Flemming ointment from hemorrhoids: reviews, instructions, contraindications, composition

Is Fleming's ointment effective against hemorrhoids? Reviews about this outdoor facility will be presented in this article. Also from it you will learn how to use this medication, whether it has contraindications and side effects. ointment fleming from hemorrhoids reviews

Composition and packaging of the local preparation

What composition is Fleming's ointment from hemorrhoids? Experts' comments indicate that this is a herbal preparation. It contains such active ingredients as calendula, witch hazel, esculus, menthol and zinc oxide. It should also be noted that as an auxiliary component this medication contains petroleum jelly.

In which packaging can Fleming's ointment be purchased from hemorrhoids? Instructions for using this external product are contained in a pack of cardboard. As for the homeopathic preparation itself, it is available in polymer bottles, as well as in cans of 25 g or 15 g.

Pharmacological action of the external and local preparation

Do you know how the Flemming ointment works from hemorrhoids? The composition of this medication is such that it is able to exert an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, bactericidal and drying effect.

Regular use of the drug under consideration improves microcirculation processes in tissues and cellular respiration. Ointment accelerates regeneration, reduces venous congestion and increases the protective forces of the human body. In addition, this tool allows you to shortly eliminate skin itching( for example, in the treatment of allergic dermatitis).

Why do proctologists so often prescribe the treatment of hemorrhoids with Flemming ointment? The high effectiveness of this drug has been proven by specialists. That is why it is often used for the therapy of internal and external hemorrhoids. Also, the drug in question is actively used for non-healing wet and thrombosed hemorrhoids. It has a beneficial effect on the mucosa of the rectum, the capillaries of the anus and the state of the veins as a whole. ointment fleming from hemorrhoids during pregnancy reviews

Properties of the local medicament

What are the properties of Fleming's ointment from hemorrhoids? Feedback( the composition of this drug was presented above) states that the correct use of a local and external drug allows:

  • to narrow the vascular walls of the rectum;
  • to remove hemorrhoids;
  • to restore the structure of the mucous membranes;
  • to eliminate swelling;
  • stimulate the nutrition of the anus and anus tissues in general;
  • to reduce stagnation of blood in the veins;
  • to reduce external and internal hemorrhoids;
  • to eliminate bleeding, pain and itching in the anus;
  • protect the intestinal mucosa from repeated damage;
  • to improve the outflow of blood.

Indications for the use of a local preparation

What are the purposes of Fleming's ointment for hemorrhoids? Proctologic reviews say that the drug in question is ideal for eliminating both external and internal hemorrhoids. Experts argue that the effectiveness of this medication is manifested in a few days after the regular use of the drug. Inflammation of the nodes noticeably decreases, the emotional and physical condition of the patient is alleviated.

What other purposes can Fleming's ointment be used for? Hemorrhoids( comments on the drug under consideration we will introduce below) is not the only problem with which the medicine cures. Very often, doctors prescribe it for allergic dermatitis and vasomotor rhinitis. ointment fleming at hemorrhoids during pregnancy reviews

Thus, we can safely conclude that the drug is a universal homeopathic remedy for topical use in dermatology, proctology and in diseases of the ENT organs.

Flemings ointment from hemorrhoids: contraindications to the use of

It is not a secret for anyone that practically all medicines have their contraindications to use. And Fleming's ointment is not the exception. However, it should be noted that there are not many contraindications for this medication. According to the instruction, it can not be used by those who have intolerance and heightened sensitivity to active components of the remedy, as well as children under two years old.

How to use Fleming's ointment from hemorrhoids?

The patient's comments on this tool state that it is easy and simple to use. However, the dosage and the way it is used depend entirely on the purpose for which it was prescribed by the attending physician.

As it was said above, in the proctology the medication in question is prescribed for the treatment of hemorrhoids. In this case, the drug is applied to the inflamed area with a cotton swab. Perform such procedures every day for three times during the week.

If the drug was prescribed for the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, then it is introduced in small amounts by means of a special nozzle. If necessary, treatment of inflamed nodes can be repeated. However, it is advisable to do this after consulting a doctor.

Use of the drug in ENT practice and dermatology

Now you know how to use Fleming's ointment for hemorrhoids. Patients' feedback indicates that this drug, used in proctology, effectively copes with the task. However, in some cases it can be used in ENT-practice. ointment fleming from hemorrhoids contraindications

For the treatment of vasomotor rhinitis, medication is required to be placed in the nasal sinuses after application to the turuncis. To achieve a therapeutic effect, the drug should be kept in the nose for 5-11 minutes. In addition, ointment can be lubricated with the ophthalmic mucosa three times a day for 2 weeks.

In dermatological practice, Fleming's ointment should be used as follows: the drug is applied every day to the damaged skin areas. This procedure is carried out twice a day( preferably in the morning and at bedtime).The duration of therapy should not exceed two weeks.

