Geranium: useful properties

Geranium is from South Africa. Today it can be found in many countries of the world. In Russia it was most popular in the sixties of the last century. What good is the geranium? Its useful properties are numerous, the smell is specific and pleasant for many, and it is simply a beautiful plant that can create a cosiness in any home.

Geranium, whose useful properties and applications we will consider, is very common. To date, about three hundred species are known. Only three of its species can be used in indoor floriculture( not counting a large number of varieties).At home geranium grows very well, as it is very unpretentious and does not require any specific care. Also worth noting that it is really beautiful, and in the flowering period in general is beautiful.

The smell of it is very memorable. Of course, different types of geraniums smell differently, but there is something common in all their smells. Also, the smell largely depends on the conditions in which the geranium grows. Useful properties of different varieties and species can also be different, but the essence is always the same.

Few people know that even the geranium, which can be found on the windowsills of apartments or any institutions, is a medicinal plant that can help in a variety of situations. Most often in medicine, geranium oil is used, the curative effect of which is manifested in spasmodic, bactericidal, antidiabetic, and also in a calming effect. It also has astringent properties

Geranium: useful properties of

The use of geranium has been noticed for a long time. Curious fact is that with the help of his sheet you can save jam from mold. Similar properties of geraniums have long been known to experienced housewives.

The geranium oil, mentioned above, has long been used in aromatherapy. It is connected not only with the fact that it can calm a person, but also with the fact that it can help to relax and to move away from what is happening. It also helps in the fight against apathy, depression and many other mental disorders.

This oil helps to heal wounds, burns and many other skin lesions. It can help even with menopause and PMS.

The roots of geranium contain a lot of phenol, and its stems, buds and flowers are rich in carbohydrates, essential oils, tannins, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Geranium, the medicinal properties of which are numerous, can be used for gastritis, various gynecological diseases, lupus, neuralgia, epilepsy, insomnia and all kinds of respiratory infections.

Traditional medicine has long given us a lot of different recipes in which geranium is used. In some ways this plant can be safely called a real home doctor. Agree, because in many situations it is better to use something natural than tablets. There is no sense once again to poison your body is unclear than.

Young leaves of geranium as medicines are used by those people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. Of these, also make special compresses, which can perfectly help with muscle pains, sprains, and also with bruises.

The infusion of this plant can be used to eliminate salts. It is also recommended for patients with osteochondrosis.

Can geranium help those who want to look good? Of course it can. Based on her flowers, you can prepare cosmetic ice, which will lighten the face and get rid of wrinkles.

Are you still in doubt as to whether to start a geranium at home? All these doubts are unreasonable. Since this beautiful plant will bring you only the best in the house.