Phytotherapy. The healing properties of corn stigmas

The healing properties of corn stigmas The healing properties of corn stigmas have been known since ancient times. They are also successfully applied in modern herbal medicine. Corn stigmas are female inflorescences of the same plant. They are painted in a yellow-green or reddish hue and are actively used in folk medicine for making infusions and broths. The healing properties of corn stigmas are checked by time, however, timely collection and proper storage of raw materials are very important for the high efficiency of this tool.


Depending on the climatic region, the time for procurement of medicinal raw materials may differ. The healing properties of corn stigmas are highest when the ears ripen and are filled with waxy ripeness. Raw materials are harvested by hand. To do this, the corn stigmas are separated from the ears and laid out on paper to dry. Do it in the shade outdoors. Store raw materials for not more than one year, and as containers for these purposes use bags of cloth. It should be remembered that the healing properties of corn stigmas are significantly reduced with prolonged storage.

Corn filigree extract

Composition and properties of

Corn stigmas contain: fatty and essential oils, vitamins C and K, bitter glycosides, tannins, sugary and tarry substances, pantothenic acid, gum, inositol. This composition allows them to have choleretic, diuretic, hemostatic actions. A high content of vitamin K in medicinal raw materials improves blood coagulability. The remedy is also included in the diuretic and cholagogue collections. Corn stigmas are a good remedy for stagnant edema. They also stimulate the production of bile and dilute it. This contributes to its better separation. Bile and urinary stones with proper use of decoctions and infusions of medicinal raw materials are turned into sand.

A very interesting feature of corn stigmas is that they reduce appetite. They contain substances that depress the center of saturation. Therefore, this drug is used to reduce weight and prevent obesity. Some substances contained in corn stigmas have antitumor properties and reduce the growth rate of malignant cells. Decoctions of them are applied externally with skin diseases and bruises. Infusions from this medicine help a person when there are the following diseases:

  • cholangitis and cholecystitis;
  • hepatitis;
  • urolithiasis;
  • various inflammations of the urinary tract;
  • kidney stones and nephritis;
  • diabetes;
  • obesity;
  • swelling;
  • tuberculosis.

In pharmacies sold extract corn stigmas. It contains more useful substances than in classical medicinal raw materials. Decoction is prepared in this way: 10 g stigma should be put in enameled containers, add 1.5 cups of water and boil on very low heat for half an hour. The broth should be taken chilled at 1-3 st.l.1 time in 4 hours.

How to brew corn stigmas


It should be remembered that self-medication is dangerous, therefore, before brewing corn stigmas and treating them with various diseases, you need to consult a doctor. Means of them are not recommended for consumption with reduced appetite and insufficient body weight, thrombophlebitis, high blood coagulability. With kidney disease, stones in the urinary and gall bladder, medicines from corn stigmas should be taken with caution, under the supervision of a doctor.