the contents of the gland follicles. Such nodes are often benign and do not always require treatment.

In this article we will consider what are the colloidal thyroid nodules, the symptoms and treatment of this disease.

General Information

colloid nodes of the thyroid gland

Nodes are patchy regions whose structure has been altered. Doctors distinguish different types of such neoplasms, but the most common are colloidal. The structure of such a node consists of the gland tissues. The difference between a healthy tissue and a knot lies in the fact that the site of the organ on which such an education has arisen begins to work actively, strengthening the blood flow. This leads to the formation of a nodule.

Reasons for the formation of the pathology of

Colloid nodes of the thyroid gland most often arise due to a shortage of iodine in the body. As a result of this iron, to replenish such a mineral begins to produce more cells that capture iodine. Also there is too much colloid, which produces thyroid hormones. As a result, the thyroid gland grows in size, forming nodes.

colloidal thyroid nodules

In addition to lack of iodine, the causes of this pathological formation are poor ecology and hereditary predisposition.

Symptoms of pathology

People consult a doctor usually only when certain symptoms occur. For a long time the colloidal nodes of the thyroid gland are capable of not manifesting themselves in any way, and in rare cases the work of the organ itself is not disrupted. But most often they begin to progress, increasing in size and squeezing the neck.

colloid nodes of the thyroid gland treatment of folk remedies

Thus, if there are colloidal thyroid nodules, the symptoms can be the following:

  • because the vocal cords begin to squeeze, the voice changes and becomes hoarse;
  • on the trachea also initiates exposure, resulting in shortness of breath;
  • because of the compressed esophagus the swallowing process is disturbed;
  • is the formation of nodular goiter.

The intensity of the symptoms depends on the size of the node. If it is less than 10 cm, then the patient does not feel anything at all. But the more education, the more pronounced the symptoms of pathology. Because of the increased formation of thyroid hormones, the following signs of thyrotoxicosis appear:

  • irritability and increased excitability;
  • weight loss;
  • tremor of the extremities;
  • disturbed the work of the heart, stomach and intestines.

A doctor can prescribe a diagnosis based on these signs.


For diagnosis, the patient should visit an endocrinologist who, with the help of an examination, will determine how much the right or left lobe of the gland is enlarged or reduced, as well as her soreness and elasticity.

After this, the doctor gives direction for a full examination of the patient. He must give blood to determine the level of hormones.

In order to perform a scintigraphy, the patient must prescribe in advance a preparation containing radioactive iodine, the isotopes of which are absorbed by the tissues of the organ, and a special gamma camera reveals the places of its accumulation. If the increased concentration falls on the site of the site, this indicates an excessive absorption of iodine. If the concentration is lowered, then the node does not contain cells that actively produce hormones.

But the main method of diagnosing such a pathology as colloidal thyroid nodules is the ultrasound of this organ. This method helps to accurately determine the location of education and its size.

colloidal thyroid nodules contraindications

The modern method of diagnosis is fine needle aspiration biopsy of the gland, which allows to reveal the nature of the disease with high accuracy. In this case, for a microscopic examination take a small piece of the node under the supervision of ultrasound, so as not to accidentally injure the nearby organs.

Treatment of

colloidal thyroid nodules

If colloidal thyroid nodules are diagnosed, treatment should be performed in the following ways:

  • Medication. It is prescribed in the event that the functioning of the gland is disrupted. For this, hormone replacement therapy is used.
  • Operative intervention. A doctor can prescribe such treatment if the nodes begin to grow very quickly or have reached a large size. However, this method is used very rarely, since modern medicine has more sparing methods. Surgery is indicated for difficulty breathing and swallowing due to compression of the trachea.
  • Destruction of nodes. This is a minimally invasive technique, which includes ethanol sclerotherapy, laser thermotherapy, radiofrequency destruction. Usually, such methods are used to eliminate the symptoms of the nodes. This method is considered bloodless, as the skin of the patient is not cut.

It should be remembered that if colloidal thyroid nodules are diagnosed, the following conditions are considered contraindications for their treatment by a laser: blood diseases, mental disorders, inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

Treatment with folk remedies

Together with medication, you can successfully apply traditional medicine. There are many recipes that facilitate the patient's condition.

colloidal thyroid nodules symptoms and treatment

Thus, if colloidal thyroid nodules were identified, folk remedies should be treated as follows:

  • Pulp and juice of five lemons are mixed with five cloves of chopped garlic and one tablespoon of honey. During the week the mixture should be insisted in a dark place. Take in the morning and evening for one teaspoon.
  • Take 1 tbs.l.sea ​​kale in the form of a powder and poured a glass of boiling water. As soon as it swells, it is filtered. Add a clove of garlic, 7 pieces of kernels of chopped walnut, as well as cottage cheese. The mixture is seasoned with vegetable oil, mixed and added to food each time it is taken.
  • The following method is also very effective. Forty pieces of green walnuts are washed, dried and poured with honey. The mixture is insisted in a dark place for 40 days. Use it three times a day for 40 minutes before eating one teaspoonful.


Thus, we found out what the colloidal nodes of the thyroid are. If this disease is diagnosed - despair is not necessary. Thanks to special medicines, you can normalize the production of hormones and feel healthy again.