Ointment "Evamenol": instruction on the use of the drug. Reviews and Price

Treatment of the common cold is a complicated and time consuming procedure. After all, first you need to establish the cause of the flow from the nose. It can be a viral or bacterial disease, a cold, an allergic form of snot, a medicamentous rhinitis and so on. In all these cases, individual drugs are prescribed. However, there is a medicine that can help in every situation described. This ointment is "Evamenol".Instructions for use, the price of the medication will be presented to your attention. You will be able to find out about what kind of reviews the medicine has. After all, this information is based on the majority of patients when choosing a particular medication.

ointment evamenol instructions for use

Composition and form

What is included in the ointment "Evamenol"?Instruction for use reports that the main component is eucalyptus oil. Also in the medicine there is menthol and petrolatum. The medication is available in metal or plastic tubes of 15 and 30 grams.

The medicine is designed as follows. The tube has a purple or pinkish tinge. Immediately there is an inscription "Ointment Evamenol".Instructions for use are attached to each such package. Everything is placed in a cardboard box and in this form is delivered to the consumer.

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Cost of medication

What is the price of the described remedy? The drug has a different cost in each pharmacy. Also plays a role and the volume of the drug. If you need to purchase a 15-gram package, you will have to pay about 70 rubles for it. A pack with a medicine weighing 30 grams is within 100.

Note that the indicated cost is approximate. Nobody is immune from a jump and a drop in prices. Also, the price of a medicine depends on the region in which it is purchased and the markup of the pharmacy network.

ointment evamenol instructions for use price

Indications and contraindications: important information for consumers

What information does the instructions for use give to the buyer about the medicine "Evamenol" ointment? Annotation reports that the composition is used for rhinitis of different origin. The medication is prescribed in the complex therapy of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. It has an irritating, distracting, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect on the mucous membranes of the nose.

In what situations is it forbidden to use the ointment "Evamenol"?Instructions for use do not recommend applying the compound with increased sensitivity to one of the components. Do not use it for nasal bleeding of an unclear nature. The medicine is not prescribed without prior consultation with the doctor to children and pregnant women. The use of the composition in this category of patients is possible only after comparing the benefits and possible risks.

evaminol ointment

Ointment "Evamenol": instructions for use

For children, the composition is prescribed no more than three times a day. In adult patients, the frequency of application can reach up to 6. The drug is accurately applied to the nasal mucosa. It is preferable to use a sterile tampon.

Squeeze a small amount of the ointment onto the cotton wool and lubricate the nasal passages inside. If before this composition was stored in the refrigerator, it is worth letting it warm up for several minutes. The duration of therapy is determined by a specialist, but usually does not exceed one week.

Opinions of consumers

You have learned that you are informed about the drug "Evamenol"( ointment) instructions for use. Reviews about this medicine are mostly positive. This is very important for those consumers who are going to use medicines for the first time.

The composition has a rather sharp smell. Menthol has an irritant effect on the mucous membranes of the nose. Eucalyptus acts as an antiseptic. In a complex, these two substances perfectly facilitate breathing and repair damaged tissues. Even people with severe nasal congestion begin to breathe after a few minutes after using the compound.

Consumers say that the undoubted advantage of the drug is its safe composition. However, it is always worth remembering that eucalyptus and menthol are allergens. If after the first application you have a burning sensation, reddening of the skin, itching and other unpleasant symptoms, it is necessary to see a doctor immediately. A severe allergy is dangerous with swelling of the nasal mucosa. Also, do not exceed the dose specified in the instructions. This can lead to unpleasant consequences and development of hypersensitivity.

ointment evamenol instruction manual for children


Reviews about the drug "Evamenol" are positive. Some consumers use the compound for prevention purposes. The medicine perfectly protects against viruses and bacteria, covering the mucous membranes of the nose. Unlike its analogues, the product has a thick consistency, which allows it not to drain. Remember that before using any medicine it is worth consulting with specialists. Health to you!