Ointments with an insect bite: a list of drugs, instructions for use, reviews

The first spring days give not only the joy of warmth and sun, but also cause the need to protect themselves from blood-sucking insects, which greedily attack a person, suck blood out of it, leaving a feeling of discomfort after themselves. The bites of flying insects, as well as those that originate in houses( bugs, fleas), often pose a danger to humans and cause a negative reaction of the body. Anti-inflammatory antihistaminic ointment will help here. When bitten by insects, it gives the best result.

Insect bite

A bite is a breach of the integrity of the skin that arises from the jawbone of an insect pest or from a bee sting. Each person has his own reaction to the insect bite. Some easily tolerate it and do not take any effort to heal the wound. At others on a place of a bite the redness or an edema is formed. This place can get stung, hurt and itch. In addition, insects are able to carry an infection that can trigger the emergence of various diseases.

With an insect bite, the ointment helps to remove discomfort. Heals the wound faster. Accelerates the processes of cell regeneration. It removes itching, inflammation, swelling, redness. Disinfects. Prevents the occurrence of allergic reactions.

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Ointments vary in their absorption rate. For example, antihistamine is absorbed more slowly than others, but this does not become less effective.

Ointment is applied only after preliminary treatment of the wound with disinfectants. If a bee has bitten, then before using the medicine, you should remove the sting. Get it with tweezers. Wasps and hornets do not leave stings. Then the poison must be sucked by the mouth. On the affected area to impose a cold, and only then treat the bite with ointment.

Symptomatic bite

with an insect bite ointment

The reaction to an insect bite can be the most unexpected and serious. Most often on the site of a bite there is swelling, pain, itching and burning sensation. There is pain in the chest. Another bite of the insect itches. The wound in some people provokes shortness of breath, lethargy, headache and dizziness. In a number of cases, patients suffered from profuse rashes on the dermis.

If the insect bite caused serious discomfort, then do not use folk remedies. They should prefer medicines containing high-performance components, antibiotics or hormones. Only such tools can provide the necessary help and relieve the discomfort in the shortest possible time.

The most effective ointments from the bite

levomecol instruction

In order to get rid of the insomnia caused by an insect bite, many apply an ointment. The following are considered to be the most effective:

  • "Fenistil".The gel is suitable for adults and children. Has antihistamine action. Eliminates itching, inflammation.
  • "Nezulin".The cream has a natural composition. It can be used by children. It is endowed with a bactericidal effect. It removes itching. Contains substances that repel insects.
  • Bepanten. It is used both for protection against mosquitoes and for handling bites. It is characterized by anti-inflammatory and healing qualities.
  • Advantan. The drug contains a hormone, so it acts quickly and efficiently.
  • "Menovazine".It has cooling and anti-inflammatory properties. Has a composition of menthol. Is an anesthetic.
  • Rescuer. Gets away irritation. Heals many diseases of the dermis. Must be in every house.
  • Akriderm. Contains a hormone. Quickly removes itching, burning and swelling. Used for mosquito bites, fleas and bedbugs.
  • "Levomikol".Has an antibiotic in the composition. Quickly heals wounds. It removes inflammation, accelerates the regeneration of cells. Has antimicrobial properties.
  • Hydrocortisone. It is a glucocorticosteroid. Removes edema, itching and burning. Removes allergy symptoms.

There are many other drugs that are used for insect bites. They are chosen based on personal preferences and doctor's recommendations. Hormonal drugs are used in the last turn, when conventional means do not work.

"Fenistil" from insect bites

reaction to an insect bite

The drug is available as a gel. Has antihistamine action. Removes itching, irritation on the skin and other allergic reactions. Has an anesthetic property. The effect after application is visible after 1-4 hours.

The drug is used for bites of any insects, as well as for burns of mild degree and with skin itching. Recommended for hives, dermatitis, eczema.

The gel is applied to the injury site two to four times a day. With a severe form of allergic reaction, it is recommended to combine the gel with "Fenistil" drops. The drug can be used by children from year to year. The cost is about 300 rubles.

Reviews about the drug are different. Some people note that the remedy quickly eliminates itching and irritation. Easy to apply and quickly absorbed. For 2-3 days removes all the negative symptoms of an insect bite.

Negative reviews point to the high cost of the drug. It is said that the ointment is ineffective and does not help with bites of Simuliidae and wasps. They say that you can find the ointment better and cheaper.

"Levomekol" against bites

itches insect bite

Ointment "Levomekol" instruction recommends the use of local. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Accelerates the processes of tissue regeneration. It is effective against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. Contains in its composition two active substances - chloramphenicol and methyluracil.

The instruction "Levomekol" advises to put on a gauze napkin and so apply to the wound. It is possible to apply a thick layer to the problem site( insect bite).

The price of the ointment varies around 150 rubles. Reviews about this tool are only positive. People smear them not only with insect bites, which it heals in 2-3 days, but also wounds, abrasions, burns. They say that this ointment is universal and must be in the medicine cabinet.

The drug "Hydrocortisone"

than to treat combs from insect bites

The drug refers to glucocorticosteroids. It has antihistamine, anti-inflammatory and anti-edematous properties. It is shown in psoriasis, dermatitis, pruritus, seborrhea and eczema. It is recommended for warty red lichen, neurodermatitis and eyelid pathology. Hydrocortisone ointment helps after insect bites. The reviews point out that in the latter case it removes the edema well, removes itching, redness.

