Tablets "Venarus" with hemorrhoids: reviews

On the pharmaceutical market of Russia there are dozens of imported and domestic funds from any ailments. There are among them those that are used only with one disease of the body or body system. But there are universal drugs that doctors attribute to diseases that seemingly have nothing in common. A vivid example - tablets from hemorrhoids "Venarus".Feedback from patients treated with this drug is quite favorable. For most people, the drug has remarkably helped to get rid of their delicate ailment. But the same "Venarus" is prescribed for varicose veins of the extremities. Even its name is derived from the word "vein".To such patients, the drug helps to remove the puffiness of the legs, suppresses the pain syndrome, and returns the ease of gait.

Many patients who were prescribed Venus for hemorrhoids, in their reviews, note that this amazing drug played a significant role in the prevention of leg problems. Conversely, patients who used it in varicose veins and who had hemorrhoid symptoms, but did not consult a proctologist about this, note that the drug helped to get rid of two ailments at once. Consider what the medicine "Venarus" is, to whom and in what doses it is possible to take it.

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Brief information about the manufacturer

We note that our Russian pharmaceutical company, called Obolenskoe, produces a drug for the treatment of hemorrhoids Venarus. In consumer reviews, this fact is noted as a virtue of the tool, since it is much more affordable at the price than imported analogues, and the effect of its use is not worse. ZAO Obolenskoye, as the name implies, is located in the village of Obolensk, located in the Moscow region. This enterprise is very young, founded in 1994, but it is already well known not only in Russia, but also in Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. It is equipped with modern equipment, corresponding to world standards in the GMP system. All products of ZAO Obolenskoye are subject to quality control and have a corresponding ISO system certificate. Therefore, its products can be trusted. venarus with hemorrhoids reviews


The preparation "Venarus" is produced only in tablet form. To have an idea of ​​how it looks, offer him a photo."Venarus" with hemorrhoids, which will be reviewed below, is sold in cardboard packages. Basically, they have 30 or 60 tablets. Each tablet can contain 500 or 1000 mg of medicinal substances. In the cardboard packs are standard blisters with sealed cells. In each blister - for 10 or 15 tablets, coated with a shell. Packaging in packages can include 2, 3, 4,( 5 does not happen), 6 or 7 blisters. Sometimes on sale there are hyper-packs of 8 or 9 blisters, which in total contain 90 or 120 tablets. Such packaging for unknown reasons are produced so rarely that not all potential buyers are aware of their existence. In pharmacies, you can buy as a whole package of "Venarus" in its entirety, as well as one blister.

Conditions of Leave, Price

Everyone can easily purchase the preparation "Venarus" with hemorrhoids. In the reviews it is noted that this drug is freely sold in drugstores of big and small cities, it is released with or without a prescription. It is worth "Venus" from 493 to 1175 rubles. The price depends on the number of tablets in the package, the amount of active ingredient in the tablets and the additional costs of the seller. Venarus instructions for use reviews for hemorrhoids

Chemical Composition

Useful substances that are included in each tablet, can be used for varicose veins and for hemorrhoids "Venarus".The patient's testimonies eloquently testify that the producers managed to create a medicine with a good therapeutic effect. What is the "Venus" made of? The main components in it are two:

- diosmin( in each tablet it is 450 milligrams);

- hesperidin( its share is 50 mg in each tablet).

In addition, in the pills of "Venarus" there are auxiliary components that ensure its best effect and enter the shell. Among them:

- gelatin;

is magnesium stearate;

- red and yellow iron oxide;

- starch;

- sodium lauryl sulfate;

- talc;

- sodium glycolate;

is titanium dioxide;

- hydroxypropylmethylcellulose;

- polyethylene glycol 6000.

Action of the diosmine

From the above composition it can be seen that this component is the main component in the preparation "Venarus".With hemorrhoids reviews of the effective therapeutic effect of drugs are required precisely the work of diosmina. This is a semi-synthetic substance, extracted from plants of the genus Dubrovnik. The role of diosmina is difficult to overestimate. It increases the tone of the veins, reduces their extensibility and stagnation, helps reduce venous hypertension. In addition, diosmin reduces introlymphatic pressure, improves lymphodrainage, reduces permeability of capillary walls, protects microcirculation from various damaging effects. All this contributes to the improvement of the veins in the extremities, as well as hemorrhoid veins, the inflammation of which provokes the development of hemorrhoids. Venarus with hemorrhoids treatment and reviews

Action of hesperidin

This substance works in tandem with the diosmin, increasing its potential. At the same time hesperidin plays its important role, which influences the effectiveness of the "Venarus" medication for hemorrhoids. The doctors' comments point out the effectiveness of the remedy even with the advanced stages of the disease, which helps to save patients from the operation. Also, doctors note that patients who took "Venus" and followed the recommendations of doctors regarding nutrition, fiznagruzok, regime of the day, the therapeutic effect lasted a long time( a year or more).What role does hesperidin play? It has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, spasmolytic, analgesic, wound-healing properties. This substance tones the veins, improves blood and lymph flow, strengthens the connective tissue. He also has many other useful properties, so hesperidin as the main component is included in many drugs used in the treatment of a variety of diseases. Venus with hemorrhoids reviews and analogues

