"Biotin Forte": reviews, composition, indications, instructions for use

In order to maintain the health and normal functioning of all internal systems, the body needs vitamins. It is very important, however, to understand exactly what vitamins and minerals are required for a person in a given period of time and for what. To this end, you need to clearly know the effect of a vitamin and mineral on the body. Below we will consider the vitamin, which is found in many food products and biologically active hair additives, namely "Biotin Forte."Reviews about this tool are in abundance. Let's try to figure out what is true in them, and what is a lie. biotin forte reviews

Biotin properties and functions

Biotin is vitamin H, it is also B7.The most popular drug on its basis is Biotin Forte. His composition is of interest to many.

Biotin is a white substance in the form of a crystal, which is prone to break down during heat treatment and in contact with alkaline medium.

Takes an active part in the formation of amino acids and other biologically active substances. The body synthesizes it independently, but experts believe that it is not enough to cover all the necessary need for it. Reviews on the Internet are many and they are everywhere positive, so there is a fair desire to try "Biotin Forte."However, the question remains open whether it is really necessary to supplement the level of vitamin B7 in the body. Reviews on "Biotin Forte" will be considered at the end of the article.

biotin forte instructions for use

Vitamin H as part of the preparation "Biotin Forte" performs the following functions:

  1. Promotes the production of glucokinase, which regulates the level of glucose in the blood.
  2. Interacts with insulin, which helps regulate sugar levels.
  3. Takes part in the process of carbohydrate metabolism.
  4. Helps the protein assimilate, and also promotes fat burning.
  5. Sulfur, which is one of the constituents of biotin, has a beneficial effect on the condition of hair, skin and nails, as it takes part in the synthesis of collagen, which is the basis of tissue cells.
  6. Positive effect on intestinal microflora.
  7. Regulates the activity of the central nervous system, the food of which is glucose, stimulated by biotin.

Manufacturer "Biotin Forte" - OOO "Letofarm"( Russia).

Signs of the need for biotin

biotin forte price

Vitamin B7 deficiency leads to a decrease in the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood, which leads to such symptoms as:

  1. Drowsiness.
  2. Weakness.
  3. Muscle Pain.
  4. Nausea.
  5. Depression.
  6. Decreased appetite.

Often it is these symptoms that are indications for the use of Biotin Forte.

In acute form, a lack of vitamin leads to the appearance of dandruff, hair loss, the water-fat composition of the skin changes, as a result of which it becomes too dry or oily. Biotin maintains the sugar level at the required level. For the nerve cells of the brain, glucose is responsible, which means that its level should not fall under any circumstances. In 100 milliliters of blood contains up to 100 milligrams of glucose - this is the norm. At 60 milligrams irritability, fatigue and nervousness appear.30 milligrams lead to the fact that a person can not solve even simple tasks, and any innocuous moment can cause a nervous breakdown.

Price "Biotin Forte" is presented below.

The excess of vitamin B7 has no side effects, at least in the reviews of this is not described. However, many experts are inclined to the opinion that an additional intake of biotin in the form of biologically active additives is not needed, since its sufficient amount enters the body with food. Biotin is found in eggs, kidneys, yeast, liver, dairy products, vegetables( beetroot, cabbage, spinach), nuts, legumes, fruits, mushrooms( whites and champignons) and in berries such as blueberries and strawberries. biotin forte n60

Less biotin is found in walnuts, bananas, bran, potato, salmon and mackerel. In spring, its concentration increases in the leaves of lettuce. In the winter, oatmeal porridge becomes its source, which also contributes to the improvement of the protective properties of the intestinal microflora. The presence of a sufficient number of vegetables and fruits in the weekly diet, as well as a mobile lifestyle - a sufficient amount of measures to maintain the level of biotin properly. If the hair and nails are in rather poor condition, the lifestyle is inactive, and the diet is meager, then "Biotin Forte"( according to consumers) can help. A sufficient daily dose of biotin is 50 micrograms. Be afraid of an overabundance of the substance is not worth it, since it does not lead to undesirable consequences.

The drug is sold in pharmacies in the form of tablets. It is released without a doctor's prescription and is freely available.


Biotin is also included in preparations such as Deacroa, Medobieotin, Volvit, Discovery, Glucosyl and Neurostabil. In fact, these are analogues of Biotin Forte.


The indications for the application of the drug are the following needs: biotin forte analogues

  1. When vitamin B7 is deficient due to alcohol abuse, malnutrition, prolonged intake of antibacterial drugs or preparations for colds and dysbiosis.
  2. To maintain the required level of sugar.
  3. If the functioning of the sebaceous glands disrupted, as a result of which hair loss and dandruff appeared.
  4. Supplement therapy for depression, decreased appetite, drowsiness, muscle weakness.


Contraindicated "Biotin Forte" N60 in such cases:

  1. Individual reaction to the components of the drug.
  2. Pregnancy and lactation period.

For the prevention of a biologically active additive, two tablets are drunk once a day. As a therapy, the daily dosage should be doubled. Before admission, it is always necessary to get advice from your doctor. biotin forte composition

Side effects of

According to the instructions for use, "Biotin Forte" had no side effects, that is, it is absolutely safe drug.

With regard to the interaction of biotin with other drugs, when administered together with anticonvulsants, the level of biotin in the blood will be significantly reduced. This is due to the fact that there will be an acceleration of elimination of the active substance from the body.

The activity of enzymes, which can worsen the absorption of the vitamin, will reduce the volproic acid. Zinc will promote the growth of the appendages of the skin. The effectiveness of biotin is reduced by simultaneous administration with vitamin B5 and pantothenic acid. Optimal take with some break. This also applies to egg protein, since avidin in its composition binds to biotin and disrupts the absorption of the latter, which affects the effectiveness of the drug.


Biotin Forte has always been a very popular drug. As a biologically active additive that promotes hair growth and stopping their loss, biotin has received a lot of positive feedback. The responses of satisfied women make us believe that the drug really has a positive effect. According to the comments of women who took him, the drug really reduces hair loss even when using it as an independent tool. And in combination with other methods fallout completely stops.

But, like any drug, there are also negative reviews. Some women complain of a complete lack of reception. They say that the drug did not help them improve the condition of nails and hair. Others say that the preparation has a negligible dosage of biotin, which makes it virtually ineffective. Here you need to take into account that to take biotin for the purpose of improving hair and nails, as well as to stop falling out should be if you are completely confident in the deficiency of this substance in your body. The reasons for the poor condition of the hair and nails can be very much and if this, for example, a failure in the hormonal balance, then the reception of "Biotin Forte" really does not give any results.

Many women recommend combining the drug with biotin from the outside, namely in the form of masks and shampoos. This greatly enhances the effect of therapy. Moreover, one should observe a healthy lifestyle, abandon bad habits and switch to proper nutrition, and also move more, because it also contributes to the natural production of biotin by the body. Doctors, trichologists advise taking biotin in combination with zinc, which enhances the effect of the vitamin. It also emphasizes the normalization of sleep and the regime of life. Together with the receipt of funds, all of the above measures will lead you to a beautiful and healthy appearance. biotin forte manufacturer

Biotin Forte. Price

The cost of preparations based on biotin is quite high and starts from 400 rubles per package. However, it is still slightly cheaper than standard vitamin-mineral complexes, since biotin is usually produced in large packages of 100 pieces.


Many people note the positive dynamics of taking "Biotin Forte" only after one and a half months of admission, so it is necessary to show patience in achieving the result in the case of this biologically active additive. This is due to the fact that the process of accumulation of biotin is quite long, but then the effect appears literally before our eyes.

We have reviewed the "Biotin Forte" instructions for use.