What is Lynch syndrome? Lynch syndrome: causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention

What is Lynch syndrome? This is a hereditary pathology, indicating a person's predisposition to colon cancer and some other cancers.

There are other pathologies that increase the risk of oncological disorders, but the analyzed state is the most dangerous and the most common. According to rough statistics, every three patients out of a hundred cases of colon cancer suffer from Lynch syndrome. The syndrome is transmitted from generation to generation.

Lynch syndrome

Symptoms of

This pathology does not manifest itself in any way - there is always no symptomatology. Suspected of the presence of a disorder can be due to the following circumstances:

  • colon cancer, developed at a relatively early age( before reaching fifty years);
  • data on cases of colon cancer at a relatively early age, preserved in a family history;
  • information on cases of uterine cancer( endometrial cancer) in a family history;
  • family history, indicating the incidence of the disease with other types of cancer, correlated with the above pathologies( cancer of the ovaries, kidneys, stomach, small intestine, liver, sweat glands, etc.).

If you are afraid to discover Lynch's syndrome, the causes, symptoms and necessary diagnostic measures should be discussed with a specialist. Contact your doctor for any suspicions of pathology, and also if your close relative is diagnosed with this condition.

Causes of

Lynch syndrome

Lynch syndrome is transmitted by an autosomal dominant type. This means that if there is a mutated gene from one parent, a mutation with a probability of 50% will be transmitted to each child. The risk of transmission of pathology in no way depends on the sex of the parent or child.

Genetic mutations cause cancer

Genes that carry Lynch syndrome are normally responsible for correcting errors in the genetic code. Otherwise, they are called genes responsible for the correction of unpaired bases.

The genes contain DNA, which transmits instructions to every chemical process in the body. With the growth and division of cells, they copy their DNA and sometimes initiate minor errors.

Normal cells have special mechanisms for recognizing and correcting errors. However, people who have inherited pathological signs do not have the ability to correct these minor cellular changes. Accumulation of such errors leads to an increase in genetic damage within the cells, and eventually these cells become malignant.

Treatment of

what is Lynch syndrome

Colon and other organ cancers associated with Lynch syndrome are treated in the same way as conventional cancer. Most often, therapy involves surgical surgery to remove the affected organ. Typically, it is the colon or the ovaries and the uterus. If you are a woman and you are diagnosed with Lynch syndrome, doctors may suggest removing the internal genital organs immediately after you give birth to the desired number of children. Preventive measures in the form of surgery - proven effective method of preventing death from cancer.


Take your own health under control by taking the appropriate action:

  • Observe the principles of proper nutrition, eat more fruits and vegetables. Choose different fruits, so that the menu is always full. If possible, choose whole grains.
  • Regularly exercise. Strive to give at least thirty minutes of sports activities - if not every day, then at least five days a week. If you have not shown any special physical activity before, discuss this with your doctor. Start with the easiest activities, such as walking or cycling.
  • Keep track of the weight. Healthy diet and regular exercise will help maintain weight in the norm. If you are obese, talk with a specialist who can prescribe the optimal weight loss program for you. The best way is to eat less calories and at the same time increase the amount of exercise. Aim for weight loss by half a kilogram or kilogram per week.
  • Quit smoking. Smoking increases the risk of developing several types of cancer, as well as other serious diseases. According to some studies, cigarettes can provoke the development of colon cancer in patients with Lynch syndrome.

Lynch syndrome causes symptoms

Adhere to simple rules for a healthy lifestyle, and you will significantly reduce the risk of manifestation of pathology.