Multidisciplinary clinic "Zemsky Doctor" in St. Petersburg: reviews, address, time of work

Zemsky Doctor Clinic is located in St. Petersburg and specializes in providing medical services for a wide range of diseases. Treatment and counseling are provided on a commercial basis.


Address of the clinic "Zemsky Doctor": St. Petersburg, Tambovskaya street, building 15. This is a private, highly specialized medical institution, where they are purposefully engaged in the treatment of pathologies of the musculoskeletal system, joints and diseases of the vascular system. For diagnostics and treatment, the most modern equipment is used, specialists have special knowledge and constantly get acquainted with new achievements of medicine in their field. The basis of the entire complex is an individual approach to solving the problems of each patient.

In a medical institution, they try to use minimally invasive methods for treating the most acute diseases, find ways to minimize the use of medications, and instill a healthy lifestyle culture for patients, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the whole organism.

Advantages of the clinic:

  • Application of advanced methods of treatment, which benefited more than 2 thousand patients.
  • Specialization in three areas of medicine, which guarantees a professional approach to problem solving.
  • Accumulated experience for 15 years.
  • Non-surgical methods of treatment of knee and other joints.
  • Comfortable clinic with a convenient location.

The result of treatment is palpable after the first procedures, payment is carried out for a specific service rendered.

You can get to this medical facility by metro. The closest metro station is the Obvodnoy Canal metro station.

clinic zemsky doctor in spb reviews


The success of treatment depends on the first step - diagnosis. So believe in the clinic "Zemsky Doctor" and do everything possible to avoid inaccuracies in the first stage of diagnosis. The institution has its own diagnostic database, which provides the maximum information for each treatment.

The research complex provides the following options:

  • MRI( bone marrow, soft and connective tissues, bone tissue and much more).
  • Laboratory tests( urine, feces, complex blood test, hormonal status, etc.).
  • Analysis for the content of uric acid( clarifies the diagnosis of gout, diabetes, urolithiasis, etc.).
  • Research on rheumatoid factor.
  • Ultrasound in orthopedics( studies of large joints for the presence of changes in cartilaginous tissue).
  • Dopplerography of vessels( stenoses, condition of vessel walls, elasticity, determination of venous blood flow, arterial condition determination, varicosity, thrombosis, permeability, etc.).
  • X-ray( heel spurs, congenital and acquired developmental abnormalities, joint pathologies, cracks, fractures, arthroses, tumors, etc.).


The clinic "Zemsky Doctor" on Tambovskaya renders a full range of services in the following directions:

  • Orthopedics( arthrosis, gout, coxarthrosis, bursitis, arthritis, periarthrosis, gonarthrosis).
  • Neurology( osteochondrosis, calcaneal spur, intervertebral hernia, protrusion of discs, sciatica, intercostal neuralgia).
  • Vascular diseases( varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, venous insufficiency, trophic ulcers, postthrombophlebia).

Neurology and orthopedics are of great interest and relevance among patients. The methods of treatment or stabilization used in the clinic are aimed at non-surgical intervention and, according to the patients' feedback, show satisfactory results. For many clients, non-surgical replacement of the knee joint helped to avoid cardinal interference and kept the opportunity to move freely. multidisciplinary clinic

General reviews of the clinic

The clinic "Zemsky Doctor" in St. Petersburg reviews with positive reviews received for the quick reception of specialists, confident diagnosis and persistence of staff in the desire to provide services to the patient. As a small minus of the clinic, visitors note that it's easy to make an appointment on the one hand, and on the other hand you have to listen to a lot of questions about your complaints, although it is better to do it at a doctor's appointment.

The reviews say that the clinic can not be defined as a "multidisciplinary clinic", as reported in advertisements. The institution deals with a limited range of diseases - joints, blood vessels and a little neurology. These patients are most often treated by elderly patients.

Negative moments of

Many visitors did not like communication with specialists and their attitude towards patients. It is mentioned that doctors demand immediate decision-making about treatment, do not give an opportunity to think and weigh all the risks, often almost by force, imposing a certain range of procedures that the Zemsky Doctor clinic offers in a complex way in St. Petersburg.

