Master Candles: description and indications for use

Master's candles are a relatively new innovative product with a proteolytic effect. In other words, this drug has immunomodulatory properties, and also cleaves proteins. The medicine has a very wide spectrum of action. It is used not only in urology and gynecology, but also in the treatment of tuberculosis, after surgical operations and dermatovenereological diseases.

General description

Master candles are so effective thanks to the active ingredient - the enzyme hyaluronidase. This substance is able to actively break down the proteins that make up the connective tissue. And this is very important after surgical intervention and various inflammatory processes.


This product is produced not only in the form of candles, but also in the form of powder for injections.

Principle of operation

Master candles have a complex effect on the human body. Namely:

  • are involved in the process of removing toxins from the body;
  • completely cleave proteins of a pathological nature;
  • normalizes the circulation of intercellular fluids;
  • destroys inflammatory foci;
  • significantly increase the immunity of tissues;
  • imports oxygen to the cells.

When this tool is used

Masters candles are very often recommended by doctors for children over the age of twelve years, as well as for the adult population. This drug perfectly copes with such pathologies as:

  • inflammation of male and female genital organs of a chronic nature;
  • complications in the presence of sexual infections;
  • presence of postoperative adhesions in the abdomen;

candles with longidase

  • atrophic processes developing on the skin;
  • is actively used for the treatment of tuberculosis, pneumonia and pneumofibrosis;
  • is recommended for the treatment of wounds and trophic ulcers.

What is more effective - candles or nyxes?

This question is of concern to many patients. We will try to understand the principles of this drug.

Longing candles with long-lasting effect, which is very important in the treatment of gynecological pathologies. But the powder for injection has a stronger effect. In addition, the composition of candles includes other immunomodulators. They are able to help enzymes act directly on the inflammatory focus. Candles can cope with even the most chronic diseases. But, of course, the maximum effect can be achieved only if the treatment is started immediately.

For the treatment of gynecological problems

Candlesticks with longidase are a great way to solve the problem of the inability to become pregnant. Especially it concerns those women who have suffered an abortion, or after carrying out any other gynecological manipulations.

Candle Master

The medicine is capable of very quickly dissolving even the most complex scars, restoring the tissues to the former elasticity. For gynecological purposes, the Candidate's Master's Instruction for Use recommends using in this dosage: the standard treatment consists of ten suppositories that need to be administered every three to four days. For patients suffering from kidney failure, the time between use of the drug should be increased to one week. For maximum effect, the treatment course can be repeated in a few months.

Usage in urology

Candles master's urological can be used not only for women but also for men. With their help, representatives of the stronger sex can cope with such pathologies as prostatitis and prostate adenoma. With the help of rectal administration, it is possible to significantly reduce the pain syndrome, to remove inflammatory processes and to put the urinary process in order.

The instruction manual recommends the use of the drug in this way. Ten candles are introduced every other day, after which a three-day rest is spent. After a break, the course of the ten candles should be repeated.

The preparation does not allow to form scars, and also to narrow the urethra after surgical intervention in the genitourinary system of a man.

Side effects of

Please note that it is not always possible to use candles for master students in all cases. Before using them, consult with an experienced technician.

Candles master

According to the instructions for use, do not use the tool in such cases:

  • children's age;
  • hypersensitivity to the active components of the drug;
  • presence of malignant formations in the body;
  • serious kidney disease;
  • frequent bleeding.

In this case, treatment is usually quite easy, because adverse reactions are extremely rare. An exception can be called only an allergy, but even she is not a very frequent guest. It is not recommended to use the drug for pregnant and lactating women.

Treatment will be effective only if it is under the supervision of a physician. Take care of yourself.