"Tyrosur"( gel): instructions for use, indications, composition and reviews

"Tyrosur" gel acts as an antimicrobial agent for topical application. The active substance tirotricin displays antibacterial activity due to the presence in it of linear and cyclic polypeptides capable of forming endotoxin against spore forming anaerobes. tirozur gel instructions

Instructions for the gel "Tyrosur" with antibiotic will be presented below.

Applying a gel in modern life

Quite often in everyday life, people face cuts, scratches and burns, which can sometimes lead to trouble in the form of purulent inflammation. In such situations, the "Tyrosur" gel can come to the rescue, which includes a local antibiotic called tirotricin, which has a wide range of effects. Due to the effectiveness of this tool is widely used in the fight against acne, as well as in the treatment of trophic ulcers along with bedsores, varicose veins and fungal diseases.

"Tyrosur" -gel: composition of

The active component in this case is tyrotricin. So, in a gram of gel contains one milligram of tirotricin. The auxiliary substances are cetylpyridinium chloride, propylene glycol, ninety-six percent ethanol, carbomer, purified water and trometamol.

severe burn

Pharmacological action of the gel "Tyrosur"

According to the instructions, "Tyrosur" -gel is referred to as antimicrobial drugs, which are used for topical use. The active substance tirotricin is represented by a seventy percent compound of gramicidins. This drug causes bactericidal effect against gram-positive and negative bacteria, as well as pathogens of fecal enterococcus, meningococcus and some kinds of gonorrhea, Trichomonas, and, in addition, Candida fungi.

Depending on the dosage used, the drug is capable of affecting the clostridia in a bacteriostatic manner. The effect of the agent can cause the release of bacterial nitrogen cells along with phosphate, thereby increasing the pharmacological efficacy of the active substance of the gel. This drug can destroy the bacterial wall by changing the degree of permeability of cytoplasmic membranes, inhibiting growth, and cell division. Gramicidins disrupt potassium flows through cell membranes, changing its concentration within each such element, which causes cytolysis and inhibits phosphorylated processes. The "Tyrosur" gel is characterized by the absence of cross-resistance.

This medication can relieve pain in case of severe burns. The gel does not form fatty films, contributing to a complete reduction in the amount of detachable from the damaged surface. Due to this effect, the process of cleansing the wound from fibrin improves, and, in addition, there is an intensification of regenerative reactions along with epithelization of the altered sites."Tyrosurum" actively accumulates in the area of ​​the stratum corneum. It is important to consider that this gel can exert exclusively local effects without systemic effects.
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Indications for use

As the instruction indicates, "Tyrosur gel" in modern medicine is widely used against the background of the following ailments:

  • Infectious and inflammatory processes on the skin of the skin, and also in the soft tissue that are caused by microbial agents sensitive to the active substance.
  • Presence of erosion and ulcerative defects.
  • Appearance of purulent inflammation and burns.
  • The emergence of infected eczema.

Method of application

Instruction for gel "Tyrosur" informs that the presented agent is intended for local external application. Thus, the gel should be applied a thin layer on the altered and damaged areas of the skin twice or thrice a day. In the event that there are small defects, there is no need to cover the affected surface. In the presence of severe burns, apply the product under the bandage. The course of such treatment must necessarily be determined by the attending physician, and in each individual case this should occur on an individual basis.
tyrosur gel composition

Side effects from the use of


It should be noted that the presented gel for wound healing is well tolerated within the local application. In rare cases, local manifestations may occur in the form of a slight burning sensation after the application procedure. In the event that patients have a high sensitivity to one or another medical product, the occurrence of allergic reactions is possible, which requires the immediate withdrawal of this drug.

Contraindications to use

The "Tyrosur" gel is not recommended for use only for those patients who have an individual hypersensitivity to this drug. In addition, this medication can not be administered to pregnant women because there is no evidence of safe use in this period.

Reviews and opinions of people on the use of the gel "Tyrosur"

It should be noted that consumers are satisfied with the use of the gel with antibiotic. In particular, in their comments people call it an excellent remedy for all kinds of abrasions, cracks, and burns. In addition, its safety and effectiveness are noted. People write that the expected result comes very quickly, because with the use of this drug the wounds soon heal. It is also written that the gel is effective in the treatment of diaper dermatitis.
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Still people like that the gel for healing the wound "Tyrosur" can be used even for infants, since it acts only locally, does not penetrate the skin and does not cause allergic reactions.

The main disadvantage of this medicine according to reviews on the Internet is its price, which is about two hundred rubles, as well as a short shelf life along with a small amount of a tube. In addition, it is reported that, unfortunately, this gel is not always possible to find in pharmacies.

Thus, in general, consumers are very satisfied with the gel "Tyrosur" and praise the tool for its high efficiency.