How to bring down the temperature

Often people do not know how to knock down the temperature in case of poisoning or with a cold. But is it worth it, because the high temperature just contributes to the death of disease-causing viruses and bacteria, helping the body cope with the disease.

The human body has many protective functions. The increase in temperature is one of the manifestations of this defense. Internal organs usually maintain a temperature of about 37.3 ° C, but the temperature of skeletal muscles and skin can vary depending on the influence of the environment and own processes occurring inside the body. Therefore, the temperature reflects the state of the body. If it rises, then the body has turned on the protection function. This reaction is positive, and, probably, knowledge about this will stop many people, at the slightest occasion catching for febrifuge. The reasons for the appearance of temperature can be different - it's inflammatory diseases, and diseases of the endocrine and nervous systems.

Most often, body temperature rises with infectious diseases. Antipyretics can be taken if the temperature has risen above 39 ° C, and children under 6 months - up to 38 ° C.If a child has convulsions, then it is possible to lower the temperature even with smaller deviations from the norm.

Often, high fever is the only symptom of the disease. Many drugs, reducing the temperature, give many side reactions that do more harm than the disease itself. Therefore, before you drink medicines that lower the temperature, you should call a doctor.

How to knock down the temperature of a child

Today, medicine has many antipyretic agents for use in pediatrics. Some of them have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. The most harmless and very effective means for children is paracetamol. Children up to 3 years of age are prescribed as a 3% solution. If the temperature is accompanied by vomiting, it is prescribed in candles. The effect appears after 30-60 minutes. Paracetamol is also chosen in the presence of convulsions in a child at high temperature. A good and long-lasting antipyretic effect is provided by ibuprofen( nurofen, ibufen).Also apply mefenamic acid, aflubin( dosage depending on age).

Still how to bring down the temperature of the baby? You can do this using physical methods of cooling the child. After 30 minutes after taking the medicine, it must be opened, wiped with cold water. If possible, put an enema with water at room temperature, give a chilled drink. Sometimes use a fan, put a cold towel on the large vessels and head. Reduce the temperature in diseases of non-infectious nature is not worth it, because in this case, such actions still do not bring benefits.

When the temperature rises, the skin can be red or pale due to vasospasm. With pallor, vasodilators( papaverine, dibazol, no-shpa) are administered, the doses depend on the child's age. It is necessary to achieve redness of the skin. To do this, you can vigorously rub the body with a towel until the skin turns red, and constantly monitor the baby's condition, as high temperatures can cause seizures.

How to bring down the temperature in a pregnant

All the harmful factors that affect the pregnant woman affect the fetus. The reaction of the fetus is determined by the period of pregnancy. If exposure occurs in the first 7 days, the probability of death of the embryo is high. And in later terms, there may be ugliness and various diseases. More than half of pregnant women take medicines and often without special need. And thus each of the 2-nd child is noted for hypersensitivity to the drugs that were taken to their mother. Therefore, pregnant women should be treated with extreme caution and take them in very short courses and only in extreme cases. It is possible with the permission of the doctor to use for the treatment of analgin, acetylsalicylic acid, acetaminophen, tylenol. But all medicines are only under the supervision of a doctor. And it is best to use folk methods of treatment: to drink cranberry juice, tea with honey or raspberry, decoction of lime color. These simple remedies will help bring down the temperature and have an anti-inflammatory effect.