Effective antipyretic folk remedies. To bring down the temperature of a child with folk remedies - is it possible?

During cold or viral diseases a person often experiences an increase in body temperature. Thus, our body tries to cope with pathology on its own. However, there are often situations when the level of the thermometer readings reaches high marks. In this situation, do not panic. You just need to bring down the temperature. This can be done with the help of modern drugs or folk methods. It is about the latter that will be discussed in the article. You will find out what are the means of the people. To knock down the temperature in the child will help a variety of grandmother's recipes. However, it is necessary to approach them carefully.

folk remedies

Should I bring down the temperature?

Before you learn how to knock down the temperature of a child with folk remedies, you need to talk about acceptable norms and limits. Most viruses and bacteria die at a body temperature of 38 degrees. That is why, by lowering the level of the thermometer before reaching this mark, you give the disease all the chances for further progression. Doctors strongly recommend the use of antipyretics, including folk only if the value is above 38.5 g.

However, regarding this rule it is worth making a reservation. If a person has a bad fever( there is a strong weakness, blurred consciousness, pain), it is better not to allow high values. When it comes to a child prone to convulsions, then it is necessary to bring down the temperature already from 37.5 degrees. In this case, you can use medicines or folk remedies.

to bring down the temperature of a child with folk remedies

To knock down the temperature in a child - is it possible?

The most effective means to eliminate fever are medicines. They can take the form of tablets, suspensions, powders, injections or suppositories. Such a variety of choices is offered for the convenience of patients. However, not all parents want to give medicine to their child. Many mothers and dads try to resort to grandmother's recipes and use folk remedies.

It is possible to bring down the child's temperature with their help. But first you have to figure out what kind of fever you're dealing with. When a child's body is hot, including limbs, it is the usual increase in body temperature. In this case, the skin can acquire a reddish tinge. When there are ice limbs and pale body tissues, it is a so-called white fever. At this point, there is a spasm of blood vessels and a violation of blood flow. Ordinary drugs and grandmother's remedies may simply be powerless. Let's consider some ways how to bring down a heat to the child by national means.

Undress baby

What can I use at the temperature of folk remedies? To knock down temperature at the child( 1 year) to you the banal elimination of superfluous clothes will help you. Often with illness, parents try to warm up the baby more warmly. However, this leads to the opposite effect. It is worth remembering that in the first months of life, thermoregulation in children is still not working well. Excess clothing can increase the thermometer reading by a fraction of a degree.

The room where the child is located should not be cold. The optimum temperature will be 22 degrees. Remove all toddler from your baby. You can leave a cotton T-shirt or panties. If you use diapers, then at this time it is worth to refuse them. Absorbent panties keep heat, and in your case it should be given. Perhaps this is the safest way to reduce body temperature in young children.


According to many doctors, vodka and vinegar in fever are the most effective folk remedies. The temperature can be knocked down quickly with the help of the child. However, there is harm from getting ethanol into the blood. For young children, it is better to use vinegar. After 12 years, the use of vodka for these purposes is permissible. Before wiping, you need to dilute the selected substance. Otherwise your baby can get burned.

  • Take a glass of clean water and half a glass of vodka. Stir thoroughly and wipe the entire body of the baby. Pay attention to inguinal folds, axillary hollows, inside of the thigh.
  • Add 300 ml of apple cider vinegar to a half-liter of water. If you do not have this product, you can take a dining room. However, pay attention to the concentration. It should not be above 6 percent. In the resulting liquid, moisten the cloth and wipe the body.

Note that the substance obtained should not be rubbed into the body, but only applied to the surface. When rubbing, you can get quite the opposite effect.

how to knock down the heat to a child with folk remedies

Cool bath

What folk remedies bring down the temperature of a child? If you have tried many methods, but nothing helps, then this option will be effective for sure. However, resort to it is only in extreme cases.

Put water in the tub. The temperature of the liquid should be at a level of 37 degrees. Undress the child and put in water. Wait 5 minutes, then wipe the baby's body dry and wrap it in a blanket. Right after the procedure, you will notice a decrease in body temperature to 37-37.5 degrees.

what folk remedies to bring down the temperature of a child

Vitamin C

What kind of folk remedy can you knock down the temperature of a child? One of the most effective means is vitamin C. In large quantities, it not only reduces body temperature, but also improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. Also this substance increases the body's immune defense. Vitamin C is recommended to be used even in case of illness with no fever.

A large amount of the described antipyretic substance is found in oranges, lemons, parsley. You can use the described ingredients yourself or in a refined form. From a lemon you can make a refreshing drink. To do this, squeeze the juice of one fruit into a liter of water at room temperature. It is worth noting that an abundant drink can also significantly reduce body temperature. From the parsley it is allowed to prepare broths.

what kind of folk remedy can you knock down the temperature of a child

Useful drinks

Herbal teas are often used to reduce temperature. It can be sage, chamomile, thyme or other plant. In this case, the described substances not only contribute to the elimination of fever. They also have an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, analgesic effect.

Among the useful beverages that reduce temperature, you can distinguish cowberry and cranberry mors. These products contain a large amount of vitamin C. They increase the body's resistance, have an immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal action. You can drink them in unlimited quantities. However, the same can not be said about herbs. Some plants can cause allergy when consumed in large doses.

bring down the temperature of a child with vinegar

Additional tools

To reduce the fever in a child or an adult, the following products will help:

  • honey with milk( also has an emollient and expectorant effect);
  • raspberry jam( contains salicylic acid and helps to cleanse the body);
  • fried onions( effective at the very beginning of the illness, also helps with coughing);
  • tincture of echinacea( significantly increases immunity and speeds up the healing process).

All described agents are effective for red fever. It is most often found in humans. However, what about white fever? What folk remedies will help in this situation?

folk remedies to knock down the temperature in a child 1 year old

What should I do with vasospasms?

As it turned out, in this situation, too, you can bring down the temperature of a child with folk remedies. Vinegar or vodka rub the feet and hands. After this, always put on your toe socks.

When the limbs become warm, you can proceed to all the above actions. However, if the temperature rises or has already reached 39 grams, immediately call for an ambulance. This is a very dangerous situation, and the slightest delay can lead to serious complications. I wish you success!