Bananas: useful properties of "fruit of wisdom"

Bananas, whose useful properties are not limited to vitamins, are also called "excellent fast food" and "real fruit of happiness."Apparently, in bananas there is some secret, since nutritionists recommend doing snacks with this exotic sweetness? Is the banana really useful?

Many experts in the field of dietology admire the useful properties of a banana. First, the banana is replete with useful carbohydrates, because it quickly quenches the feeling of hunger. And secondly, this fruit has a natural fine "packaging" - its skin. They say that often using bananas, it is possible to quickly recover. But in reality it is not so. They just do not need to be abused. In one banana, an average of about 60-80 cal. Therefore, in order to stay always slim, you need to eat 1-2 bananas per day( this is the maximum).

Magnesium and potassium, contained in bananas, significantly reduce the likelihood of stress. And this is the main value of bananas during the autumnal depressions and the annual spring vitamin deficiency.

It's interesting to know that a banana is a berry. A banana plant is the largest plant that does not have a solid trunk. If we count by weight, then the banana crop is the second largest crop in the world, ahead of the grapes( it is in the third place), and second only to oranges.

Bananas: useful properties of

In combination with fiber bananas contain as many as 3 types of sugars( natural) - glucose, fructose and sucrose. Studies have shown that only 2 bananas can saturate the body with this amount of energy, which will be enough for 90 So it is not surprising the popularity of these exotic fruits among athletes. And besides, they help in the fight and prevention with some diseases, so doctors recommend including them in their diet.

The very composition of bananas is simply replete with useful vitamin B, which soothingly acts on the nervous system. Bananas have their useful properties, producing hemoglobin in the blood, because they contain a lot of iron.

Bananas also contain indispensable tryptophan - an amino acid that turns into serotonin - the so-called "happiness hormone".

The composition of the "fruit of wisdom"( from the Greek.) Is rich in potassium. In addition, it almost does not contain salt, which makes it an excellent means for lowering the pressure.

More bananas help in cases of mosquito bites. And that the itch from these bites has passed, it is enough just to rub the affected area with a rough inner side of the banana skin.

Bananas have a lot of fiber, which is why they are an essential part of the diet of patients who suffer from any problems with the intestines.

Vitamins B12, B6, potassium and magnesium, contained in bananas, are effective help in eliminating the body from severe nicotine addiction.

Bananas can even be treated with a cough. It is done this way: ripe bananas are wiped through a sieve, put in a pan with boiling water in such a proportion: 2 bananas for 1 cup of boiling water with sugar. This mixture is heated and drunk.

Dried bananas: benefit of

Now there are a lot of related products that are made on the basis of bananas. One of them is banana chips. They pass a special long-term heat treatment, and are a delicious treat. Although some useful substances are still lost.

Dried bananas are also rich in natural sugar, which is easily absorbed into human blood during digestion. At the same weight, bananas dried in comparison with fresh contain about 6 times more calories. Thanks to the large content of sugar and iron, they help in the treatment of general weakness and anemia.

It turns out that it is very necessary to eat bananas. Useful properties of these fruits help in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. And they also have "happiness hormones", so eat them for health!