Sugar in the blood

The fact that the diseases are "younger" and healthy people do not exist, there are only underdeveloped, we know firsthand. If still about 20 years ago people suffering from cardiovascular and thyroid diseases at a young age could easily be counted, now the picture has changed significantly and children are sick more often and more seriously than adults. The norm of blood sugar and other indicators worried only pensioners, now, thanks to the unfavorable ecological conditions in which we live, a lot of young people suffer from diabetes. In addition, there is a so-called hereditary predisposition to this disease. For example, your grandmother, mother or, perhaps, even a distant relative, have been ill or have diabetes, and this fact gives a considerable percentage of the likelihood that you too will get sick.

Abundance of carbohydrate food, unlimited consumption of sugar, alcohol and fast food lead to violations of the thyroid gland and, as a consequence, to the development of diabetes. The blood test for sugar became mandatory for a general examination of patients who go to a polyclinic. Every citizen of our country must know this indicator, since no one is immune from a serious illness. The blood sugar should not exceed 5, otherwise there is a high risk of getting sick.

Sugar is increased not only from abusing sweet and refusing a healthy lifestyle, but also when an inflammatory process occurs in the body in the event of a serious illness or injury. In order to reduce the risk of diabetes, you must follow some simple rules.

1. First, reduce the consumption of sugar in its pure form, especially refined, as it contributes to a sharp increase in blood glucose levels and, as a consequence, to a predisposition to diabetes mellitus.

2. People who are predisposed to diabetes should fall in love and include in their daily diet, nuts, all kinds of cabbage, especially white cabbage and broccoli, green apples, bread from a coarse bitches, buckwheat. Exclude starchy products: potatoes, semolina and other cereals, except for oatmeal.

3. Blood sugar level, whose norm is 3-3.5 mmol / l, can also increase with strong emotional and mental stress and stress. Therefore, in view of the current stressful economic and environmental situation, it is necessary to learn to be distracted, relaxed, and meditated.

4. It is very important to take care of a healthy diet. If possible, give up sweets, or reduce their number. For example, baking, baking, candy is best replaced with marshmallows and bitter chocolate in moderate doses. Exclude from the diet sweet soda water, fatty foods and white bread. Allow yourself to dessert only after the main meal.

The norm of blood sugar is evidence of a correct lifestyle and healthy diet. It is very important to pass these skills to your child in the first years of life. Let him fall in love with carrots, green apples, greens - well-known antioxidants. Limit it to sweet, justifying your actions. It is important to explain to him the reason for the ban. It is better to immediately accustom it to "useful" sweets. For example, you can make candy at home from bitter chocolate, honey, nuts and dried fruits, without the addition of sugar. The child should move more, spend less time at the computer and exclude from the diet "fast" food. Lack of movement and carbohydrate-rich foods contribute to the development of early obesity in children and, as a result, leads to diabetes mellitus.

In this case, the saying "Warned - means armed" is quite appropriate. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly monitor and ensure that the blood sugar level does not exceed the thresholds and if possible be stable.