How and where can I get an abortion? Types of medical abortion

Abortion calls abortion by medical methods. Each such manipulation can have its consequences and complications. In this case, the longer the development of the embryo in the womb, the more pronounced. The article will tell you about where you can make an abortion and what you need for this. Also, you can find out what kinds of abortion exist.

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Where to get an abortion: options for

Pregnancy can be interrupted in two ways: at the request of the patient and according to the indications. In the first case, a woman chooses a clinic where she can have an abortion. If the termination of embryonic life is carried out for a long time according to the indications, the patient is given a referral to the appropriate institution. There is no special choice here.

You can terminate your pregnancy in a state institution. The whole procedure should be free of charge. For the patient, an abortion method is selected according to the date. With this option, the patient must have a passport, medical insurance or policy.

The patient may also prefer private clinics. In them for manipulation it is necessary to pay the certain sum. The price depends on the method of abortion. The most popular medical institutions based on this activity are "UltraMed", "Gynecological clinic", "Zdravitsa" and others.

How to have an abortion: preparing

Once you have decided where you can get an abortion, you need to prepare for the procedure. To do this, go to the gynecologist. The doctor will give you a series of studies. Diagnosis includes urinalysis, several types of blood tests, a swab from the vagina and a gynecological ultrasound with a definition of the term. Be sure to tell your doctor if you have an allergic reaction to medications. The method of conducting an abortion is chosen taking into account all the individual characteristics: the patient's age, existing diseases, the term of pregnancy. Consider the main types of abortion.

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Use of

tablets This method of abortion is also called a tablet, or medical abortion. It is produced exclusively in the early stages. Where can I get medical abortion? Only in specialized clinics. Home use of drugs is unacceptable and can lead to disastrous consequences.

The drug interruption is performed for up to 6-7 weeks. Some sources allow the use of drugs and up to 9 weeks. But doctors try not to take risks. All manipulation consists of several stages. Talk to your gynecologist and find out where to get an abortion with tablets in your area. After that, visit the ultrasound diagnostic room, and specify the period of pregnancy. On the day of the procedure, you will be given several pills. Their number can vary from one to three. It all depends on the type of drug. Usually used are Mifepriston, Mifegin, Mifeprex, and many others. The essence of the drugs is to interrupt the production of progesterone and detach the fetal egg from the walls of the uterus. After taking medication, a woman must remain within the hospital within a few hours. The patient is closely monitored. After that, the fairer sex can go home.

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A few days after taking the first batch of pills, the patient is offered one more medicine. It is necessary to enhance the contractile activity of the genital organ. Drugs can be selected by a doctor individually, but most of them have oxytocin in their composition.

Vacuum aspiration

For this type of interruption it is still necessary to consult a doctor and find out where to make a mini-abortion. You will be offered a number of clinics. You can also use the services of a government agency. Please note that some hospitals do not carry out this type of termination of pregnancy.

Vacuum aspiration involves the rapid and safe removal of the fetal egg from the uterine cavity. The procedure is carried out for up to 12 weeks. The whole operation takes no more than five minutes. Pre-patient is provided with local anesthesia. The advantages of vacuum abortion is that there is no need to expand the cervical canal and injure the cervix. This is best suited for young women who wish to have a baby later.

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Gynecologic curettage: curettage

This method of interruption is the most popular. Where can an abortion be done by gynecologic curettage? In any medical center that specializes in these manipulations.

Gynecologic scraping involves the use of anesthesia. For the duration of the procedure, the patient is immersed in sleep. Lasts scraping for about 15 minutes. The essence of abortion is as follows. With the help of special devices the cervix of the uterus expands. A curette is introduced into the cavity of the reproductive organ - a device in the form of a loop with a long handle. The doctor grasps the endometrial sites and scrapes them.

This method of abortion is one of the most reliable. But at the same time, it can have a lot of consequences: starting from the usual inflammation and ending with the perforation of the uterus. After the operation, the patient should stay in the hospital for several hours.

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How and where can I get an abortion( late date)?

Termination of pregnancy after 12 weeks is carried out only in public medical institutions. Before this, a commission is set up, which decides on the possibility of manipulation. The most common abortion at a late period is due to the presence of the fetus of various pathologies that are incompatible with life, genetic diseases and so on. Less often, termination of pregnancy is carried out in connection with the status of women: sudden death of a husband, unemployment, social conditions.

Up to 14-16 weeks of manipulation involves the use of curette, as described above. After 20 weeks we can talk about artificial birth. In the third trimester abortion is no longer carried out.

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A small conclusion

If you are interested in where you can make a paid abortion, then you need to contact a gynecologist. The doctor will tell you about each method, identify the main pros and cons. In accordance with your term, the gynecologist will recommend the tactics of action. Please note that after manipulation it is necessary to visit the ultrasound diagnostic room. It is necessary to assess the condition of the uterus and make sure that it does not have the remains of the fetal egg. All the best!