Chips. Benefits or harm to the body?

When in the fifties of the 19th century the first chips appeared in America, the benefits or harms of them were not discussed yet. It was just thinly sliced ​​and fried in oil with spices potato, which was very popular later in the world. But as time went on, technology changed. Chips were made from dry mashed potatoes, corn flour, which was added starch, all sorts of flavors, additives and preservatives.

A popular product began to take in production more and more enterprises. Technology wanted to reduce the price, so everything went into the game, especially sodium glutamate, which can improve the taste of any, even the worst food. In addition, it causes dependence on the people consuming it. So the composition and structure of the product, which everyone liked, called chips, changed. Benefits or harm from it have already become the subject of study of whole groups of scientists throughout the world.

The situation began to worsen due to the fact that today, when making chips, high-quality and pure oil is replaced by cheap oil. In addition, it varies during the preparation of the product rarely( in order to save).As a result, there is an accumulation of carcinogens. This is another minus the use of such a favorite product, like chips. Benefit or harm - if we weigh these indicators, then the scales are clearly inclined towards harm. In addition, acrylamides formed in the product when processed with high temperatures, even more talk about the harmfulness of chips for the body.

But do not delude yourself, thinking that by giving up this product, everything else can be safely eat. The harm of chips is half the trouble. There are also croutons, no less loved by the hunters of the use of this product with beer, and besides the children crunch them with frightening constancy. All this should especially alert parents, because the health of children depends on what they eat.

The problem is that children love crackers and chips. The use or harm for them is an abstract concept. For them, the main criterion is delicious. And manufacturers try to add to these products as much as possible any additives that will provide the desire to eat them again and again. No less harmful to these products and for the female body. Scientists believe that those women who consume one pack of crackers a day risk to earn cancer twice as much as those that do not eat them at all.

Scientists have already started to sound an alarm several years ago, having found out the harm of chips and crackers. In the modern version, they contain too much large amounts of fats, salt, preservatives, baking powder, flavoring and other "useful" substances. There are no vitamins and other ingredients necessary to the body. Parents should explain to their children how much these products can undermine their health and try to replace all this with useful food.

But since a simple ban is not to save the children from this chip dependence, one of the Dnepropetrovsk teachers went to an experiment. The charter to prove to its wards that they are ruining their health, using these products in unmeasured quantities, she did the following. I put just four rats in the classroom. And I began to feed them in front of all children with their favorite foods. Some - chips, second crackers, the third in food poured glutamate sodium, and animals from the fourth cell were fed only healthy food. They were given cereals, fruits and vegetables.

As a result, children could clearly see what became of their wards. It seems that many of them after the experiment refused from chips and crackers. The one that was seen for a long time settled in the brain - cirrhosis of the liver, hair loss, blindness, digestive disorders and death of animals. And although many adults did not share the "barbaric" methods of the Dnepropetrovsk teacher, but the fact is clear: the children seriously realized the harmfulness of these products and saw with their own eyes the results of their use.