What is the analogue of "Prostamol" cheaper and more effective?

In our time, many men of age are concerned about problems with the genitourinary system. Pharmacies offer drugs for the prostate in a large assortment. Especially popular among customers is Prostamol Uno. And this is not surprising, because in addition to high efficiency, this drug has a plant origin, and therefore does not load the liver. The cost of this drug for many may seem very high. The question arises: "What analogies are there in" Prostamol Uno, "and can you save without losing as a product?".To answer this question, first of all, it is necessary to understand what the preparation consists of and how it affects the problem genitourinary system.

Active ingredient

Active substance "Prostamol Uno" is an ecstasy of palm fruits Sabal - a plant that in the wild can be found in Colombia, Mexico, Central America and Venezuela. The ecstasy includes palm leaves. What is the curative property of this extract? The substance is a non-competitive inhibitor of 5-alpha-reductase, and also has anti-inflammatory, antiduzirichesky and antiandrogenic action, that is, it contributes to solving the problem with both urination and reproductive function.

analogue of prostagolum is cheaper Extract is a prophylactic against prostate adenoma. Hence, for those who choose Prostamol Uno, analogues and substitutes for the drug should ideally have the same active substance.


It should be noted that "Prostamol Uno" is a very competent pharmaceutical development of German doctors. Instructions for the use of "Prostamol Uno", the method and dosage - the main criterion by which to look for substitutes.

preparations for prostate

The preparation contains a sabal extract in an amount of 320 mg in one capsule. The recommended dose is 1 capsule per day, unless otherwise prescribed by your doctor. The duration of treatment is at least three months. Contraindications: individual intolerance of the drug, allergy. Side effects: in rare cases, nausea and pain in the stomach, itching or redness of the skin. So, knowing the form of release, the active substance and its quantity, let's consider the analogue of "Prostamol"( cheaper than the original, but completely appropriate to it).

100% coincidence

This is "Unoprost", a drug from a Belarusian manufacturer. This medicine is 100% analog of "Prostamol", three times cheaper than the original. Not only does the dosage and the active agent coincide with these medicines: the appearance and even the color of the capsules are identical. prostomol uno analogs and drug substitutes
Instructions for use - almost word for word. The average cost of Unoprost is 300 rubles. There is a single drawback of this drug - its low prevalence in Russian pharmacies. This means that those who decided to save and undergo treatment with this drug will have to try hard to find it.

"Prostaplant".The most common of cheap counterparts in pharmacies. The manufacturer is Germany. The average cost of 500 rubles, which is twice as cheap as the German original. The main advantage of this medication is an ideal price-quality ratio. The European drug, which has passed, respectively, all stages of European certification, at a price close to domestic counterparts.

"Prostaker".Country of origin - Thailand. The price is about 400 rubles. An excellent analogue, but not distributed in all regions of Russia. And if you still manage to find it, then you should be careful - the delivery to the pharmacy is very limited. And for the course of treatment you need at least three packs. When choosing this medicine, it is worth buying a full number of packages at once, because after the month of admission it may turn out that the drug is over and will not be in the pharmacy network soon.

"Prostol".The Ukrainian brand. The cost of 450 rubles. Available for sale in major cities.

Drugs with a different dosage of

This section presents analogues( "Prostamol Uno" - the drug we are considering) with a dosage lower than in the original. That is, considering their price, it is worth remembering that the consumption of the drug will be twice as large as that of the original.

"Permixon".The drug is from France. The dosage is two times less, the cost is approximately the same as that of "Prostamol Uno"( 900 rubles).Roughly speaking, this substitute is twice as expensive as the drug in question. analogues of prostomolone

"Adeno-Ritz capsules".Not a bad analogue from Georgia. In addition to the main active substance, it contains leaves of nettle and plum. The cost of the drug is 400 rubles. But do not forget that you must use it twice a day. It's not much cheaper, but on the whole course it will still be possible to save.

