Cough treatment in adults and children

Cough is a lot of trouble, both adults and children. Very rarely it is an independent disease and most often is a concomitant symptom of a cold, heart failure, bronchial asthma, etc. Cough treatment can last from several days to several weeks. It is extremely important to understand what caused the cough, and then take measures to eliminate it.

Cough - defensive reaction of the lungs

This is indeed the case. To the lungs are not clogged with phlegm or mud, an irritating cough begins, due to which the cleansing occurs. But it is good, if it is moist and unimpeded, displays all unnecessary. But in fact a dry cough is distinguished, it is the most dangerous. It seems all right, the patient coughs, but there is no result. In this case, the cough treatment will consist in speeding up the formation of sputum and removing it from the lungs.

It is important to start treatment in time and not to expect that all the symptoms will disappear by themselves. The fact is that if you do not treat cough, then it can go into a chronic form, which is no longer good.

How to treat a cough

The best way to begin proper treatment is to seek help from a doctor. He can more accurately determine his etiology and prescribe appropriate medication. But if you are going to treat the cough on your own, then know that there are several types of medicines that can be prescribed in the treatment of cough.

  • If your cough is dry, then it is advisable to take expectorants. For example, "Mukaltin", "Gedelix", "Doctor MOM".
  • If the sputum is viscous, then mucolytic agents will help dilute it. For example, "Bromgeksin", "Ambroxol", "Fluimutsil."
  • If the cough is very severe, then it can be suppressed by drugs acting directly on the cough receptors. For example, "Tusuprex", "Libexin".

Treatment of cough folk remedies

Traditional medicine offers a good number of good tools that effectively fight with a cough. Here are some of them:

  • Take in equal amounts honey, butter and lemon juice. Ingredients mix well, and then add to them a tablespoon of cognac and cook for ten minutes over low heat. Ready syrup should be drunk three times a day for one glass.
  • Take two onions, fill them with a glass of milk and cook a little. Then insist four hours, strain. To cure a cough, drink the prepared remedy on a tablespoon every three hours.
  • Squeeze out the fresh cabbage juice, add a little sugar to it. Drink a teaspoon several times during the day. You can add honey instead of sugar, the effect will be even greater.

Treatment of a cough in infants

If an adult is still able to pick up treatment alone, then in the case of infants and infants, it is not so simple. It will be correct if the treatment is prescribed by a pediatrician. In no case should you give young children the means invented by folk medicine. It is very dangerous.

It will be very good if parents take care of the purchase of such a device as a nebulizer in advance. It is designed for inhalation, and this is perhaps the safest cure for cough in infants. But even here a doctor's advice will be needed to determine which medication should be used for inhalations.

The main mistake in the treatment of cough

Often, when we have a cough, we drink what comes to hand. In the end, it may turn out that the cough is dry, and the drug is taken for its suppression, and not for liquefaction of sputum. Therefore, it is important to make sure of the form of a cough, and also read the instructions to the chosen drug, where it is necessarily written, for which it should be used.