Use of the drug during pregnancy

Can Flemming Ointment be used to treat hemorrhoids during pregnancy? The experts' comments on this issue give an unambiguous answer. Use the said medicine during the fetal gestation is possible. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that during pregnancy the body of a woman experiences enormous loads. After the birth of a child, as well as before birth, the representatives of the weaker sex often have problems with veins and blood vessels. Those women who suffered from inflammation of the knots before conception, during the gestation of the fetus, it can exacerbate especially strongly. To alleviate the condition( emotional and physical) of the future woman in labor, obstetricians sometimes prescribe Fleming's ointment from hemorrhoids.

In pregnancy, this drug can be used for indications such as rhinitis and dermatitis.

It should be specially noted that the use of this local remedy never adversely affects the development of the fetus, as well as the health of the mother. However, before using the medication in the process of bearing the baby, it is necessary to consult with a specialist. After all, only an experienced doctor will be able to prescribe the correct and most effective therapeutic regimen for treatment. ointment fleming from hemorrhoids in pregnancy

Side effects after application of the preparation

As a rule, the given drug is tolerated fairly well by patients. Its use almost never leads to undesirable effects. That is why it is allowed to use Fleming's ointment for hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Reviews of specialists inform patients that this is one of the most effective and safe drugs. However, the occurrence of allergic reactions should not be ruled out.

Cases of overdose and drug interaction

The instructions do not contain information on cases of overdose with the medicine in question. There is also no information on the drug interaction of this drug with other agents. However, these facts do not mean that Fleming's ointment can be used uncontrolled. If you are taking other medicines when prescribing the medicament, you should inform your doctor about it.

Alcohol and Diet

The instruction accompanying the local preparation does not contain any information about whether it is possible to drink alcohol during the treatment. However, experts note that any disease in which this medication is prescribed, suggests a complete refusal of alcohol. This is due to the fact that spirits contribute to an even greater expansion of veins and vessels, which is unacceptable with hemorrhoids.

It should also be noted that during the treatment of inflamed hemorrhoids, proctologists are required to prescribe to their patient a strict diet that involves the rejection of excessively salty and spicy food. Compliance with all these rules will significantly improve the therapeutic effectiveness of the local medication. treatment of hemorrhoids ointment fleminga

Terms of sale, shelf life and storage method

Fleming ointment is dispensed in pharmacies without a prescription. Store this medication preferably in a cool dark place where the air temperature does not exceed 26 degrees. The shelf life of the local remedy is 24 months.

Analogues and cost of an external preparation

Than it is possible to replace Fleming's ointment from a hemorrhoids? Proctologists' comments indicate the following analogues of this remedy: ointment heparin, ointment Vishnevsky, "Troxevasin", "Bezornil", "Proctosan", "Gepatrombin" and others.

As for the price of the drug, it is not very high and is 250-310 rubles for one jar. This amount of local medicine is enough for several courses of treatment.

Approximate therapy scheme for acute hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are a delicate problem that everyone can face. Not all patients can tell their doctor about it. Therefore, most of them try to cope with it on their own.

So how to cure acute hemorrhoids? For this, not only local remedies should be used, but also oral preparations that strengthen the walls of the vessels. Complex impact on hemorrhoids will help to eliminate them in a short time.

Typically, with acute hemorrhoids, the following remedies are prescribed:

  • Local. Flemming ointment is applied to the inflamed area three times a day and after each emptying of the intestine.
  • Oral. Tablets "Detraleks" or any other preparation having venotonic and angioprotective properties. According to the instruction, the mentioned remedy should be taken on six tablets a day in the first four days( three in the morning and the same in the evening), and in the remaining three days - four tablets( two in the morning and the same in the evening).

ointment fleming from hemorrhoids reviews composition

The described scheme of treatment is exemplary and depends on the patient's condition, severity of the disease and other nuances. If this therapy is not effective, then immediately contact the proctologist.

Reviews about the drug

The considered external remedy is the most popular among patients. The maximum number of reviews about this drug is associated with the treatment of hemorrhoids. People using Fleming's local medication report its high therapeutic effectiveness. Patients note that from the first days of treatment there is a marked reduction in pain and itching in the rectum. Prolonged use of the drug( more than one week) almost always leads to a complete resorption of the hemorrhoids, as well as the healing of cracks in the anal region.

In addition, there are quite a few reviews from patients who use this remedy for symptoms reminiscent of hemorrhoids( persistent itching, bleeding from the anus, etc.).And in this case, the ointment helps to eliminate all unpleasant sensations. However, it should be remembered that the use of this medication alone is necessary only for uncomplicated forms of the disease. In cases of exacerbations, it is recommended to consult a proctologist who must prescribe a comprehensive therapy.

In addition to the treatment of hemorrhoids, Fleming's ointment is very often used for rhinitis therapy. Patients report that with such a disease, the use of a local remedy allows you to get rid of stuffy nose and cold on the second day of treatment. By the way, with sinusitis this drug allows you to completely and quickly eliminate all unwanted symptoms of the disease on the 10th day.

Another positive aspect of the drug under consideration is that it has no side effects and contraindications.