How to treat barking cough in a child

Most often, a barking cough in a child appears with a false croup, laryngitis, which proceeds very hard. Children have a narrow larynx and trachea, so there is a threat with swelling of the mucous membrane to completely clog the lumen and lead to suffocation. As a result of the swelling of the vocal cords, the voice becomes hoarse, the breathing wheezing, dyspnea appears. With the accumulation of sputum, an attack can suddenly develop, when the body temperature rises, barking cough intensifies and choking develops. The disease is of a paroxysmal nature, but the treatment should be performed only by a doctor.

At the time of an attack before the arrival of an ambulance, the parent of the child can themselves alleviate his condition. At normal body temperature, you can put the baby under a not very hot shower, make the baths for hands and feet in warm water, apply a compress on the neck area. Helps inhalation with drinking soda over the kettle and drinking warm milk with soda. Perfectly soothes the baby and facilitates the course of the attack the following way. Put the kid in the bathroom above the basin with hot water, and let him podushit wet steam. During this time, you need to ventilate the room, but do not put the baby to bed until the doctor arrives, so that the breath stops in a dream.

With false croup, it is possible to give a child an antihistamine preparation in the form of a syrup or a solution of powder from a crushed tablet with water. It is not necessary to give plenty of water to a baby, because this will lead to increased swelling. He must be reassured, picked up, distracted by reading or stories of fairy tales, singing songs.

To properly treat a barking cough in a child, the doctor needs to establish the type of pathogen and prescribe the treatment. Independently, you can brew the patient herbs with a high content of vitamin C, diuretics and sweatshops. Make teas with cranberries and viburnum, cowberry, briar, linden. Use herbs for expectoration of sputum and cough treatment without prescribing a doctor.

If a barking cough in a child is decided to be treated at home, then the parents are obliged to provide him with proper care. Continuously ventilate the room, follow all the doctor's recommendations, often do wet cleaning, monitor the baby's nutrition, give plenty of fluids, fruits and vegetables to have the strength to fight the disease.

When pharyngitis barking coughing in a child, it is greatly exhausted. Therefore, to ease the baby's health several times a day, you should do inhalations with eucalyptus and essential oils through the tip of the kettle, and at night give mukaltin so that the child sleeps and rests.

In acute laryngotracheitis, dry cough should be turned into a moist one and stop taking expectorants, giving a cough to remove bacteria from the body. With prolonged reception of funds from a cough, they themselves can provoke it. To prevent this from happening, parents need to do a baby chest massage, put mustard, rub the chest and back to the baby, soar the legs.

Dry barking cough in a child is dangerous to treat independently, because it can be one of the symptoms of whooping cough or diphtheria. These are childhood infections that have specific treatment. Therefore, do not risk the baby's health and miss valuable time, and it is better to see a doctor

Children often thrust small items into their nose and mouth. Sometimes this leads to the fact that they fall into the upper respiratory tract. And when a foreign body enters the trachea and bronchi, a barking cough develops in the child. X-rays are used to detect the object, after which surgical intervention is performed.

Parents need to remember that barking cough in children, which only a doctor should always treat, can appear with pneumonia and tuberculosis, with ascariasis of the lungs( helminthic invasion, which is common in children) and with allergies. Therefore, before the start of treatment, it is necessary to conduct a survey with a pediatrician, an ENT doctor and an allergist. If necessary, ask for help from a TB specialist or infectious disease specialist.