Who is this reproductologist? The doctor the gynecologist-reproductologist

The appearance of a baby in the light is a real happiness for parents. However, not all couples manage to conceive a child. Chronic pathologies, anomalies in the development of the genitourinary system, gynecological diseases in women - all this can lead to pregnancy breakdowns or infertility. A reproductive health expert can come to the rescue. Who is it? A reproductive specialist is a doctor who specializes in the treatment of diseases that prevent the normal conception of an infant.

What is the responsibility of a specialist?

A gynecologist-reproductive specialist deals exclusively with problems of female infertility. However, it often happens that problems with conception are associated with diseases of the male sexual sphere. In this case, the partner must come to the survey. A man will give a number of tests and will be sent for further treatment to the andrologist.

who is the reproductologist When should I contact a specialist? Who is it? A reproductologist is a doctor to whom couples are sent when problems arise with conception for a long period of time( a year or more).If both partners are absolutely healthy, and at the same time they want to plan for the birth of a healthy baby, they should also consult a specialist. A family doctor will help in family planning. The reviews show that genetic anomalies can also be prevented in a medical facility. Specialized care should also be given to couples with Rh-conflict.

Male and female infertility

More demanded are gynecologists-reproductologists. The fact is that problems with conception are much less common than abnormal pregnancy miscarriage. This means that the couple can conceive the baby, but the full development of the fetus is not observed due to certain diseases in the woman. Even the best reproductologist can not guarantee success if a woman has an abnormality in the development of the uterus or fallopian tubes, endometriosis is diagnosed, etc.

reproductologist reviews There are also many causes of male infertility. However, in this case, problems with conception will definitely appear. Problems can arise in representatives of the stronger sex, who in childhood have suffered complicated infectious diseases. In this case, the sperm can be "empty", without the content of spermatozoa. Such a pathology can be treated, if you ask for help in a timely manner. Acquired infertility can develop against the background of injuries of the testicles, cryptorchidism, prostatitis, etc.

Who is the reproductive health specialist? It is a specialist who should approach the infertility problem of a couple in a complex manner. A qualified doctor conducts an examination of both partners and prescribes adequate treatment.

Breaking the hormonal background of

This pathology is rarely given great importance. In fact, the violation of the hormonal background carries a serious risk for the woman's genital function. If the fairer sex plans to become a mother, while she has problems with menstruation, you should definitely seek help from a reproductive gynecologist.

best reproductologist There are many factors that can lead to a violation of the hormonal background in women. First of all, the specialist takes into account the genetic predisposition. If the mother had problems with conception, the gynecologist should also have a daughter. Disturbance of sleep, poor nutrition, frequent stress - all this can also lead to a malfunction of menstruation. The task of the specialist is to find out the exact causes of the disease and choose the most suitable method of treatment. The most commonly used hormone replacement therapy.

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes

The disease is often developed in young girls. The result is infertility. Who is the reproductologist? It is a specialist who will help to find out the cause of the adhesion process. If possible, an operative intervention will be performed, during which the pathology will be eliminated.

gynecologist reproductologist Obstruction of the fallopian tubes most often develops against a background of various surgical interventions. So, if a girl in her childhood suffered a difficult removal of the appendix, the risk of infertility in the adult period increases. Spikes can also appear against the background of inflammatory diseases of the female reproductive system. Therefore, it is so important to periodically undergo preventive examinations and promptly treat any diseases.


The doctor-reproductologist also deals with the treatment of this illness. The reviews show that 15% of women of childbearing age face this disease in one form or another. Pathology is characterized by proliferation of the endometrium, the inner layer of the uterus. As a result, a woman can not bear the baby, the fetus dies even at the stage of embryonic development. There can be several reasons for the disease. First of all, it is the increased secretion of estrogen( the female sex hormone).The situation is aggravated by excessive kilograms, malnutrition, and regular stress.

doctor reproductologist reviews Endometriosis at an early stage is amenable to therapy. The basis of treatment is the use of hormones. Refusal to seek medical help can lead to irreversible infertility. In addition, endometriosis negatively affects the health status of women in general. Anemia, a decrease in the defenses of the body, painful menstruation - this is only a small part of the troubles associated with pathology.

Early menopause

This is another problem that leads to infertility in women. Even the best reproductologist will not be able to help a patient who has completely extinguished the childbearing function. Therefore, care must be taken when the first signs of menopause appear. The death of the reproductive function is considered to be normal by 50-55 years. However, negative factors, such as malnutrition, stress, bad ecology, can provoke the onset of menopause as early as 25-30 years.

Seeking help a woman is recommended when the first problems with menstruation occur. It is necessary to follow the cycle carefully and even to register with a reproductive expert even with minor deviations. At an early stage, menopause can be removed due to high-quality hormonal treatment.

If you can not cure the disease

Unfortunately, infertility is not always amenable to therapy. However, modern technology allows you to feel the joy of being parents even hopeless couples. In vitro fertilization and surrogate motherhood is an outlet for those men and women who can not conceive and endure the child on their own.

doctor gynecologist reproductologist Many couples manage to create a full-fledged family thanks to the work of a qualified reproductive expert. Reviews show that in recent years, future parents have become more responsible. Specialists in the field of reproductive technologies do not remain without work.