Chronic pharyngitis can cause loss of voice in the child

The cause of loss of voice can be a common cold, chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis. This alarming sign should not be ignored by parents, since it can become a harbinger of a rather dangerous false cereal. The danger lies in the speed of its course in children - often enough to save a child's life helps make a timely tracheotomy.

Small children of small children

Frequent catarrhal diseases, SARS are able to pass into chronic pharyngitis even in very young children. A common cold can transform into a laryngitis, while the child's voice becomes hoarse, it begins to "grab" in a peculiar way, providing the baby with the "French charm".After a while, the voice becomes barely audible, and its owner complains of perspiration and sore throat. The child tries to cough constantly to ease his condition. Inflammation captures the lower respiratory tract. In the case of a regular recurrence of the picture of the cold, the child is transferred to the category of "chronicles".

If the child is exposed to tobacco smoke in an acute period of illness, the voice may disappear completely. In this case, they speak of a complete or partial loss of voice. Parents should make every effort to prevent such a situation. Adequate and timely treatment, symptoms of chronic pharyngitis stops completely. To loss of voice( aphonia) can lead to excessive tension of the vocal cords. Speech apparatus of the child is imperfect and susceptible to any negative influences - loud screaming, squealing.

Loss of voice can be a consequence of surgical treatment of ENT organs, this phenomenon is called organic and is of a transient nature. Recovering the voice requires considerable time. Efforts of parents and physicians should be aimed at eliminating abnormal changes in the nasopharynx and larynx. First of all it is necessary to cure rhinitis, tonsillitis or chronic pharyngitis in children. Watch the speech mode of the child: do not let loudly cry, cry.

When saving is not saved

The loss of voice is not necessarily related to organic causes. Often, traumatic situations can lead to aphonia, in which case chronic pharyngitis and laryngitis do not have any significant effect. The child can lose his voice due to stress. Deficiency of mother's affection, warmth and attention can provoke aphonia of a psychogenic nature. Another way of forming psychogenic aphonia is excessive fright, when the child's nervous system's capabilities are clearly insufficient for adequate response, as a result of which the transmission of nerve impulses to the vocal cords is blocked.

We will take care of our health from the age of

If the loss of voice is connected with psychological reasons, then we can not do without corrective training with a psychologist. Special methods of art therapy, skazkoterapii help the child overcome fears, and parents understand the causes that cause them. After classes with a psychologist, you can start speech therapy exercises.

If the cause of loss of voice are chronic diseases: chronic pharyngitis, laryngitis, angina, - then the voice to the baby will return after the drug treatment, which should be selected only by a doctor.

Remembering the possibility of narrowing the glottis and the appearance of croup, parents should closely monitor the child during the entire period of loss of voice. If the baby has a fever in the evening, there is shortness of breath and against this background there is a barking cough - urgently call an ambulance. Before the arrival of the doctors, the child should be placed in the bathroom, in which a tap with hot water is opened. The resulting vapor will moisten the air and facilitate the child's condition. In the expectation of doctors, parents, especially mother, should remain calm, otherwise the physiological manifestations of croup will increase psychological.