"Mezapam": reviews of doctors, instructions, price

The preparation "Mesapam", the instruction on application, the reviews about which will be offered to your attention further in the article, belongs to the category of anxiolytics( tranquilizers), that is, to medicines that can combat the state of anxiety, anxiety, irritability and stress that usually accompanydepression and other neurotic disorders. This tool is widely used not only in psychiatry, but also in neurology, thanks to the peculiarities of the impact on the human body. mezapam reviews user guide price

Tablets "Mezapam": doctors' reviews about anxiolytic action

As experts emphasize, tranquilizers reduce excitability in those areas of the human brain that control the emotional state. This helps these drugs not only reduce anxiety, but also reduce obsessive thoughts and alleviate increased suspiciousness.

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In addition to sedative( all-calming), tranquilizers have an anticonvulsant and hypnotic effect. The latter is manifested in the fact that such drugs as "Mezapam"( reviews about it you can read further) are able to enhance the effect of painkillers, sleeping pills and narcotic drugs, if those are prescribed to the patient with him.

And it should be noted that the effects of anxiolytics( tranquilizers) are detected immediately after taking the drug, but usually lasts no more than a day, after which the patient needs the next medication.

In what cases is the preparation of the drug "Mezapam"

? As the reviews of doctors on the tablets "Mezapam" emphasize, they can be attributed to the so-called day tranquilizers, that is, to the means, practically devoid of muscle relaxant muscle, and also sedation. This makes it possible to take them during working hours, without fear of the onset of excessive lethargy and drowsiness.

Admission of the described drug helps to stabilize the emotional state of the patient, reduce fussiness, maintain the normal state of his vegetative system and restore the ability to adequately assess the situation.

Assign pills "Mezapam" in the case of:

  • mental and behavioral disorders caused by alcohol abstinence;
  • of specific personality disorders;
  • of nervousness;
  • somatization disorders;
  • as well as emotional disorders caused by menopause.

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They have well proven themselves in the functional disorders of the cardiovascular system and the gastrointestinal tract, as well as as a means for preventing migraine attacks.

How is "Mezapam"( tablets) taken? Instructions for use

Reviews of specialists and instructions for use confirm that the described device is prescribed for children over 10 years of age. In this case, the dosage depends, as a rule, on the weight of the patient( about 2 mg per kilogram per day).

mezapam reviews of doctors

Adult medication is usually prescribed at 5 mg two or three times a day. And for patients who are in the hospital, the dose can be increased. The average single dose can reach 20 mg, and the daily dose - 40 mg. The doctor determines the duration of the treatment with "Mazepam" tablets individually, and the duration usually does not exceed two months. The second course is scheduled after at least a three-week break.

Side effects of

The reviews available on the Mezapam drug warn that taking this medication can also cause some unwanted side effects in the form of drowsiness, weakness, dizziness, and in elderly patients - and loss of orientation. In addition, for patients aged, periodic paradoxical reactions to the use of Mezapam tablets, expressed in motor excitement, increased anxiety, the appearance of suicidal thoughts and sleep disturbances are also characteristic.

Reviews on "Mezapam" left by specialists, emphasize that when treating these tablets, patients also showed increased aggressiveness, ataxia and confusion.

In some cases, patients note that at the beginning of taking the drug "Mezapam" they have a headache, which, incidentally, is successfully reduced by a decrease in the dosage of this drug. Women may have irregularities in the menstrual cycle.

Often the reception of the drug is accompanied by a feeling of dryness in the mouth and various dyspeptic phenomena.


The drug "Mesapam", which you can read about in our article, is not recommended for use in people with severe liver or kidney dysfunction, severe muscle weakness( myasthenia), angle-closure glaucoma, nighttime apnea syndrome, alcohol and drug addiction,as well as with hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the drug is contraindicated. And in the subsequent it is resolved, only if the effect from its application is estimated above, than risk for the future child. Breastfeeding for the period of treatment by the said drug is stopped.

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People whose work requires concentration of attention, as well as drivers of vehicles should be extremely cautious( drivers are better in the first days of treatment do not get behind the wheel at all).

Reviews about Mezapam tablets, how much does the

cost? Patients with different types of phobias, leaving reviews about the drug "Mezapam" often claim that it seems to them weak and badly relieving high anxiety. Specialists also insist that this drug works best in the complex therapy, in combination with such drugs as "Phenazepam" or "Diazepam".This combination mutually reinforces the effect of each of the medicines, which, incidentally, allows you to take smaller doses of each of them.

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In addition, in the reviews, one can see a unanimous confirmation that drug addiction, as well as withdrawal syndrome, is not observed when treating Mezapam tablets.

In Russia, tablets "Mazepam" are sold in the pharmacy network only on the prescription of a doctor and cost an average of about 150 rubles.

Warning to buyers

In the article you were offered a description of the drug "Mesapam"( reviews, instructions, price), from which, we hope, you can make unequivocal conclusions that this tool is effective and relatively inexpensive. At the same time to appoint him personally, without consulting a specialist, in any case impossible.

Incorrect dosage of the drug can lead to tachycardia, catalepsy, a sharp decrease in blood pressure and respiratory depression. This requires urgent medical assistance to stabilize the condition and restore basic life functions.

Remember that these tablets are not an ordinary sedative. Therefore, appointing them independently, without consulting a doctor, you can cause irreparable harm to your health. Be reasonable, do not risk!