Can I bathe in bronchitis in a bath? Answer

Is it possible to steam with bronchitis in a bath? It's an interesting question, is not it? It seems that if you take a cold, do not take any water procedures. So it seemed earlier. But, it turns out, to be soared in a bath with bronchitis is recommended. Only it is necessary to observe all necessary requirements of the doctor.

What is the utility of a bath?

This simple construction is the best assistant in the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. The process of taking a bath is comparable to inhalation. It is thanks to this procedure that there is a better separation of sputum and cough relief. With bronchitis, you can bathe in a bath if the disease runs without temperature. But, of course, you should be careful and do not overdo it.

Is it possible to bath in bronchitis

You can parry a person about a week after the disease started. And the normal temperature should also be the same time.

At a moderate temperature, the steam room with bronchitis is very useful.

The warming-up procedure in the bath helps to expand the bronchi. Due to this, gas exchange in the alveoli is improved.

In addition, the acceleration of metabolism and increased sweating leads to the destruction of harmful microorganisms, which led to the development of bronchitis. Humidification of mucous bronchi allows much more and easier to go to sputum.

Also in the steam room for the treatment of bronchitis, it is good to use infusions of herbs for drinking. Birch broom is also considered a good remedy when fighting this disease.

Who is helpful in bath procedures?

There should be no contraindications and other diseases for a person to visit the steam room. And, of course, the doctor's approval is one of the main conditions.

So, people who are at the stage of recovery after acute bronchitis and after lung diseases are allowed to visit the bath. Those who have ENT diseases already undergone a period of exacerbation, you can go to the steam room. Also, a person who has no exacerbations in chronic bronchitis, and bath procedures for bronchitis of a smoker.

Recall that you should be careful in the steam room and do not stay too long.

What are the contraindications when visiting a bath?

A child under 3 years of age can not be bathed, just like a girl in position. In case of exacerbation of diseases and increase in body temperature, it is strictly recommended not to visit the bath.

steam room for the treatment of bronchitis

We list some contraindications:

  • cutaneous pustular diseases;
  • epilepsy;
  • malignant tumors;
  • bronchitis of an allergic nature;
  • tuberculosis;
  • diabetes;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • tachycardia and high blood pressure;
  • is an infectious disease;
  • period of exacerbation of inflammation in the bronchi.

Sauna from the bath differs in that it is dominated by dry air. Therefore, asthmatics visit the first option is not worth it, but it is best to steam. People with bronchitis can visit both places. But they need to take a warm drink with them to the sauna.

What should I do before I visit the sauna?

It is not recommended to eat a large amount of food per hour. And it is best to eat a few fruits or vegetables. Also in front of the bath you can drink warm herbal tea. It is not only useful for its medicinal qualities, but this procedure will ensure the best sweating and effectiveness of the measures taken. It is recommended to drink a decoction of chamomile or linden.

You can also take drinks from these medicinal herbs with you to the bathhouse and use them during the warming up process. Very good for chronic bronchitis will help decoctions of mother-and-stepmother, licorice and thyme.

The procedure for visiting the bath: what is it?

The use of alcoholic beverages is generally prohibited in the steam room. As their drinking increases the load on the heart. In addition, the effectiveness of the procedures will be much lower.

sweating room with bronchitis

To protect the head from overheating, it is best to wear a special cap. This action also helps to protect hair from overdrying. In addition to the cap is suitable and any headwear.

It is necessary to steam in a bath, because this is how heat is distributed throughout the body.

At first it is necessary to settle on the shelf where the temperature is as low as possible. The first approach should be about 5 minutes.

The sweat to be emitted should be wiped. Then the release of toxins will be much faster.

Before visiting the sauna, all metal and jewelry should be left at home or in the dressing room. This is explained by the fact that they heat up very quickly and can cause a burn on the human skin.

Still, as mentioned before, you can use oak and birch twigs. Also massage is an excellent way to carry out all the above mentioned procedures.

After bath

After the steam room, take a contrast shower. You can just rinse. This way you will wash away all the perspiring sweat and toxins.

Next, wipe dry. Be sure to wipe well and dress warmly. Because there can be hypothermia. And then the effect of the performed procedures will be reversed, and you will get sick more.

at a bronchitis it is possible to be soared in a bath

When you get home, drink warm tea, and best of all - a decoction. The body will thank you!

Advice when visiting a steam room

In case of a disease of the upper respiratory tract, you can determine for yourself whether it is possible to enter the bath with bronchitis. The patient can evaluate the condition on his own. But with obstructive bronchitis and bronchial asthma, a mandatory consultation with a specialist will be required. These diseases are characterized by a low oxygen content in the blood, and in the steam room it is just not enough of this chemical element.

to bathe in a bath with bronchitis

This effect is due to the fact that at high temperatures, the need for oxygen increases. In turn, in the closed space of the bath there is no good ventilation. Because of this, there can be an attack.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to stay for 10 minutes at a moderately warm temperature. Patients with asthma in the steam room should not use essential oils. The last of these means is allowed to adults with bronchitis, but not children. Because these diseases in a child are often allergic, and the use of essential oil in a bath can provoke an increase in painful reactions and inflammation in the bronchial mucosa.

After you have visited the thermae, drafts should be avoided. Because there may be bronchospasm.

Another important point concerning the question of whether it is possible to steam for bronchitis in a bath. Yes, but do not do this during illness, otherwise it can harm a person's health. A good effect from this event is given to those people who often visit the sauna.

Are grasses the basis of bath procedures?

Actually, of course, yes. Their use is very effective in chronic bronchitis. Herbs can be used as a decoction, tea or drops for inhalation. In addition, it is allowed to hang bundles of medicinal flowers directly in the steam room. Very suitable for such herbs as St. John's wort and chamomile, thyme and lime, sage and dog rose.

whether it is possible to be soared at a bronchitis in a bath

You can also use several types of plants for tea. To prepare such a drug, you need not boiled, but hot. Insist should be within 15 minutes. With bronchitis, tea from herbs that have an expectorant effect will be useful. These include marshmallow and mother-and-stepmother, plantain. It is not necessary to collect them themselves in the summer. Pharmacies also sell these sets of plants.

Bronchitis is very good for breastfeeding. He excels sputum perfectly. The greatest effect is shared with the warming procedures.