Ointment contains a hormone belonging to the first category, that is, it is weak, therefore it can be used even for children, but for a short time. People point out that with ointment of bees, the ointment is ineffective. In general, patients are satisfied with this drug and often use it for insect bites. Recommends this ointment with bites and the famous Dr. Komarovsky. It is worth 30-50 rubles.

Ointment "Advantan": instruction for use

Reviews note that the ointment with bites acts quickly. Almost instantly removes itching, irritation and inflammation. Removes edema.

Ointment contains the active ingredient - methylprednisolone aceponate. Hormonal. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect. It is indicated for eczema and dermatitis of various origin.

Apply a thin layer on the damaged area once a day. It is allowed for children from 4 months of age. Do not use the medication for more than two weeks continuously, since it contains a hormone. Ointment is well tolerated by patients and rarely causes side effects.

Cost of ointment "Advantan" from 400 to 500 rubles for 15 g, 50 g of the drug cost in the range of 1200 rubles.


hydrocortisone ointment after insect bites

Another effective tool for insect bites is "Menovazine".The agent is an alcohol solution. Contains three active components - it is:

  • menthol;
  • benzocaine;
  • procaine.

"Menovazine" when it gets on the skin begins to cool it, causes a feeling of coolness. Has analgeziruyuschim property, and will ease the itching. It is recommended to use for neuralgia, arthralgia and myalgia. It is used for dermatosis, skin itching.

The drug is applied to the skin 2-3 times a day. Do not use the medicine for more than 1 month.

Reviews about the drug are excellent. People say that the remedy helps to clean insect bites in two days. Quickly removes itching and anesthetizes. It is noted that the solution acts more efficiently than expensive analogues. The cost of the medicine does not reach 30 rubles.

"Nezulin" from the bites of

If the child's bite of the insect bite is swollen and reddened, then "Nezulin" will help. The preparation has only natural components:

  • extracts of herbs: celandine, plantain, chamomile and licorice;
  • essential oils of basil, mint and lavender;
  • D-panthenol.

The drug has an anti-inflammatory effect. Removes allergy symptoms, cools. Soothes and softens the skin. Stimulates the regeneration of cells, restores. It is designed to relieve the negative symptoms that appear after insect bites.

Cream rubbed into the skin. Apply up to four times a day. It costs about 100 rubles.

Reviews about this tool are very different. Most patients note that the ointment when bitten by insects is safe and effective, has a natural composition. It helps a lot. Quickly absorbed. It can be used for children. Another part of the population claims that the ointment is weak and does not help with bites, has a small tube and is wasted uneconomically.

Ointment "Rescuer"

itch of insect bite

Another effective remedy for insect bites is ointment "Rescuer".The drug contains essential oils, vitamins, sea buckthorn oil, beeswax, naphthalan. It is applied externally for various diseases of the skin. Effectively treat diaper rash, deep wounds, heal cracks, burns. Gives a good result in the therapy of dermatitis and dermatosis. Helps in the fight against acne. Removes itching from insect bite and inflammation.

Balsam "Rescuer" is applied to the injured area and covered with a bandage. As soon as the ointment is absorbed the first time, you should apply it again. The effect comes after a few hours.

There is a balm about 100-150 rubles. Reviews about the ointment are only positive. These people believe that this tool should be in every home. The drug treats deep wounds, cuts and bruises. Effective when biting insects. People say that they do not leave a trace on the second day of use. With this tool, you do not need to think about how to treat the combs from insect bites. There is also a special cream "Rescuer" for children.

Hormonal preparation "Acriderm"

With the sting of insects, the ointment "Akriderm" also gives a good result. Hormone means. The active substance is betamethasone dipropionate. The drug has anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anti-allergic and anti-edematous effect.

Ointment is used to treat various forms of dermatitis, red flat lishy, ​​skin itching, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus and insect bites. A small amount of the drug is applied to the affected area and rubbed into the skin twice a day. The cost of the drug is within 100 rubles.

Reviews about ointments say that it acts efficiently and quickly heals wounds from insect bites.2-3 days, swelling, redness. Itching almost immediately. Because of the hormone content, the ointment can not be used for a long time.

"Eplan" with insect bites

Got popular with the treatment of bites cream "Eplan".The drug has antiseptic effect. Characterized wound healing, bactericidal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Regenerates the skin.

Ointment is designed to treat abscesses on the skin, is effective for burns, pyoderma, eczema, ulcers and psoriasis. Gives a good result for furunculosis, insect bites and skin itching. The drug is applied to the problem area several times a day with a thin layer. It is worth an ointment within 200 rubles.

Reviews about this tool are only good. People are happy with the result that gives the ointment. They note that it helps with wounds, bruises, cuts. Many people use it to treat acne. Gives a good effect to the drug and with the bites of any insect. One day there is swelling and redness, on the second day from the bite there is no trace. There is also the "Eplan" in the form of a solution. Judging by the reviews, it acts no less effectively.

Means that protect against insect bites

In order not to suffer from insect bites, you need to protect yourself in time. For this, there are many very different means, these are:

  • sprays and aerosols;
  • ointments and creams;
  • bracelets on hand;
  • key rings;
  • fumigators;
  • candles and spirals.

Gardex is the leader in the popularity of insecticides, there are protective equipment for both children and adults. A wide range of similar products are offered by the brands Mosquitall, Raid, Chicco, OFF, Picnic.

Some people use folk remedies to warn against bites. Apply vanilla, cloves, citrus fruits. Effective repellents are essential oils, such as citronella oil, mint, lavender, eucalyptus, geranium and others.

Precautions taken in time will help prevent insect bites and their consequences. Eliminate the need for their treatment.