Pressure jumps. What to do and how to protect yourself from serious consequences?

It is believed that blood pressure should not rise above the level of 130 to 80 millimeters of mercury and if this happens it is the first signal that the body is malfunctioning. There are many reasons why pressure rises, what to do in this situation?

Let's first consider a person living in the most ordinary life and not suspecting that he already enters the first risk group. This is a fairly broad-boned and stocky type of figure, often inclined to fullness. Such a person likes to eat tasty and satisfying, and after eating it is not against lying down for an hour or two. He will never make unnecessary movements, preferring, if possible, to call the elevator, and not to go down the stairs. It's best to get to work by car rather than walk. Thoughts about charging or an evening walk, even if they arise in his head, are quickly postponed the next day, due to fatigue, employment or just laziness. About vacation, spent in a hike, or rest in the suburban area associated with planting or weeding, there can not be any speech at all. This person always has a lot of affairs, connected with sedentary work, due to which he is more and more heavily on the rise, is heavy and slow, and excess weight year after year continues to increase. Stress after a hard day is best to remove one or two glasses of alcohol, and the evening, as in other and always, to hold a TV screen.

Did you recognize yourself or did you find a few coincidences? Congratulations. You are at risk and you just need to change your habits. At the beginning of this rhythm anxiety symptoms may not bother, but after a few years the changes can be quite fast and lead to a sharply increased blood pressure. It jumps, accompanied by an unpleasant headache, displays of irritability and insomnia. These first symptoms are very dangerous, because - this is one of the main risk factors for various diseases of the circulatory system and even mortality for this reason.

Many people will find a coincidence in this lifestyle with their regime and say that they sometimes jump pressure, what to do in this situation? Why pressure rises? The first reason is a lack of movement. To normalize the level of pressure, you must live a full life, walk with a dog, play sports, play with the child and forget about the presence of the elevator once and for all. With good circulation, blood pressure never jumps. What to do and how to bring it back to normal? The best means is dousing in the morning, at first a little warm, then all colder and at the end - ice water. Be sure to coat the cervical zone on which the important vessels are located. Tempering and training them, in the shortest time, normalizes blood pressure. It skips and because of the nerves, so try to treat life more philosophically and do not be nervous for any reason. It is precisely in melancholic, rapidly falling into a sad state of people, and in easily irritated choleric people pressure leaps most often.

What if the reason is excessive completeness? It is urgent to bring yourself back to normal and lose weight. It is proved that the normalization of weight in the best way equalizes the pressure. Ideal option will be a complete refusal from smoking and alcohol, which have the most direct effect on the vessels. To date, it is smoking that is one of the first causes of such an unpleasant state of the body as sudden fluctuations in pressure. If the first symptoms are found, it is recommended to conduct a full examination of the entire body, be sure to identify the cause and closely deal with its elimination.