First aid for electrical trauma

The electric shock of a person is quite common in our electrified society. The cause of such damage can be a person's contact with damaged cables, parts of electrical installations, as well as with any objects that have fallen under the influence of electrical voltage. Also, the source of damage can be lightning, which does this through the air. The overwhelming number of electrical injuries is due to the impact of the conventional network. It must be taken into account that the higher the voltage, the greater the danger it poses to a person.

The consequences of electric shock depend on the physical state at the time when the person is influenced by current, from the characteristics of the tissues at the point of direct contact and from the characteristics of the environment. With the exhaustion of the body, nervous excitation, moistening of the skin, the body's resistance is significantly reduced.

In addition to directly affecting the contact tissues of the body, the current also causes negative effects on the body as a whole. With light electroneous trauma it can be accompanied by a faint, dizziness and general weakness. And with severe injuries, the current can cause circulatory disorders, organ damage, respiratory arrest, and convulsions.

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What is the first help with electrical trauma? First, you need to make sure that the victim does not continue to be under stress. In case this is so - it is necessary to quickly eliminate the power source: turn off the mains, disconnect the fuse, break the wire line with an isolated object, pull it out with a stick, rubber harness. If there is no way to neutralize the source of the current, you need to pull the victim to a safe distance. In any case, it is necessary to act carefully, so that the current does not cause damage to the rescuer.

After releasing the affected person from the effect of current, it is necessary to apply a dry bandage on the burned areas, for which a bandage, gauze or any clean cloth can be used. First aid in case of electrocution should be given with knowledge. It is necessary to know that the household electricity network has a binding effect. That is, with its impact on the human body, the muscles are involuntarily compressed more. In this regard, it is realistic to explain why the victim can not release the source of the electric current. In contrast to the household network, high frequency current discards the victim.

First aid for electric trauma is related to safety rules. Remember that you can not touch the body of the victim, keep it for clothing. If possible, it is better to use rubber gloves or dry rags to wrap your hands. You also need to stand on an insulating object, for example, on wood or rubber. The first medical care for electrical injuries should be provided by qualified medical personnel. Before the arrival of doctors, it is necessary to begin restoration of the respiratory organs and heart. For this, it is necessary to perform artificial respiration and indirect heart massage.

First aid for electric trauma should be discontinued only when breathing is restored. This is due to the fact that brain death during electrical trauma does not occur for a long time, even if the cardiac arrest is prolonged. Upon the arrival of doctors, they continue resuscitation with the use of hardware techniques. Prior to the transportation of the victim to the hospital, anesthesia is carried out using a variety of drugs, due to the fact that the complication of electric trauma is a pain shock.

First aid for electric trauma, in the case of the victim in the mind, is to calm the person. Of course, a person should be examined by a doctor, since complications can develop throughout the day.