The best maternity homes in St. Petersburg

One of the most important questions that confronts a pregnant woman is where to give birth to your child. If the pregnancy goes well, there is no evidence to give birth in a special maternity hospital, where, for example, the burden of a woman with a sick heart is being resolved, then you will most likely be referred to the establishment of your district in a women's consultation. If for some reason you do not like the place of residence, you have the right to study all the maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg and choose the one that suits you.

Maternity hospital in the city of St. Petersburg

In order for childbirth to be successful, it is necessary to take care of everything that is connected with this in advance. We need to take a number of serious decisions. If you have a first birth, it's best to ask for help from specialists. Only they will help to separate the main from the secondary. Questions that you should think about in advance are not so many. Maternity hospital of St. Petersburg

Where to give birth? Should I pay money for childbirth? Do I need a partner at the time of delivery?

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After you answer these questions, it will be easier for you to prepare for the process itself, and most importantly, choose the right place for delivery. If you stopped at what is the ideal option for the first meeting with your baby - the hospital, then you need to study all the maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg. Reviews, photos, doctors' qualifications: any information will be useful.

Ask your friends what kind of institutions they chose and from which they repelled. Perhaps someone has relatives or friends among the medical staff. Then boldly go to the consultation.

Almost every maternity hospital has paid and free chambers, as well as the opportunity to give birth for money. Here everything depends on your financial situation and the idea of ​​how to give birth. If you need a close person nearby, then it will be paid birth and a paid house.

In any case, after you have chosen a maternity home, it is best to go to a consultation with the head physician and with him to solve further questions. Below we will look at some maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg.

Maternity home № 16

Maternity home number 16 exists a little more than 20 years. This is the only hospital in the whole of St. Petersburg that has an external observation. In addition, the maternity hospital has a number of standard units: generic, postpartum and a unit for newborns.

Maternity Hospital of St. Petersburg reviews

Maternity hospital No. 16 of St. Petersburg assists women who for some reason did not attend the antenatal clinic during pregnancy and did not have time to pass important tests. Medical care is provided to women who are sick with tuberculosis or STI, suffer from alcohol dependence or drug addiction, and infectious diseases.

Maternity hospital № 18

It is located in the Nevsky district at the address: Solidarity, house 6. The maternity itself positions itself as one of the best in St. Petersburg. Thanks to the most modern equipment, 18 maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg annually take delivery in approximately 6,500 women in labor with a positive outcome. It is equipped with diagnostic equipment, uses the latest techniques of ultrasound diagnosis and treatment. Roddom 16 St. Petersburg

Medical personnel - highly skilled workers, also there are candidates of medical sciences. In total, the team has approximately 400 employees.

Maternity hospital No. 18 conducts individual births with the presence of family members and stay in the mother's ward together with the newborn. It also promotes breastfeeding as a foundation for the health of babies and their further correct development.

Maternity hospital № 13

13 maternity hospital in St. Petersburg accepts pregnant women with cardiovascular diseases. You can get the referral here in the women's consultation, where the doctors were pregnant. A mother is supervised by a cardiologist, which significantly reduces the risk. 13 maternity hospital in St. Petersburg

The maternity home exists since 1961, is located at: Kostromskaya street, 4( near the metro station "Chernyshevskaya").Both paid and free services are provided. If the woman giving birth chooses paid birth, she is given a room with increased comfort, a doctor who is always with her in touch and the opportunity to give birth in the presence of her husband or relatives.

In the hospital there are several standard departments:

  • outpatient;
  • maternity;
  • is postnatal;
  • department for newborns;
  • Department of Pathology.

In the maternity home there is a polite, highly qualified staff who will consult on all your questions.

What to take with you

The St. Petersburg Maternity Hospital always offers different lists of things that you will need. All because some institutions provide birth attendants with everything necessary. But there is a standard set.

18 maternity hospital in St. Petersburg

The first thing to do is to ensure that all the necessary documents are with you. This is your exchange card, passport, medical policy and SNILS.

Here is a sample list of things to take to the hospital:

  • towel;
  • reusable diapers;
  • nightgown( 2 pieces);
  • rubber sneakers;
  • water bottle without gas.

Items for a newborn can be brought by relatives after the birth of the child.

Reviews of

maternity hospitals As a rule, when studying the maternity home of St. Petersburg, the women in labor receive feedback on the Internet. This is not entirely true, because there are different situations and cases. It is best to ask young moms. After you have studied all the maternity hospitals in St. Petersburg, you can see the reviews about a particular doctor and then go to a consultation with him.

In any case, whatever maternity you choose, the main thing is that you are not nervous and think only about the upcoming event, because childbirth is the happy beginning of a new life with your baby.