Also in the reviews mentioned frequent inconsistency of the declared prices and rapidly growing in the process of admission of the total cost. Sometimes the amount changes regardless of the number of procedures passed, and from what it has developed, the staff can not explain.

Tambov street, St. Petersburg

Procedures and methods of joint treatment

The clinic "Zemsky Doctor"( St. Petersburg) treats joints and vascular diseases using the latest methods as its pride. Experts bring to their practice the best that the world medicine gives in these areas. Accumulated experience and precise diagnosis allow you to choose the best way for the patient to overcome the disease.

In the treatment of joints apply:

  • Filling with liquid nitrogen. The method helps in the treatment of arthrosis - a synovial fluid prosthesis is inserted into the joint capsule, thus eliminating the lack of lubrication, friction stops, and the natural development of the joint fluid is stimulated. Manipulation requires five to six procedures, the effectiveness of treatment reaches 95%, the patient feels the effect after the first operation.
  • Autotherapy. The method is used to treat chronic purulent, inflammatory, allergic diseases and consists of intramuscular injections of the patient's venous blood. Efficiency is due to the unique properties of the human immune system, which produces and releases active complexes to fight the existing disease. One of the advantages is the complete absence of contraindications and complications.
  • Transdermal therapy. Medicinal products enter the body through the skin located above the focus of the disease. Once in the environment of inflammation, the selected medications provide tissue repair and elimination of the disease.
  • Ultraphono-gyrotherapy. Preparations of the group of neuroprotectors are introduced into the body with the help of a special ultrasonic sensor.
  • Neuroprotective infusion therapy - restoration of the activity of nerves and nerve conduction.
  • Laser-peloid therapy - during the procedure, the mineral composition of therapeutic mud, with the help of a laser, penetrates deep into the articular bag and surrounding tissues. Thus, the balance is restored, pain is reduced, tissue regeneration occurs.

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Positively about treatment in the

clinic Treatment of the musculoskeletal system and joints is one of the leading directions of the Zemsky Doctor clinic in St. Petersburg. Feedback on the treatment received in patients is very different. Few clients, who left stories about the positive effect of the procedures, told about the delicacy and care of doctors. In the opinion of these patients, only in this clinic they helped to restore knee joints without surgery, which did not give any guarantees for further full-fledged life.

Outpatient surgery is not a service that is provided at the clinic, but injections give the patient the opportunity for some time not to feel pain and to engage in joint rehabilitation with physiotherapy, which often gives a positive effect.

What should I look for?

In negative reviews, patients indicate that an institution in which a small number of medical personnel with specialization in orthopedics can not be defined as a "multidisciplinary clinic".Therefore, you can not trust her to treat all diseases.

intravenous laser irradiation of blood

There are also such patients, who are indignant at the Zemsky Doctor clinic in St. Petersburg. Reviews with a sharp condemnation of the actions of doctors are written by people who were prescribed treatment without a preliminary diagnosis, offered to inject drugs into joints without a control shot of ultrasound and did not tell what medications are used for manipulation, referring to author's recipes and techniques.

Treatment of lower limb vessels

In the clinic "Zemsky Doctor"( Tambovskaya Street, St. Petersburg) they pay much attention to vascular treatment, cope with severe types of trophic ulcers, thrombophlebitis and other leg diseases.

For patients, these types of treatment are offered:

  • Intravenous laser irradiation of blood. The method has a complex effect on the whole organism and helps in curing trophic ulcers, arteriosclerosis of vessels, acute thrombophlebitis, etc. As a result of manipulations, vascular spasm is removed, anesthesia and normalization of metabolic processes occur, toxins are recovered, blood circulation is restored, and much more.
  • Infusion therapy is used to treat trophic ulcers. Eliminates inflammation, normalizes metabolic processes and blood circulation, etc. For each patient an individual cocktail of several drugs is selected, designed not only to eliminate the effects of chronic diseases, but also to stimulate the body's own forces.
  • Anticoagulant therapy. Scope of application - prevention and treatment of vascular thrombosis.
  • EHF.The effect of electromagnetic beams is effective for patients with trophic ulcers, venous insufficiency in chronic form, thrombosis.
  • Ointment applications are one of the methods of sanitizing ulcers, including trophic ones.
  • Sanitation or surgical treatment of wounds. Mandatory procedure for diseases with trophic ulcers.

