Chinese breathing exercises. Basic exercises

The interest in the ancient traditions of the East, which is growing every year, is fully justified. Knowledge, which for centuries was honed by the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire, reveals to us the secrets of health and longevity. In the extension of youth helps Chinese breathing exercises. Is it possible to master the technique of doing exercises? Yes, it is done either independently( with the help of specialized literature) or with the help of an experienced master. Chinese respiratory gymnastics is divided into species, each of which has its own characteristics. Consider the most common types of medical exercises.

Chinese respiratory gymnastics jianfei

The word "jianfei" from Chinese is literally translated as "lose fat".Three simple exercises help to reduce weight by normalizing metabolism and eliminating hunger. They also help to relax and relieve fatigue. All this provides a gradual weight loss, which does not harm the human body, unlike diets that promise super-fast weight loss. The plus is also the fact that these exercises can be performed in the home environment and without the use of any special simulators. The only thing: you need to stock up on comfortable clothes, not restraining movements. It is important to understand that the Chinese breathing exercises will only give results if you do all the exercises regularly and correctly.

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Exercise 1. Wave

It is aimed at reducing the feeling of hunger. It must be performed before eating. The most convenient position is lying on your back. Bend your legs in your knees, place your feet exactly. Place one palm on the chest, the other on the stomach. With a deep slow inspiration, pull in your stomach and lift your chest. Breath hold for a few seconds, then exhale slowly. On the exhalation, draw in the chest, and inflate the stomach. Do forty full cycles "breathe in and out".Chinese breathing exercises

Exercise # 2."Frog"

This exercise will allow to normalize the functioning of the central nervous system. Sitting on a low chair, put your feet to the width of your shoulders. The angle between the thigh and the lower leg is straight. Elbows on the knees, the left hand is clenched( in men - right), the other is wrapped around it. Next, you need to rest your forehead in a fist, relax and close your eyes. Take deep breaths and exhalations for at least 15 minutes. chinese breathing exercises jianfei

Exercise # 3."Lotus"

It will help regulate metabolism and activate blood circulation. The starting position is the posture of the "sitting Buddha".Hands palms up on the legs in front of the stomach. Women have a right hand under the left, and men - on the contrary. The eyes should be closed. Stage 1: 5 minutes of deep, even breathing.2 nd stage: 5 minutes of natural and easy breathing. Stage 3: 10 minutes of breathing without control over the process, with the purification of consciousness from extraneous thoughts. Chinese breathing exercises Qigong

Chinese breathing exercises Qigong

Exercises are performed under smooth relaxing music. This gymnastics improves the physical, intellectual and emotional state of a person.

Exercise # 1."Breath of fire"

On exhalation the abdomen sharply retracts. We breathe the diaphragm. This exercise is very dynamic. May cause dizziness in beginners.

Exercise # 2

Breathe slowly and deeply. Inhalation and exhalation are characterized by equal intensity. We do not less than ten minutes.

Exercise # 3

Inhale and exhale only through the nose. The body is relaxed, the eyes are closed. Duration - 10 minutes.

According to doctors from China, the problem of extra kilograms and the occurrence of diseases lies in the disharmony of yin-yang of our body. Stabilization of Qi flows will help to forget about many problems, including the excess fat. This will come to the rescue of Chinese breathing exercises.