"Venarus" with hemorrhoids: treatment and reviews

Due to the specific diseases of children this medication is not prescribed. According to the rules, this remedy should be used for treatment only after it is written by the attending physician, who always explains in detail the algorithm for taking the tablets. In practice, many people buy this drug according to the recommendations of friends and acquaintances, who praise its therapeutic effect. And in that, and in another case, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted with the instructions for the application of "Venarus" with hemorrhoids. In the reviews, patients note that in the treatment one time it takes a lot of pills. This is not for everyone, but in a different way there will not be a positive effect. If "Venus" is bought for the treatment of varicose veins, the algorithm for taking this is as follows: take in the morning( during breakfast) and in the evening( during dinner) 1 tablet. They need to be swallowed without chewing, and drink with water. As prevention of varicose veins take only 1 tablet a day, trying to allocate for this one and the same time. The course of treatment is up to 3 months.

With hemorrhoids a day, take 6 tablets( three at breakfast and dinner).Course - 4 days. Next, you take 4 tablets a day( 2 for breakfast and dinner).Course - 3 days. After that, they switch to taking 2 tablets a day( 1 for breakfast and dinner).Course - 3 months. preparation venarus with hemorrhoids reviews


For information on who should not use this medication, see the instructions for using Venarus for hemorrhoids. The patient's feedback indirectly confirms the prescribed limitations, indicating that this medication was used mainly by middle-aged and elderly people. In fact, both varices and hemorrhoids develop most often in people of these age categories. What does the instruction suggest? It clearly states that "Venus" can not be taken in the following categories of patients:

- for children and adolescents;

- nursing mothers;

- people who are intolerant of at least one component that is a part of "Venarus".

Pregnant this drug can be taken. There are no age restrictions for the elderly.


No complaints about any unpleasant sensations after taking the drug "Venarus" with hemorrhoids. However, the manufacturer in the manual warns that the following side effects may appear:

- dyspepsia;

- abdominal pain;

- dizziness;

- nausea;

- headaches;

- a rash on the body and itching.

If you receive such reactions after taking "Venarus" you need to see a doctor. Cases of drug overdose were not noted.

"Venarus" with hemorrhoids: analogues and reviews about them

Among the drugs are given analogues in terms of chemical composition and therapeutic effect on humans, although tablets of these drugs may contain different components. Venus treatment of hemorrhoids reviews In both categories there are foreign and domestic analogues of "Venarus".This is:

1. "Venozol".

2. Detralex.

3. "Flebodia 600".

4. "Venodiol" and others.

In each of these means there is a substance diosmin, which determines their therapeutic effect.

Venozol is produced in Russia. The drug is released in capsules, 36 or 60 pieces per pack. The price of this medicine is relatively low, from 311 rubles per pack of 36 capsules. Each capsule contains a diosmin 270 mg, hesperidin 30 mg, in addition, there are additives in the form of extracts of hazel and horse chestnut.

"Venodiol" is produced in Egypt. In addition to diosmin and hesperidin, the composition of the drug includes ascorbic acid. Prices range from 470 to 600 rubles per package.

Detralex is a product of French pharmacologists. Its main staff is completely identical to Venarus. Differences consist only in auxiliary substances. Prices for this drug range from 785 to 1450 rubles per 1 packing.

"Flebodia 600" is also produced in France. The main active substance in this preparation is only diosmin. Produced in tablets of 15 or 30 pieces in 1 carton( 1 or 2 blisters).Prices - from 590 to 1650 rubles per 1 packing.

Reviews about these drugs are ambiguous, because they were taken by people who had the disease( hemorrhoids) at different stages. The greatest effect, according to respondents, is the drug "Flebodia 600", which very quickly cures pain. But it is more expensive than other analogues. The least effect with hemorrhoids is "Venozol", but it is very effective in varicose veins. Detralex or Venarus with hemorrhoids reviews

Detralex or Venus?

Many patients face a choice of what to buy with hemorrhoids, Detralex or Venarus. In the patients' reviews, it is noted that the effect of these drugs is absolutely identical. This is easily explained by the fact that the tablets of both diosmin preparations contain 450 mg and hesperidin 50 mg. The excipients are also almost identical. The difference in composition is minimal and consists in the use of some auxiliary substances that enter the shell of the tablets. They are in "Detralex", as well as in "Venarus", hermetically packed in blisters with transparent cells. Each blister of the French preparation contains 15 tablets, and in packages there can be 2 or 4 blisters. Packaging and a higher price are all differences in the preparations, so it is possible to stop for the treatment of hemorrhoids and varicose veins on the domestic version.


Very many people on the orders of doctors or on the recommendations of friends used with hemorrhoids "Venarus".Reviews about the drug are only positive. The main advantage of this tool, noted by all respondents, is a noticeable effect, and a long and steady one. In other words, stopping the use of Venarus does not lead to repeated relapses of hemorrhoids. Additional advantages of the drug are:

- relatively low price;

- availability( you can buy almost every pharmacy);

- over-the-counter leave.

Some patients call large pills as drawbacks, but you can not pay much attention to this inconvenience, because it is important that the treatment really help.