Domestic analogs

If you rely on an active active substance, then Russia does not provide any analogues for Prostamol. But there are also a number of herbal products that have similar therapeutic effects. Let's consider them separately.

"Prostanorm".The drug, which only looks like its medicinal properties on "Prostamol".The Russian analogue is available in the form of an alcohol solution or tablets in a shell. cheap counterparts in pharmacies
Active ingredients: echinacea purpurea, licorice root, St. John's wort and Canadian goldenrod. Duration of treatment is about two months. The average price of 350 rubles, but the reception three times a day, which increases the consumption of the drug three times.

"Simpletons".Candles from the domestic manufacturer. The package includes 15 suppositories. The average cost of 500 rubles. Duration of treatment is 15-30 days when using one candle per day. That is, the course of treatment is one or two packages, which saves time and money. The composition of the suppositories also has mainly a vegetable origin( propolis, natural honey, flower pollen, pergola and apilak).

"Prostakor".Injections for intramuscular injection. prostal analogue This Russian analogue of "Prostamol" is cheaper and more effective than the original. The active substance is an extract of the prostate, which has an animal origin. Packing for 10 ampoules has an average cost of 400 rubles. The course of treatment is 5-10 days. Unlike all previous substitutes, and even the original, it requires a prescription. But this analogue of "Prostamol" is cheaper than the original more than six times.

How to choose an analog?

In view of the huge number of the above drugs, it is not immediately clear what to use when choosing. It is clear that, first of all, the analogue of "Prostamol" should be cheaper. But, in general, almost all the substitutes for this medicine are cheaper, if you count on the entire course of treatment. So, the first and main rule when choosing an analogue is the opinion of the attending physician. Doing self-treatment is dangerous and useless. Plus, all drugs that have not 100% identity with "Prostamol UNO" have their own indications and contraindications. Further on the tastes. Of the drugs presented above, there are peroral, rectal and intramuscular analogues. Here we are talking about the patient's internal comfort, but it's worth paying attention to the fact that the treatment course with candles is three times shorter than the course with tablets. Injections do fit into the weekly schedule.

Folk remedies

Problems with the genitourinary system in men can be of a different nature. If the doctor does not consider it necessary to prescribe until the treatment, or the patient himself does not consider himself to be so sick to undergo a course of therapy, one can turn to the folk methods of getting rid of male ailments. what analogies do u have It is believed that the excellent normalization of the prostate gland results in the use of large quantities of sea kale, pumpkin seeds and any nuts. For preventive purposes, it is also possible to include kefir with bran in the diet.


Everyone knows that treating is more difficult and expensive than avoiding the disease. So, what is detrimental to male health?

Alcohol and cigarettes - it is known that drinking smokers are twice as likely to have problems with the genito-urinary organs than men who lead a healthy lifestyle.

Salt and beer. Beer reduces the production of testosterone, the main male hormone. Salt retains moisture in the body, thereby increasing the pressure, and this, in turn, detrimental to the functioning of the prostate.

Final review

So, in order to systematize information, it is necessary to answer the question: "What analogue of" Prostamol "is cheaper and more effective than it?"Both requirements are satisfied by Prostakor. The course of treatment goes cheaper more than six times. But do not forget that this medicine is an intramuscular injection, which you can only prescribe a doctor."Which drug is cheaper than Prostamol and just as effective?"."Unoprost" - three times cheaper, "Prostaplant" - two, "Prostakor" - two and a half. And, lastly, a number of drugs that are cheaper than prostagol, but not given medicine."Prostanorm" is three times cheaper, "Prostopin" - two.

Men's health at any age is very important and valuable. Sometimes, however, the price of recovery is greatly exaggerated by the brand name and advertising moves. Saving for health, of course, is not worth it, but overpaying is insulting and stupid. So how not to get into the trap of marketing moves and choose a quality and inexpensive medicine? Considering how many analogues of "Prostamol" exist, having consulted with your attending physician and having an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčalternative drugs, everyone can easily find the right one for himself.

Be Healthy!