Lenses Bausch Lomb for the eyes: description, reviews

Bausch &Lomb is considered one of the most authoritative and recognizable in the ophthalmic industry. It started its activity more than 160 years ago, but to this day it keeps its stance and keeps pace with the times. Its motto is to return the bright and clear colors of the world to all who are experiencing visual problems. Using innovative technologies, high-quality and safe materials, an individual approach to the wishes of each patient, the specialists were able to develop ultramodern optical products and care products. Now, each of us who has faced the problem of visual impairment can easily find the product that is necessary for him and will help to significantly improve the quality of life. Lenses Bausch &Lomb are developed taking into account all the needs and features of the client. To date, the list of contact lenses produced by the company is so diverse that it is easy for a newcomer to get lost. And, of course, this can not but please regular users of such products. Well, let's dwell on the most popular models and see what kind of lenses the company offers today. Perhaps, it is among them that you find what you have been looking for.

For one day

One-day lenses Bausch &Lomb Sof Lens have an aspherical lens. As evidenced by the reviews, they are especially suitable for those people who have developed spherical aberration. And this means that all objects that a person sees have blurred outlines and become especially obscure in the dark. This product is perfect for beginners or people with an active lifestyle. Pleasantly please the lenses of athletes, swimmers and those who can not live without travel. Everything that you have previously seen is vague, finally it will have a sharp, clear outline and a rich color. Suitable for wearing in the dark.

lenses bausch lomb

Lenses Bausch &Lomb are only for one day, they do not require any care at all - just start a new day with a new pair. The unique hydrogel material from which the lens was created is almost 60% water. Users note that such lenses give the effect of moisturizing during the day. There is no dryness or discomfort.

So clearly you have never seen

Lenses Bausch &Lomb PureVision 2 HD guarantees you an exceptionally clear vision. The ultrathin lens body fits perfectly on the eye, without bringing any unpleasant sensations. This optics has a high degree of resolution. It will reduce the halo around visible objects and unpleasant glare. Do you often drive at night? In this case, the Bausch & Lomb PureVision lenses are ideal for you. Delicate, breathable, highly moisturized lenses will give you comfort and natural vision throughout the day and even at night. Optics, according to reviews, is designed for a month of constant wearing.

lenses bausch lomb colored

For sensitive eyes or hot climate

Eyewear lens Bausch &Lomb Optima FW is designed specifically for people who experience dryness or irritation when wearing soft optics. Buyers who have already chosen this product, give him a fairly high rating. The thing is that this optics has a distinctive feature - it does not absorb moisture from the eyes and at the same time allows oxygen to freely penetrate to the cornea. It is your ideal companion if you live in a zone with a hot or windy climate or work a lot, or can often sit in front of a monitor. Contact lenses are designed for three months and daily use.

lenses bausch lomb purevision

With farsightedness

Lenses Bausch &Lomb Multifocal( Pure Vision) is designed for those over 40. It is at this age that hyperopia often occurs. A person can look at the objects in the smallest details in the distance, while reading the book causes problems - everything merges or diffuses. Soft, breathable lenses will help to eliminate all these problems - you will perfectly see both near and long distances. A unique surface and hygroscopicity will allow your eyes not to get tired with long work. If you accidentally fall asleep in lenses, having read your favorite book before going to sleep, then nothing will happen to your eyes. They will be fresh and clear the next morning.

lens liquid bausch and lomb

Lenses are suitable for night and day wear and are designed for a month of use. Very often you can hear positive feedback about this model from people aged. Glasses are constantly broken or lost, but with such lenses you can always be confident.

Astigmatism is not a verdict of

For a long time it was believed that the lens is not able to solve the problem of astigmatism. But Bausch &Lomb easily dispelled this claim. Lenses Toric( Sof Lens) - the very first soft optics with astigmatism in the world. They have an increased degree of moisture and are perfectly retained on the surface of the eye. Excellent correction of visual acuity and at the same time have a high degree of comfort. As the patients say, after using their eyes are not irritated, there is no state of tension. Lenses perfectly focus the picture, the image is clear and not distorted. Suitable for day use and are designed for 1 month of wearing.

For bright and extraordinary

you are not satisfied with the dull and unremarkable color of your eyes? Do not worry, it's easy to fix! Lenses Bausch &Lomb( color) are able in an instant to change your appearance and give a charming nuance to your eyes! Such lenses can be used for 3 months. They breathe well, are comfortable to use and do not irritate the eyes. Lenses Bausch &Lomb( color) are presented in 9 different tones. Among them are a few green and blue shades, as well as gray, hazel and purple. Tiny lenses will make your look charming. But it's so easy to do!

daylight lenses bausch lomb

As we can see, Bausch &Lomb took great care of its potential customers. Each product is created taking into account the most different needs and wishes. But this development firm does not end there. The company is engaged in the creation of surgical materials, vitamins and accessories for optics. These include the lens liquid and Bausch and Lomb. It meets all the requirements for careful and reliable care of contact lenses and is also a success with owners of soft optics. Feedback about the products of this company confirm that it really is a reliable rear and a reliable assistant in matters related to the correction and maintenance of vision.