Than to gargle with a cold?

Persecution, acute pain in the throat, loss of voice always cause a lot of suffering. Any catarrhal disease, as a rule, is associated with inflammation of the larynx, throat and pharynx. How to get rid of the pain and quickly return the voice? Traditional healers and professional doctors advise one - frequent rinses with anti-inflammatory and disinfectant solutions, a hot drink containing vitamin C, and warm dry compresses on the neck area. However, before starting treatment, it is necessary to determine the diagnosis, since not always the same recommendations are effective for various types of diseases. And still, if frequent rinses for a long time do not bring relief, you should definitely consult a doctor.

Than to gargle with a cold? First about what you can buy at the pharmacy. A good effect with inflammation in the throat is furatsilin, which has antibacterial properties. One shredded tablet containing 0.02 grams.drug, enough for a glass of warm water. Rinse time: 4-5 times a day for two to three minutes. The disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect of the drug is enhanced if a few drops of marigold or eucalyptus tincture are added to the solution.

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When choosing what to gargle with a cold, you should stop on ready-made herbal tinctures, which you can buy at the pharmacy. These are the same calendula and eucalyptus, which have a good antiseptic and disinfectant effect, as well as camomile flowers, tincture of St. John's wort and propolis. One teaspoon of the drug is enough for a glass of warm water. The throat is rinsed three to four times a day.

Infusions and herbs from a mixture of herbs, cooked at home, are very effective in treating inflammation in the throat. Answering the question, what to gargle with a cold?- Let us dwell on several of the most common recipes of herbal infusions.

1. On a tablespoon of dry chamomile, calendula and eucalyptus, pour a glass of boiling water and let stand on the lid for about half an hour. Then drain the infusion, squeezing the grass well, and rinse your throat during the day. You can make the same medicine from a tablespoon of St. John's wort, chamomile, flaxseed and marigold in equal parts. All these herbs have an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.

2. A good healing property that removes inflammation and pain is sage and thyme. Dry leaves of plants( 10 gr.) Are poured with boiling water and insist for half an hour. Then filter and apply as a rinse during the day.

Very often, hypothermia and viral infections cause acute pharyngitis, an inflammatory process of the pharyngeal mucosa, which is accompanied by perspiration, congestion of mucus, swelling and pain in the throat. Treatment of the disease is based on frequent rinsing and inhalation. Than gargle with pharyngitis? In folk medicine there are a few simple tips. First of all, a mixture of one fourth of a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of baking soda is a good help for a glass of warm water. Secondly, a good effect gives an infusion of blackberry leaves( one spoonful into a glass of boiling water).Thirdly, you can make a mixture of two grated cloves of garlic and a glass of warm milk. The solution should be allowed to stand for a while, then pass through the cheesecloth and rinse the throat in the supine position several times a day.

Another disease of the throat with a cold is laryngitis, which manifests itself in the inflammatory process of the laryngeal mucosa and causes pain, swelling, loss of voice, dryness. Than to gargle with a laryngitis? Here the most effective herbal preparations, which boil with boiling water, insist for half an hour and used as a rinse during the day. The first composition: a glass of boiling water pour 2 spoons of eucalyptus, one spoonful of chamomile, linden and thyme. Second composition: it is recommended to boil on the stove for 10 minutes, and then insist on a spoon of nettle leaves, roots of elecampane, herb of thyme and the roots of the thigh to a glass of boiling water.

The answer to the question, what to gargle with a cold?- Drug medications or folk remedies, everyone gives himself. The main thing in successful treatment is a correctly established diagnosis, regular intake and use of medicines immediately after the first symptoms of the disease. It is even better to avoid colds with the help of prevention and strengthening of immunity.