Symptoms of hormonal failure in women

Every woman should watch her health and listen carefully to the body's signals, in time to react to alarming symptoms. The hormonal background of any person is only four hormones: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone and prolactin, which are in a certain balance with each other.

When certain proportions are violated, the hormonal background fails, which can lead to undesirable consequences in the functioning of the body. It is necessary to see a doctor, noticing any signs of a hormonal disorder. In women, it can lead to obesity or vice versa, severe weight loss, infertility and uterine myoma, polycystic ovaries and excessive hair growth.

There are many signs that can be considered as symptoms of hormonal failure in women. These include:

· Sharp weight loss even with good appetite.

· Cardiac irregularities and trembling of the hands.

· Severe mood changes, poor sleep and severe sweating.

In this case, urgent consultation with an endocrinologist is needed. But if weight loss can bring positive emotions, then obesity and increased hair growth on the body, on the contrary, only upsets. Although, weight gain for no particular reason and an increase in the hairline, can also be considered as a symptom of hormonal failure in women. Increased growth can mean excess in the body of testosterone.

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If you have itchy skin, you need to pass a blood test for the amount of sugar, because such a sign can talk about diabetes in the initial stage. Pay attention to the vision. If you notice that you began to see much worse and more often there are headaches, then you need to undergo procedures and pass tests to exclude the possibility of a pituitary tumor.

But the most important signs that can be considered as symptoms of hormonal failure in women - is a menstrual cycle. For every woman an important moment in life is pregnancy and the birth of a child. But with hormonal failure it is impossible to maintain the reproductive capacity of the body.

If you want to have children, the couple need to pay attention to the following symptoms of hormonal failure in women:

· The emergence of the syndrome of menopause.

· Irregular menstrual cycles.

· Unsuccessful attempts to get pregnant for a long time.

· Pain and swelling of the mammary glands during menstruation.

· The appearance of stretch marks on the body of nulliparous women.

· Increased acne on the body.

Different signs may indicate both the lack of certain hormones, and their excess. For the female body, neither one nor the other is desirable. The hormonal background should be balanced, then all the body systems will work correctly. At occurrence of any of signs, it is necessary to consult to the gynecologist, and subsequently and with the endocrinologist, and to hand over necessary analyzes. This will help to identify the true causes of hormonal failure and pick up hormonal drugs in each case, separately.

Considering the everyday life of a modern woman, you can identify several causes of the hormonal failure:

· Poor environmental living conditions.

· Increased load volume, which leads to over fatigue or chronic fatigue.

· Violation of diet and sleep for a long time.

· The presence of a genetic factor.

· Early or late term of onset of sexual activity.

To improve the condition of the body and, if desired, restore reproductive functions, it will be necessary not only to follow the doctor's instructions for taking medications, but also to change the regime of the day, giving the body more time for a full rest.