Bandage "Trives": description, types

Human health is fragile enough and requires constant support. Unfortunately, most people remember that the body needs to be taken care of only when it starts to hurt something. In some diseases, medical equipment and knitwear provide support during or after a painful condition. Bandage "Trivet" - a product that you need to know about people who care about their health.

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What is a band and what is it for?

Usage of bandages is usually prescribed by a doctor and is selected depending on the problem that worries the patient.

This product is designed to support muscles and the musculoskeletal system in a certain position. Typically, the purpose of wearing a bandage is to relieve pain, reduce the burden on the injured ligaments or joints, and support the body during the recovery period after the illness.

There is a huge number of similar products used for the most diverse problem areas of the human body. They differ not only in purpose, but also in material, manufacturing technology and the manufacturer.

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Bandage "Trivets" is produced in Russia and has proven itself for many years of use. His popularity, as evidenced by numerous reviews, is based on excellent quality combined with an acceptable price.

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Indispensable for expectant mothers

Bandage "Trives", reviews about which are only positive, is used most often by women who are expecting a baby. During pregnancy, wearing a bandage can be recommended to improve the well-being of a future mother, and in some cases( for example, when a miscarriage threatens), it is mandatory for the preservation of the fetus.

Do not start to wear a bandage before the 15th week of pregnancy. But it is necessary to use it only when it is necessary.

Prenatal bandage "Trivets" allows you to reduce the burden on the spine, and especially on the lower back, which is so important for a future mother. Its wearing allows you to reduce the tension of the abdominal muscles and prevents stretching of the skin.

In late pregnancy, the bandage is mandatory for those women who are at risk of premature birth. It is he who helps reduce the pressure of the baby on the cervix, which often leads to the onset of labor.

Bandage "Trivet" is truly an invaluable purchase for future mothers who care about their child's health and well-being.

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Bandage for pregnant women: what are the features of

Such a medical product is a wide band of elastic fabric that has several fixative-stickers and is fastened under the belly.

It is the bandage "Trives" is distinguished by the presence of plastic plates in the waist. Such inserts allow the future mother to keep the spine in the correct position, which significantly reduces pain in the lower back.

Bandage is selected individually: the product is available in four sizes and when choosing you need to focus on your gauging and the area under it. It is best to try on a bandage, to feel what is most comfortable in this size.

Manufacturer produces the product in light colors - white and beige. It is made of a combined material that allows the skin to breathe and does not accumulate moisture.

A nice feature of the tri-band is that it can and should be used after the birth of a child. His wearing during breastfeeding will help quickly and painlessly restore the woman's body and return to the prenatal state.

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How to wear a bandage?

When buying a bandage, you should carefully read the instructions and remember the recommendations of the treating doctor: it is he who determines the necessity and the terms of wearing the product.

You need to wear it in the morning, without getting out of bed. The tape should be gently placed under the waist, wide side to the back, and sticky clips to the outside. Having adopted a comfortable position, the woman must fix the bandage under the belly, in no case by squeezing this area. After fixing, you can get out of bed and additionally adjust the product to the maximum comfortable position.

"Trives" bandage is usually worn continuously during the day, it is especially important to wear it before long walks. If there are no problems with bearing pregnancy, doctors do not recommend wearing a bandage longer than 8 hours a day.

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After injuries and operations

Not only the future and newly mums are useful for supporting muscles and tissues. Bandage "Trivets" postoperative is an ideal tool for early recovery after surgery in the abdomen, kidneys, as well as injuries to these areas.

This kind of supporting knitwear differs from prenatal molds in shape. It is a wide ribbon( usually 30 cm), which is fixed by the velcro along the entire length. Otherwise, these bandages are similar:

  • have plastic inserts for better correction of the position of the spine;
  • are made of breathable fabrics;
  • is put on in the supine position.

Most surgeons note the early and less painful recovery of patients after surgery with the use of specialized medical jersey.

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No less popular bandage "Trivets" on the knee joint. It is most often purchased by athletes and professional dancers, whose knee-cap problems become part of the profession. The testimonies indicate that wearing a bandage can relieve pain and distribute the load correctly during training or recovery.

How to choose a bandage?

The best adviser in selecting a bandage will be the attending physician. Do not engage in self-medication and prescribe yourself a model and kind of medical jersey. A bandage is a corrective product, and an improperly chosen model or mode of wearing can not only not ease the condition, but also significantly worsen it.

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Recommendations to buyers

  1. When buying carefully read the packaging: it must be original, indicating all the coordinates of the company "Trives".
  2. Sample the product: you should be comfortable in it. The slightest discomfort in the bandage is an occasion to look for another model or size.
  3. Buy tires only in certified stores with medical equipment and knitwear. A slight difference in price can significantly affect the quality, if you bought a fake.

Take care of your health and support it in time, and the trio "Trives" will be an excellent helper in this!