To many patients, the range of services offered by the Zemsky Doctor clinic( the Obvodny Canal metro station) helps not only to ease the situation, but with certain consistency of treatment, discipline and fulfillment of all prescriptions of doctors, to get rid of a serious illness, often threatening disability anda whole bouquet of concomitant complications.

outpatient surgery

What's good?

Clinic "Zemsky Doctor" in St. Petersburg reviews with positive assessments and recommendations received from patients who treated in the institution of trophic ulcers on their legs. For most of these clients, seeking help was not an easy choice, and unsuccessful appeals to other clinics followed.

In the stories of patients there is gratitude to the medical staff for patience, great work and constant support. It is noted that the specialists very carefully listen to the patient's complaints, make a full diagnosis and conduct all the procedures of outpatient surgery without taking into account the time and costs of their own energy.

Disadvantages of service in the clinic

Many negative reviews were written by patients who categorically did not like the clinic "Zemsky Doctor" in St. Petersburg. Reviews tell us that the institution enjoys the naivety and gullibility of elderly visitors. Often there are accusations of the management of the clinic in hiding information about the diagnosis of patients, juggling the indicators of the patient's condition. Some indicate that doctors are trying in one direction - to make as many appointments as possible and get paid faster.

There are reports that patients can not take paid analysis results in hand. If this is possible, then only after long and tense negotiations. Some clients, after hearing the diagnosis and suggestions of global treatment, for example, to make intravenous laser irradiation of blood or injection into the knee, in connection with the last stage of destruction of the cartilaginous tissue, went to another clinic. Having undergone additional examination, diagnosed in the clinic "Zemsky Doctor", almost never been confirmed.

clinic zemsky doctor in spb prices

Price openness

The clinic "Zemsky Doctor" in St. Petersburg prices for review provides the patient directly at a reception with a specialist, which is not very convenient. To attract interest to the services, an action program is offered. But according to clients - it works constantly. This approach is not credible in the vast majority of patients.

The feedback on this issue says that the clinic is ready to do the procedures even on credit, luring many pensioners into a debt trap. Relatives of elderly visitors of the clinic are outraged by this policy and argue that only by personal efforts and categorical refusal of service they managed to avoid deceit from the administration of the medical institution.

the most modern equipment

Additional information

The Zemsky Doctor clinic is located in St. Petersburg on Tambovskaya street, building 15( metro station Obvodniy Canal).The working hours are from 09:00 to 20:00 seven days a week.

In addition to the metro, it is possible to get by public transport:

  • Bus routes No.3, 141, 76.29, 74, 26, 91, etc.
  • Tram routes Nos. 16, 49 or 25.
  • Fixed-route taxi No. 170.

The clinic accepts:

  • Cardiologist( Ulyankina OV).
  • Physiotherapist( Sali GM is 14 years old - his work experience).
  • Orthopedist-traumatologist( Semikin EE).
  • Orthopedists( Samarin OV and Yadkin VV).


Like every private medical institution, the clinic "Zemsky Doctor" has its advantages and disadvantages. Much depends on the human factor, namely, on the integrity of each specific specialist working in this clinic. Therefore, some patients write about the reception with delight, and others with regret about the time spent. In addition, the opinion of any medical institution largely depends on its pricing policy. In our time it is difficult to find quality treatment cheaply, and even more so for free. But imposing superfluous services is not pleasant to any patient. Therefore, before applying to the clinic "Zemsky Doctor", weigh all the pros and cons, so that your trip to the doctor brought only positive emotions.